Jaffe: Ban Smoking On Metro-North, LIRR Platforms

PEARL RIVER, NY (WCBS 880) – It’s an intriguing question about outdoor smoking. Is second hand smoke a concern in the open air?

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reports

Rockland County Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffe said walking on a sidewalk you may not be as affected but on a train platform, huddled together shoulder-to-shoulder, she says you are bound to get a face full of second hand smoke.

“Obviously, we kind of overimposed restrictions, but I do believe on a platform it is a contained area,” Jaffe told WCBS 880 reporter Sean Adams. “Even though it is outdoors, it is contained.”

She’s proposing a ban on smoking on Metro-North Railroad and Long Island Railroad platforms.

She’s now seeking support in the New York State Senate.

Reaction is predictable along smoking and non-smoking lines, although one non-smoker said Thursday morning he wondered why they don’t create a smoking section, like what used to be done in restaurants.

It’s already illegal to smoke on trains or in enclosed platforms and stations. NJ Transit banned smoking on its platforms in 2006.


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  1. MasterLeeMochow says:

  2. John Galt says:

    This is an unenforceable law. Even if you’re a rabid fascist anti-smoker you should oppose this simply because it’s a waste of legislative resources. With the economy the way it is law enforcement personnel are being cut back, and the MTA police are already all but nonexistent on outdoor LIRR platforms. On my daily commute I routinely see and smell people smoking marijuana on the platform, so if the MTA cops can’t be bothered with that they certainly aren’t going to care about tobacco smokers.

    Do you really want the State Assembly squandering your tax dollars as well as time and resources that could be better spent on more worthwhile and pressing issues facing the state? Will it really make you puritanical nuts happy if they waste that much time and money to pass a meaningless law with no teeth that nobody will abide by anyways? Get a life.

  3. your mom says:

    if you dont like my cigarette smoke, then politly ask me to move away from you, or simply move yourself! The government needs to start with things they have a RIGHT to control, like pollution that is killing us from automobiles andbig business. much worse than my one cigarette that i choose to do to myself.

  4. Geo says:


  5. metula says:

    Forget about health issues and all of the rest of the arguments — cigarettes stink, and no one should have to breathe in that nastiness. I ride the Metro North everyday from Beacon, and at 5:30 in the morning, the last thing I want to do is get a face full of smoke. However, I cannot get away from the giant clouds of smoke coming from the gang of coughing and wheezing smokers (who smoke because they want to and not because they’re addicts — right). I look forward to smoking being banned on the platforms. This is not a discrimination issue, and smoking is not a fundamental right. Smoke your cigarettes in the parking lot and give us all a break.

  6. John says:

    This fat legislator needs to get a life.

  7. Sandi says:

    the energy wasted on creating unenforceable laws is mind-boggling! are there really going to be police on every outdoor platform on both systems to monitor this? yeah…didn’t think so either. instead of distracting the public from important issues by throwing them little bones, why not actually focus efforts on true issues? just a thought….

  8. aldous huxley says:

    The erosion of civil liberties is a steady process. Our precious US Constitution is dying a slow & painful death.

    Full prohibition of tobacco is just around the corner.

    Non smokers are cheering and partying – WOO HOO! Wait until they come after something you DO enjoy.

    This is NOT about smoking. This IS about preserving our freedoms.

    Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffe is a piece of human garbage – her soul has been tarnished as a result of her attempt to further shred our Constitution.

    1. GodBlessTheUSA says:

      What about my civil liberty to not have to inhale your noxious smoke? No one is saying you can’t smoke, just you can’t do it where groups of people (children included) in a confined area would be forced to suffer the stench.
      Does your idea of a civil liberty utopia allow people to smoke everywhere? Restaurants? Airplanes? Theaters? Hospitals? Elevators? Wherever you draw the line, some smoldering smoker will gripe about their imagined civil liberties being trampled upon.

    2. Winston Smith says:

      What about the freedom to breath when you are waiting for a train? Stop defending the rights of the tobacco industry.

  9. Bebe says:

    Who will inforce this law ? The never present Metro North police. Ellen how about working on real Rockland issues like property taxes. Or are all the fines going to cover our budget deficits.

  10. Abby Kurtz says:

    Is this what you need to do to get a headline in Rockland County. Why don”t you fight the really tough battles for us, Like reducing our fairs on Metro North. How about better service on Metro North, Maybe if there was better service and lower fairs people wouldn’t be sucking in that tobacco worrying about how they are going to pay for all this and then on top of that pay there mortgage and send there kids to college..
    Ms. Jaffe if your gonna fight for us fight the tough battles these little ones we can handle

  11. Carl says:

    I never started smoking.

  12. john harper says:

    whatever happened to descrimination against minorities?or are the nonsmokers the minority?either way i think (as a smoker for more than 25 tears)is that this smokers rights issue,does not fall far from the equal rights ammendment,i smoke because i choose to.so why am i being segrigated and given only certain things i can do as a smoker? this is not the america that we as americans” throughout the centuries “have put our lives and the lives of our children on the line to defend. if you want to separate us from them on the basis of cancer causing /or can cause cancer well then the beach or just plain outside in the SUN can cause cancer. put that off limits.cant do it /thats imprisonment. there is no real proof that smoking kills you quicker,non more than theres proof that the president is a natural born american.i am a disabled american vet. i see every day how our freedoms as americans are being taken away from us and the people smokers and nonsmokers are standing back letting it happen with little or no resistance at all dont get me wrong, in certain situations i can see how my smoking can agrivate someone else, and also how someone might think that smoking may have contributed to the way in which someone died, but to die is not attributed to any specific or certain element in this universe. death is caused by simply being alive.every man owes a death,women too,smoking/or non.

    1. 1stAirCavSMSgtRet says:

      Keep smoking dude. Just don’t do it near me or my kids. Is that too much to ask? Oh, one other thing… Whether you like it or not, you need to show our president some respect. I’m tired of you fake patriots talking out of both sides of your mouth. He’s just as American as you are sport. If you hate him so much, go live somewhere else.

  13. Peter says:

    this bill sounds great just stop taxing me 5 dollars a pack!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Keith says:

    Great idea and I hope it passes quickly, there are still far too many people who smoke on the platforms since smoking is banned on the trains. And some of them are so close, they are blowing smoke in your face. Smoke should be banned on all outdoor train platforms. Great idea!!!!!

  15. trollhole says:

    This is just getting ridiculous. If the government gives such a damn about peoples health, why don’t they make cigarettes illegal? Now they are trying to tell smokers that they can’t smoke outside?
    Like somehow I am to believe that they get such a waft of second hand smoke that it’s going to cause them ill effects? Give me a break people. It’s getting to the point where they are discriminating against people who smoke. When does all this madness stop? Again….WHATS THE POINT OF SELLING THE DAMN CIGARETTES IF THESE PEOPLE CAN’T EVEN SMOKE OUTSIDE!?!?!

    1. The Truth says:

      The reason they keep up this charade is because they found another venue (the smokers) of taxing people to death. Because one thing is for sure; the government does NOT give a hoot about your health or else GMO corps and antibiotic stuffed animals, which are used for food consumption, would not exist. To name just a couple of minor things.

    2. larry wolfson says:

      Agree totally and I along with my friends(who did not smoke) went to 100’s of ballgames and events where smoking was allowed. None of us came down with smoking related anything! Soon,the parking lot will also be taken away. The product is legal and our nation has way more important issues to face. I just cannot stand people who make demands based on what “they” want. Just don’t drink and drive.THAT is illegal.

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