Medallion Cab Drivers Angry Over Livery Proposal

NEW YORK (CBS 2 / WCBS 880) — Woodside is a popular spot for people who need a cab, but yellow cabs rarely come through there. Instead, people say, it’s much easier and more common to hail a livery cab illegally, Kathryn Brown reports.

“They’ll beep their horn and if you’re interested in catching a cab they’ll tell you ‘Where do want to go?’ and then they give you a price,” said Vincent Vinza of Middle Village.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reports

Residents said the yellow medallion cabs that clog the streets in Manhattan rarely pick up fares once in the boroughs, making it frustrating to quickly get from one place to another.

“Especially if you dont know what you’re going to pay,” said Mari Aparo of Elmhurst.

Mayor Bloomberg on Wednesday was expected to propose allowing a new fleet of cars to start picking up the slack outside of Manhattan, letting licensed livery cab drivers pick up passengers who hail them on the street.

“As long as the car has a meter and has markings that allow the public to recognize it quickly as a legitimate car,” said Commissioner David Yassky of the Taxi and Limousine Commission.

The City said it wants to legitimize a market that’s now illicit and unsafe, but the idea has medallion taxi drivers furious.

“This gives a legal stamp of approval to this. What if they go to the airport?” said a member of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance.

The so-called “borough taxis” would not be allowed to pick up street hails in Manhattan but, yellow cab drivers say, what’s to stop them?

“Once they’re in Manhattan, what guarantee do we have that the street hails are not going to continue?” asked Bhairavi Desai of the Alliance.


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  1. smokersodysseycom says:

    This is the land of competition, tis time to end this freaking yellow monopoly!

  2. TonySlim says:

    The FREE MARKET works. Government create’s monopoly. Fares would reduce and the riders demands would be met.

  3. Hardee says:

    why are you so angry?, sounds like your mother and sister is sleeping with smelly immigrants.

  4. pugphan says:

    Astoria, uh. Well there’s a Yellow cab garage ova da, so it don’t surprise me ya can get a cab into the city from da- they’re all going into the city. smokersodysseycom

  5. Tom says:

    I think this would be great, but ONLY if it happens in the outer boroughs! It would legalize a behaviour that is already occurring. As far as yellow cabs refusing to take ppl to their destination, that is against the TLC rules and the TLC needs to do better enforcement. I have been kicked out of many yellow cabs once I state I am going to Forest Hills. Yelow cab drivers, for the most part, are slimes.

  6. STEALTH23 says:


  7. Joe says:

    The cab drivers don’t pay for insurance, don’t pay for the diamond every year, don’t make car payments, don’t pay for dues of the livery radio, and the percentage. Most of the livery drivers pay out of pocket.

    Taxi drivers rent the yellow cab per shift about 150 dollars a day. As a cab driver you can earn about 3 times that amount a day. But they do pay gas, but some of them have hybrid cars.

    1. Jimmy Lim says:

      Individual and Mini Fleet owners pay for Medallion renewal, Hack license renewal, Insurance, Car payments on a car that needs to be replaced every 5 years, and Medallion payments for an estimated 30 years depending on how much you invest on the down payment.

    2. hardee says:

      Livery cost $1000 for the car and $300 a month insurance and most of the livery drivers don’t have insurance and most of the drivers are illegal and don’t pay taxes.

      On the other hand Cab drivers pay $150 a shift to rent the car or 4500 a month .

  8. pugphan says:

    We should have Green, Red, Black, White, blue, and any other color cabs out there. This monopoly un-American! The city should Create a board of economists to figure out a fair, and equitable way to do way with this system. This freaking monopoly was created during the thirties by La Guardia, and who knows if he was greased to make it happen. It’s about time to do away with it. It is not fair to the riding public. smokersodysseycom

  9. smk232323 says:

    Cabbies, you gotta take the good with the bad like the rest of us. We are all trying to make it, but imagine how much harder it would be for you to get by if you couldnt get where you needed to go! Competition is everywhere but in the yellow cab business it seems, so it’s long overdue for another option to come along and offer services you choose not to provide. You cant have it both ways. It might suck for you in one way, but it sucks to be denied a ride you’re willing to pay for too.

