Little Guys Win In NYC Restaurant Grade War

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – “Well, there’s no reason to spend money on a ‘B’ quality restaurant in this town,” says one man.

WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane reports from Chelsea

Some New Yorkers say they’re more likely to dine at an eatery with an “A” in the window.

Nearly 60% of New York restaurants earned the top mark and rest can wait for another health inspection.

Jamie Pullos of Billy’s Bakery on 9th Avenue says they’re out to rise from a “B” to an “A”.

“Do people say anything when they come in?” asked WCBS 880 reporter Paul Murnane.

“Actually, some people say, ‘Oh my G-d. You’re a B. You should be an A. This place is so clean.’ But it all depends on who comes in. Some people are picky,” said Jamie.

Some of the most famous New York restaurants are not on the “A” list.

An industry insider tells the New York Times that if someone forgets a hairnet, the restaurant gets a violation.

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One Comment

  1. John B says:

    How long does it take for the restaurant to get a poster grade after the inspection. I passed a restaurant that had a poster stating “Grade Pending” dated back to November. Should they have gotten their poster grade by now OR is it possible they got a low grade but kept the Pending poster up to try to shade this?

    1. SheilaM says:

      The grade pending means they badly failed the inspection and have petitioned to be retested at any date without notice. The grade pending is just a way to hide that business failed inspection.

  2. Michael H. says:

    I was very pleased to find that some of my favorite local eateries are proudly displaying an “A” in their window.

    I think this is a fantastic program and New Yorkers deserve to know how the restaurants they eat in do on their health inspections.

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