Carton: ‘Lock It Up,’ Jets To Shut Out Steelers, 23-0

NEW YORK (WFAN) — WFAN’s Craig Carton, emboldened by the Jets’ playoff run and Rex Ryan’s bravado, made a bold prediction of his own on Wednesday morning.

“The New York Jets can not possibly lose this game. They’re going to the Super Bowl. They’re the better team,” Carton announced, using his trademark bullhorn. “They will win the game. And get this, they will shut the Steelers out!”

Carton, to Boomer Esiason’s dismay, “locked up” his predicted Jets win to the tune of a 23-0 shut out.

Jets Fans: Send Us Your Photos | Getting To, From AFC Championship Game

“The Pittsburgh Steelers, as the great Clubber Lang said, are paper tiger champs,” added Carton.

What’s your prediction? Sound off in the comments below…


LISTEN: Carton explains his 23-0 prediction

pixy Carton: Lock It Up, Jets To Shut Out Steelers, 23 0
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One Comment

  1. chris says:

    hahahahaha, lock it up Carton love that you are feeling the pain, all talk not action. The new Buffalo Bills but not as good the NY Jets

  2. Kenny says:

    As Bart Scott said, Can’t wait!!! Jets 24 Steelers 13. A lot of you steeler fans sound like pats fans last week and colts fans two weeks ago. I support you Craig, F the haters.

  3. Barry says:

    Carton is a Howard Stern Wannabe. Howard is brilliant, creative, an original. Craig uses everyone’s schtick, even Mike Myers! No New Yorker roots against a New York team, even if it isn’t “their” team. Guaranteed Carton lost thousands on the Giants Pats Superbowl that’s why he has such hatred for them. Figured it was a major “Lock!” He is appealing to a narrow audience and the Fan is eventually going to lose more mainstream fans. He is rude, and uses his bully pulpit. Boomer is the class of the show. Boomer was a star athlete, is an accomplished TV sports personality, but could benefit from an outgoing sidekick to carry a 4 hour show. I think Adam the Bull or Mike M. would have been the right choice. If you wanted to upscale it a bit, Richard N. has the style, brains and class to work great with Boomer. Carton will lose his shine as ratings begin to drop off. If he represents the people, I guess we have a very narrow class of people in the Tri-State.
    I hope the Jets win, and look forward to seeing Rex Ryan create another brilliant game plan. But I don’t need Carton’s big mouth trying to upstage the team, and the organization. The Jets will do just fine without Craigie!

  4. pete R.I. says:

    craigie iam with you J-

    craigie i am with you jets nice and quiet in new england now

  5. The DJ says:

    Hey Lewis,

    La-la-la-la-la-la lock it up!!!!

  6. Jason Roy Polat says:

    shoutout? carton ur crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats bunch of bs

  7. Jason Roy Polat says:

    no shoutout carton ur nuts & on crack jets will bleed black n gold they will get sacrificed

  8. Jason Roy Polat says:

    go pit


    well, there goes that. this no talent, know nothing hack just reverse midas touched the Jets chances at super bowl… Glad i am not a Jet fan. This moron just stuck it good to you guys.. This man should be in a market like Dayton – friggin HACK. He is the worst and why i refuse to listen to FAN. Boomer is a class act and it’s a shame he is stuck with this world class loser. He’s a Howard wannabe and has zero talent. period. go away Carton- and never come back here…. you Creep.

  10. steelers11 says:

    Mr Sanchez is about to find out what NFL stands for….Not For Long.
    Steelers 24 Jets 7

  11. Dan says:

    I’m not surprised by Carton’s front-running predictions and behavior. He thought that the Jets would lose to the Patriots! This is the same guy who starts with his lame “Mets Fans for Yankees!” chant come September when his Mets are out of contention.

  12. Ken Gardner says:

    SHUTOUT? REDONCULOUS! Steelers would never be shut out in a game like this! gonna be a close, smashmouth type of game. Steelers 20 – Jets 17.
    shutout………..fa la la la la la…….what a joke!

  13. Rich In CT says:

    Caron is a boob. He is the reason i don’t listen to WFAN in the morning.,

  14. Chris says:

    This guy is a Chris “Mad Dog” Russo wannabe.

    He also predicted the Patriots would beat the Jets!

  15. displaced new yorker says:

    No one seems to be mentioning that the Jets will not only have to play against the Steelers but against the refs! From the Superbowl “victory” against the Seahawks, the Steelers are favored with non-calls as well as the imaginary infractions of their opponents.

  16. RICHIE says:


    1. RICHIE says:

      for the SUPER BOWL

  17. unless Pittsburgh runs backwards and scores for you, your Jets are in deed the ones in danger of getting shutout. And you know it.
    Steelers 36-9. babye.

  18. chris says:

    Craig is such a front runner, picks his team to lose last week against the Pats and now picking the Jets to shut out the Steelers in Pitt. Jets may win the game but more like 17-13, 13-10. Plus lets see if the Jets can handle all the hype after beating the Pats. Plus, I don’t like Rex’s love fest this week no battle call to rally behind.

  19. Sorry DLJ says:

    Steelers 249 Jets 3

  20. JRok says:

    Does Craig Carton speak for Jets fans, because then we know what kind of meathead fans Jets are. Go Steelers. Will be a close game, but steelers win at home 17 – 14

  21. Jrok says:

    JETS WILL LOSE> Here WE GO steelers here we go.. Bye baby sanchez Troy will smack your dirty sanchez face

  22. JB says:

    Carton works for CBS. That’s the only reason he’s news on this site.

  23. herokravon says:

    The onty way the Jets win is if Joe Namath is quarterbacking.

  24. Scott says:

    This is news, what Carton say’s? Embarrassing statements don’t get much better than this, when made against the number one defense in the NFL and against a proven playoff winner in Big Ben, playing at home in Pitt no less. May the better team win, but a shut-out…….. please !

  25. The Good Samaritan says:

    It will be a close game with the Jets winning

    The Good Samaritan has spoken

    1. sal says:

      You couldn’t be any more vague with your “miracle” prediction.

  26. christopher says:

    Carton….your on something. I am not even a steelers fan. I hate the steelers but i know well enough to see that the steelers are not…..i repeat not getting shut out…if they do i will walk across the brooklyn bridge naked. you heard me. i will walk across the brooklyn bridge naked if the steelers get shut out. better yet i will walk across naked and painted green.

  27. Michael Breschard says:

    Craig I think your talking through your a-s-s not the bullhorn, Jets will win 27-13, Steelers are too good a team to be shut out!!!! BTW Craig your a POSER!!!

  28. Sal says:

    The Jets sacked Brady 5 times.
    When I watched the Steelers game, I noticed Big Ben only takes about three baby steps backwards before he throws the ball.
    He is going to be on his butt all day!
    27-13 Jets

  29. nick says:

    Does this mean craigy gets to cross the brooklyn bridge again or is he giving Jets fans an excuse if the y lose

  30. joe says:

    23-0 steelers come get some

  31. ccolton says:


    1. FRANK says:




      1. FRANK says:

        STEELERS:::: 28————JETS::::10

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