  10. pugphan says:

    Capitalism’s about competition, Yellow cabs have a monopoly hea. It’s about time it
    was put to bed. Competition means lower prices, let it be a consumers market, not
    a cab market, where they decide whom to pick up, when and where they want to go. Enuff ahweady. smokersodysseycom

  11. TJ says:

    Good! Maybe they can fill the void in Manhattan when all of the yellows go off duty at once, right before rush hour – a phenomenon I’ve never understood.

    1. Richard says:

      Well TJ, that phenomenon is called “we are human beings as well” believe it or not, and simply can’t work 24 hours a day, which I understand you would rather prefer. Working day for taxi drivers at fleets is divided into two 12 hour shifts and 5 pm and 5 am is when the shift change occurs. This way day time driver and night time driver have more or less similar incomes potential. And it is not true that ALL OF THE YELLOWS go off duty at once. Only a percentage since not all of taxis are double shifted. And personally I don’t think it is possible to fill that void or any (snow, rain, wind, blackout) void anyway, since we have to be able to find passengers throughout the entire shift not only when for whatever reason there is a “void”. This keeps taxi rates reasonably low, almost lowest in the country as far as I know.

    2. hardee says:

      TJ I dove Yellow cab a year ago while attending college and trust me its not easy, most of these drivers work 12 hour shift and they change cars between 3pm and 5 pm. I know its hard to get cab around that time, but allowing the livery to pick up in the city would not be fair for those who paid tremendous amount of money for the yellow cab medallion.

  12. Ellen says:

    I cant believe the yellow cabs are complaining. As already said, except for the airport there are NO cabs cruising in Queens. When in Manhattan I have the luxury of walking to the curb and sticking my hand out. –hey I can even get a ride to Queens. ( I am one of the get in first an then tell destination folk, cause I’m no dummy) But if I am shopping in Queens and I want a cab–I have to take my cellphone and call a car service. –Ridiculous. I’d be more than happy to get into a yellow cab if there were some in the boro.

  13. LouD says:

    Richard, you and all you yellow drivers are so selfish. You refuse to take a fare to the outer boroughs because Manhattan is the big money maker for you guys. Yet at the same time, you have the audacity to object to livery cabs picking up those very same fares. What the hell do you care? If you don’t take to take those people there, let someone pick them up who does. It is your obligation to take a passenger where HE or SHE want to go, not where YOU want to go. There’s no such thing as selective destinations. You are licensed to drive passngers to all the 5 boroughs. That includes Brooklyn, Queens and even Staten Island. So if you don’t like, get a new jopb.

    1. Richard says:

      The thing is LouD, livery cabs don’t pick-up passengers to other borough while they illegally work in Manhattan. They are looking for sbd who will pay 25-30 bucks to go from Midtown to somewhere else IN MANHATTAN, NOT OUTER BOROUGHS and yes I have an audacity to object to that. If you ask a black car driver who stops when you hailing a taxi how much he will charge you from Rockefeler Center to East New York he will tell you $100 just to scare you off. They don’t want to go there no less than we. But there is technically no way of making sure that a car from Brooklyn will take a passanger just to Brooklyn and not Lincoln Center while it is looking for a fare in Manhattan.
      And if Bloomberg’s intention is to do away with medallion system all together he should have courage to say so. But that’s another subject…

      1. dontlikeyellowcabs says:

        Why do none of the seemingly articulate cab-driver posters comment on taking out their dissatisfaction with the current rules for outer borough transport with the TLC? Why do we have to care what happens to yellow cab commissions if they don’t care about us? Most cab drivers I’ve met that are congenial, knowledgeable, and fair with their pricing(not to mention willing to go where I want to go) have been livery cab drivers.

