Carton: ‘Lock It Up,’ Jets To Shut Out Steelers, 23-0

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Craig Carton (WFAN)

Craig Carton (WFAN)

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NEW YORK (WFAN) — WFAN’s Craig Carton, emboldened by the Jets’ playoff run and Rex Ryan’s bravado, made a bold prediction of his own on Wednesday morning.

“The New York Jets can not possibly lose this game. They’re going to the Super Bowl. They’re the better team,” Carton announced, using his trademark bullhorn. “They will win the game. And get this, they will shut the Steelers out!”

Carton, to Boomer Esiason’s dismay, “locked up” his predicted Jets win to the tune of a 23-0 shut out.

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“The Pittsburgh Steelers, as the great Clubber Lang said, are paper tiger champs,” added Carton.

What’s your prediction? Sound off in the comments below…


LISTEN: Carton explains his 23-0 prediction

pixy Carton: Lock It Up, Jets To Shut Out Steelers, 23 0
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