    2. Shawn says:

      Well everybody have good with bad remember mr passenger you don’t know how hard we work you must be sitting in an office and just doing ur thing and making money wht abt us we are hymen beings too not everything you tell me we have to do what happen then when sone of you guyz don’t pay us and just run away you guyz throw up in our cabs and t end say sorry about that and leave you fight with your girl friend wife or husband and take it out on a cab driver. You take it out on us bcz we get no respect fon you people out there.

    3. Shawn says:

      You think we r selfish you guyz are more selfish than us can drivers if you are in a hurry you will tell us go fast as fast you can we I get a summons on the way you you r the one would say o I am sorry and just leave right there bcz ur time is being waisted if there is an accident no matter even ur mother is dying you would not leave you will lay down right there and call te ambulance ni matter how log that takes you will sue my ass right there
      I hope you don’t mind that we always hive favours to the public but public will never give us the respect that we deserve

  14. liz says:

    I live in The Bronx and while I don’t use cabs often, every time I have it’s been a livery cab hailed on the street. If I know in advance when/where I need to be somewhere I’ll call for a pickup but mostly it’s when I’m running out of time and the bus still hasn’t shown up and I have to get going.

    I have taken yellow cabs from Manhattan to The Bronx several times and I have to say that none of the drivers had a problem taking me, although the passenger does need to be able to navigate for the driver because he usually has no clue at all.

    I also never see yellow cabs in upper Manhattan, it’s all livery there. I think this rule should apply anywhere north of 96th Street.

  15. dontlikeyellowcabs says:

    Why do none of the seemingly articulate cab-driver posters comment on taking out their dissatisfaction with the current rules for outer borough transport with the TLC? Why do we have to care what happens to yellow cab commissions if they don’t care about us? Most cab drivers I’ve met that are congenial, knowledgeable, and fair with their pricing(not to mention willing to go where I want to go) have been livery cab drivers.

  16. Kevin Moriarty says:

    Listen all of you! I was a medallion driver for many years(on&off since 1972)I kept my Hack license because if I ever lost a job or something went wrong finacially, I had the Hack to fall back on.No you’ll never make a million $ but you’ll put food on the table!In all the years of driving I never once refused anyone because of where in the boros they were going Bx. Bkyn. etc.The 3rd worlders did that!!!!!!!! & I don’t care (I’ve told them privately so)I’m not politically correct! That unfortunately is a fact’&I myself have been refused.If he asks destination don’t even take him! Fight back!! They’ll understand&they’ll think twice next time before trying again, use your common sense!You hail a taxi because you need to go where you need to be! Never has anyone hailed me & said “take me where you’d like to go” Get serious!!!

    1. Richard says:

      Kevin, I guess that on&off kept you sane. Not everybody is that lucky 🙂
      I’m serious 🙂

  17. Neil says:

    I think it’s quite Obvious that Richard is a cabbie who’s just a tad bit upset by this new proposal.

    Bottom line Richard, as many people here are saying, Yellow cabs disobey the law all the time by refusing passengers to outer boroughs because they don’t get as much, possibly none, return fare, etc. TOO FREAKIN’ BAD. Maybe you should lobby for an outer borough surcharge, I don’t think there’s anyone posting here who would object to a $5-$10 surcharge or such for getting to an outer borough. or switch to a zone fare system like many cities have. As it stands now you’re just trying to have your cake and eat it too. We wont take passengers to outer boroughs, but we don’t want Liveries doing it either.

    1. Richard says:

      Surcharge to outer borough is a REAL solution but I don’t think they (TLC) will ever agree to that.
      We’ve been waiting for almost 7 years for mileage rate increase and it doesn’t seem like it is going to happen any time soon. Forget about any type of borough or return toll surcharge. But it’s a good and fair idea…

  18. Edwin says:

    iI have absolutely no sympathy for the yellow cab drivers,they refuse to come to Queens unless it an airport run and they will refuse to pick you up on their return to the city. also thanks a lot you SOBS for refusing to pick me up at Laquardia last mont.we know the reason for your refusal don’t all can go to hell

    1. Richard says:

      I dont know how can anybody not pick-up a passenger at La Guardia. There are dispatchers at every terminal and a driver who refuses a fare gets a summon and a fine is significant and painful. And why wouldn’t a taxi driver take you from Queens to Manhattan when they were headed in that direction is beyond comprehension. Unless you tried to get in a cab who was returning to Queens for a shift change or something

  19. Jeff says:

    Taxi drivers in this city are never happy. They get upset when they have to go to the outer boroughs and they get upset when others are allowed to go to the outer boroughs. I hailed a cab on Sunday night in Manhattan. It was freezing out and me and 2 friends quickly hopped in. When I said we are going to Brooklyn, the driver asked if I normally waited until I got in the cab to state my destination. He further told me he thought it “was devious” of me not to tell him where I was going before I got into his cab because he might not want to drive to Brooklyn. Are you kidding me??!! Devious is taking a job and then playing by your rules. Either you want to be a cab driver or you don’t. If you do, you have to drive to the outer boroughs from time to time. Get over it. If you don’t want to be a driver then get another job and stop taking out your frustrations on your passengers.

  20. Rosie says:

    If they are going to do this then they should force the livery cars to charge the same rates as the yellow cabs for these trips. Not sure how the heck they would regulate that, but that is the right thing to do in principle. Either that or tack on an extra fee for the yellow cabs during rush hours so they don’t lose as much money. It just doesn’t seem fair to tell yellow cabs you have to drive to these places and you can only charge this much, but at the same time tell livery cabs you can now do these pick ups and are free to charge as much as you want.

    Believe me, I have no love for yellow cabs. I have been kicked out of a yellow cab twice when trying to get to the airport, right before crossing the bridge out of Manhattan. Both times I missed my flight. Both times I reported the driver but who knows what happens. All that said, livery cars should not be legalized for these trips and then allowed to charge what they want.

  21. jfk69 says:

    It took nearly a decade and a blizzard but Bloomberg finally realizes that there is more to New York than just Manhatten..Maybe his friends in Manhatten are figuring …Hey maybe if this plan works,we won’t have to waiit 10 minutes for a cab …they will be more for us.

  22. Manusk says:

    If they dont pass this law I will promise not to pass gas in between pickups. You see, it can be win win my friends!

  23. jfk69 says:

    There is even a commercial to the effect…That’s why true New Yorkers never tell a yellow cab driver their destination till they are in the cab.

    1. Richard says:

      So explain this to me jfk69. As a true New Yorker why do you tell your destination to illegal cab driver in advance and on top of that agree before you enter on the fare that is 3 times higher than metered one?

      1. jfk69 says:

        Thats right…and it is my choice to pay his price or suggest my own. Believe me when i tell you …nine out of ten times they take what i offer. I have no problem haggling. and have never paid more than what i would have paid in a yelliow cab ,that is…IF I COULD FIND ONE,

  24. JT says:

    It’s very hard to feel sorry for a bunch of scamming crooks(Yellow Cab Drivers.) I will never forget how a few years ago a Yellow Cab Driver refused to take me home despite seeing me in bad condition(Had 2nd degree burns in my stomach, neck & back.) Soon as i told him where to take me he refused & put on the off duty sign on. I have had a hatred for them since. I would rather walk 100 blocks than to ever give a penny to thse scamming robbers. Give me a Livery Cab any day.

    1. Richard says:

      Sorry to hear about that JT. But you just put all 40 thousand yellow cab drivers in one ugly bag. You had bad experience with one and you are calling me a scamming crook. Maybe this driver had some bad experience in the past in an area where you wanted to go and did exactly the same thing? He probably expected to be treated the same way by you…
      Now I have to leave you all and leave the house and start looking for these fares trying to hail me on Queens Blvd. I doubt I’ll find anybody though…

      1. Dan says:

        If it’s not worth your time to cruise Queens Blvd, then what are you complaining about? Just let the livery cabs do the jobs that don’t make economic sense to you.

        You are trying to have your cake and eat it too. Cab drivers don’t want to be forced to go to the outer boroughs and they dont want anyone else to be able to take those fares.

  25. pugphan says:

    Something should be done, capitalism is all about competition, but da Yellow cabs
    have a monopoly hea. At times I’ve gotten into an argument with my wife, she doesn’t like to cause a scene, because I want to get a cab to take us to Queens. They won’t go there she says. It’s our right, I say, but she won’t get in the cab, and I wind up getting really steamed. This is nuts, something should be done, anything. I all for any kind of competition to get these cabbies to get their heads out of their arse. smokersodysseycom

    1. Richard says:

      It’s really nice to read all your comments. Now I know what you really think of me 🙂 Let me repeat myself. It’s all about money and economics. At least for me, a really long timer. Fact is that if I don’t make money (talking about capitalism) I don’t want to do the job. Neither would you, Pugphan. But trips to Queens are actually very good provided the driver knows where he is going and how to quickly come back to the city. Problem is a lot od them have no idea where they end up. Many times people took me to Queens over Midtown Tunnel. They pay the toll on the way to Queens, but on the way back I have a choice of paying the toll from my own pocket (4.80 EZ-Pass) or taking Queensboro Bridge on which one can spend 20 minutes in traffic depending on the time of day. Or I can go to La Guardia or JFK, wait there for a fare. If we could charge passengers for a toll back to Manhattan that would make us more willing to take you wherever and whenever you want to go with a smile 🙂 And yes, stupid 5 bucks makes such a difference.

  26. Phil says:

    Worry about snow storms mayor!!!!!!

  27. Richard says:

    I’ve heard that before Tommy. About smelly self that is…
    By law (and I didn’t create it, I only build my life in NY based on it) yellow cabs are the only cars that can pick up passengers on the streets of Manhattan and other boroughs as well. There is no way you can have enough yellow cabs anywhere to pick up everybody who wants a ride when it rains for example. What we all would do when it stops raining? If you accept a ride from unlicensed car only because YOU need a ride and YOU don’t care about a law then how you expect me to go ANYWHERE in NYC and respect the law?
    And to CSI: Taxi and Limousine Commission couldn’t care less about unlicensed cars picking up on the streets. I guess they have better things to do. Every issue of Taxi Magazine and Taxi Talk and other industry publication is full of letters complaing about illegal street activity. TLC know about very well and they decided to do nothing.

  28. Lee says:

    If the yellow cabbies don’t want to take people to Brooklyn, the Bronx or Queens, then the livery cabs should be able to legally do it. If you don’t like it start abiding by the law and taking people wherever they want to go in New York City. Otherwise, shut your pie holes!

    1. Richard says:

      Lee. If I take you from Midtown to Park Slope at 5 pm it’s going to take 45 min and it will cost you $25. You pay by card add a dollar tip (or nothing since you consider me an open pie hole), I have to pay 1.25 fee for this transaction. Now I have to go back to Manhattan, because there is nobody hailing me along 6 Ave and Flatbush Ave. It takes me at least 20 min to get back to Canal Street before I can start looking for the next fare. So after I hour and yet some I did not make even $10. Isn’t that something? And by staying in Manhattan I can make 15 or more for my smelly self in the same time. What would you choose if you saw all illegals charging 25 to 30 for a ride from Midtown to Upper East Side?

  29. Jerry_Leigh says:

    Of COURSE they’ll be allowed to operate in Manhattan–there’s a lotta potential fares, north of 96th Street (and Morningside Heights), where the yellow cabs are rarely seen. What about the vans on Flatbush Avenue and Merrick Boulevard, who sport passenger–not livery–plates? What’s Bloomy gonna do about THEM?

  30. JT says:

    Cab drivers/companies spend $600,000 on a medallion and these guys get to do it for nothing.Why buy a medallion anymore?

    1. Kostya says:

      it’s an investment, my buddy’s dad bought a medallion 20 years ago for $10,000, he sold it at an auction for over a million dollars. He has another one that he runs his cab from.

      1. Frank Duxs says:

        Smelly arabs and their yellow cabs

    2. Robert in Brooklyn says:

      Then they should be willing to come to the outer boroughs. Livery cabs should be able to pick up people on the street outside of Manhattan. This will have little impact of the incomes of yellow cabbies since almost 100% refuse to eave Manhattan to work.

      1. Richard says:

        And they are already doing it and have been doing it for years. Bloomberg wants to gain some credit by “legalizing” them. I am absolutely opposed to putting meters (or rooflights – we didn’t hear the whole story yet) on them because then they will swarm Manhattan no matter what. TLC have no idea how to stop illegal street pick-ups in Manhattan now and they will not find a way to stop “outer boroughs taxis” from picking up as well. There is just no way. And for the riding public it will mean even more traffic in Manhattan.

      2. Richard says:

        And one more thing Robert. Have you ever been on Flatbush Ave in Park Slope in the evening? There is a steady flow of taxis with passengers coming out of Manhattan and equally long line of empty taxis trying to come back to The City. Saying that almost 100% refuse to leave Manhattan is just simply unfair and wrong. Make your comments worthy other readers.

  31. Carlos Parker says:

    In my opinion, livery cabs are a more vital and important network of transportation than yellow cabs. Living in the Bronx, and working in uptown Manhattan, I almost never see a yellow cab. Yellow cabs are only significant if you are in midtown and downtown Manhattan. Otherwise, they really don’t matter much. I congratulate the mayor for recognizing a vital need for New Yorkers.

  32. Jimmy Lim says:

    I left the taxi business and sold my medallion in 2005 because of new rules like this one they are now talking about. I even let my hack license expire because I decided to never return to driving again because yellow cab drivers are treated inhumanly and considered a lower form of life. After driving for 29 years I got out due to rules like this one and never looked back again. I Thank the idiotic Mayor and his TLC cohorts for making me see the light. You are forcing veteran drivers to give up and that is why you have the type of drivers you now have.

    1. Nate says:

      Jimmy Lim….Go back to the land of your birth only smelly immigrants drive cabs

      1. Jimmy Lim says:

        Nate, you sound like a uneducated moron who does not know how to speak correctly. For the records, I am a U.S. citizen born and raised in New York’s lower Eastside and know what needs to be done with bias pigs like yourself.

    2. Robert in Brooklyn says:

      I bet you were one of those drivers who would refuse to leave Manhattan. I congratulate the mayor for having common sense.

      1. Jimmy Lim says:

        I used to go into Harlem and Brooklyn with riding passengers everyday and I never had a incident report with the TLC. The faster I made my money the faster I went home. You may think this mayor has common sense, but I think otherwise. If he was as smart as you may think he is, what happened during the snow storm the day after Christmas ?. Why did he fire the EMS commissioner and not the Sanitation commissioner ?.

    3. JT says:

      Go riddance. One less Yellow Cab Driver trying to rob & scam vunerable passengers like your fellow drivers who where arrested for that recently.

      1. Jimmy Lim says:

        I am not defending any drivers out there who are doing illegel things like scamming passengers, but speak for myself who worked 12 to 15 hour days to make my medallion payment. You are right ! Good riddance to me for leaving the business with almost $500,000.00 in profit money.

  33. Leo says:

    Let me understand this… The yellow cabs refuse to pick up people outside Manhattan, and they don’t want anybody else to, either. This sounds like the answer. If the yellows don’t like it, then maybe they should stop seeing NYC as limited to Manhattan below 96th Street.

  34. jeff says:

    I didn’t realize it was illegal for me to hail them in the boros. Oh well.

  35. derek says:

    The simple answer to this is, don’t deny us when want to go to Brooklyn when its raining outside. Don’t turn on your off duty light after dropping off a fare in Brooklyn. You did this to yourselves.

    1. JT says:

      Funny how they complain but yet have no problem scamming passengers. I even heard of one Driver who punched a female passenegr because he refused to take payment by credit card. But they want us to feel sorry for them?

  36. Jennifer McGee Sheremetta says:

    I agree with you, Sally! Ive been turned down so many times by yellow drivers….forget ’em. Im all for allowing the livery cab drivers to take me where I wanna go, like they have always done! 🙂

    1. Richard says:

      There is a medallion system in NYC, which means that only a yellow cab can pick you up when you need a ride and hail one on the street. For years there have been unwritten agreement that liveries pick up passangers in other boroughs where there is not enough business for yellow cabs. And it works fine except that you probably have to pay more for those rides. It’s simply economics. If you don’t believe in licensing system that’s another story. Accepting a ride from unlicensed car in Manhattan is not different from stealing music from the internet, buying a dvd from a guy on the corner, installing friend’s software on your computer etc. It just view differently by a public because that’s how we are being portrayed by a media. We are nobodies…
      Now Bloomberg is trying once again to ride on my back to make you feel better.

    2. JT says:

      Lets not also forget that most Yellow Cab Drivers are scamming crooks anyway who are always trying to find way to take advantage of an unknowing vunerable passenger. Why do uthink so many of them where arrested recently?

  37. Joe Blow says:

    thats right, more than a few times an off duty cab has stopped at my “hail”
    to ask where i was going, as they decide to pass on my fare, the on duty cabs just pass me by, its pretty annoying
    If you want to be on duty, put your light on, if you want to be a prick, i guess keep doing what you do

  38. Sally Rogers says:

    In Manhattan the Yellows drive around with their “off duty” light on so they can pick and chose where they go, The livery nen and women have saved me on quite a few occassions. Great Idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Richard says:

      We drive with off duty light on because we sometimes have to go to the bathroom or to eat or go somewhere where we have to go. And if we don’t want to go Brooklyn during rush hour that’s because we make $O on most of those trips since it cost us at least $15 an hour to pay all fees required by TLC, banks, insurance brokers, gas conglomerates, credit card companies and few others while livery cabs and totally unlicensed town cars from out of state drive around Manhattan and charge “whatever they feel like” which usually means triple what would be on the meter.

      1. CSI says:

        So if all this happens to the yellow cab drivers then take it out with the taxi commission. Not on the people who rely on you. So you cant complain when there are people out there who are willing to do the job you don’t want to do.

      2. Tommy says:

        By law you have to take people ANYWHERE in NYC they want to go….if you dont like it take your immigrant smelly self elsewhere

      3. JT says:

        Lets not also forget that you Yellow Cab Drivers also have to take time to figure out how to scam a vunerable passenger just like your many fellow Yellow Cab Drivers who where arrested for that recently. I feel no pity for you scamming crooks.

      4. Ellen says:

        So don’t complain if the livery guys are allowed to do what you refuse. BTW I am 100% AGAINST any surcharge to go outside Manhattan. I pay the same taxes as Manhattanites and I am entitled to the same services!

      5. Sally Rogers says:

        While your doing the math Richard, a hardworking livery driver is picking up your fare. If you don’t like your job, find something else. 95% of off duty lights mean that the driver wants to pick where they go. I agree that the unlicensed out of state Town Cars are creepy and could be ripping people off; I will pick a Town Car with TLC plates a Diamond Sticker and identifying decals, pay cash and have a great ride. I don’t need to trick a yellow by telling him the destination after I get in and then have a mad maniac driving me to Laguardia.

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