Ultimatum Issued In Hackensack School Sexting Scandal

School Officials: Delete Image Of 6th Grader Or Face Charges

HACKENSACK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Police officers spoke with students at Hackensack Middle School and the 5ive6ix School Friday in the wake of a shocking sexting scandal involving a nude image of a sixth grade girl.

Two students alarmed by the photo told the school principal about it Thursday. School officials don’t believe the image has been widely circulated, but officials are giving students until Monday to delete the photo or face child pornography charges, 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reported.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan on the response by school officials and police

“They told us that they had to delete it off the cell phone or computer or any device that it’s on by Monday or you would go to juvenile detention,” student Ann Marie Boyd told CBS 2’s Lou Young.

Officials do know that a seventh grader received the image along with a few others.

Law enforcement officials and educators decided the incident provided an important teachable moment for students.

Superintendent Edward Kliszus sent out 5,000 e-mails and reverse 911 messages informing parents that possession and transmittal of the image was a crime even if it was committed by another child.

“Students have to not engage in this activity. It’s a safety issue and if they have any material, they need to remove it and never have it again on their phones or computers,” Kliszus said.

Police have agreed to hold off on arrests while parents inform their children on the facts of life regarding Internet smut.

“I’m going to sit down and talk to my daughter about this situation. This is serious,” parent Willie Thrower said.

“Now, we have to be the parents,” Marco Valencia said.

Hackensack Police said they had an active investigation into the case and will be prepared to act on Monday if necessary.

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One Comment

  1. Dr. P. Rapoport says:

    Reporting of “sexting” is invariably inadequate. Possession or transmission of a photo of a naked minor is NOT illegal. Anyone wanting proof of that is welcome to write to me. I’m findable.

    If there’s no coercion, threat, serious deception, or attempt tp harm, where’s the case, if mere nudity is involved and no representation of sexual activity? Of course, the media don’t know the difference.

    The media contribute to this maniacal witch hunt and bullying that cause much more harm than any photo. And declaring 6th graders to be child pornographers is an abuse of power and the justice system beyond any totalitarian dream.

    Everyone gathers around as if there has been a mass murder. Indeed, belligerent prosecutors often seek sentences for what is not a crime that vastly exceed sentences for murder.

    Photos of nudity don’t cause or increase crime. There are 40 years of research showing that, That doesn’t make sexting a great idea, but it does mean the “authorities” haven’t a clue about what they’re saying or doing.

    This kind of episode and reporting marks the USA as insane.

    1. your mom says:

      Dr. Idiot- photos of a naked SIXTH GRADER is bad news all the way around. are you a completely insensetive idiot? its fodder for child molesters and its probably already been leaked by one of these kids ont he internet…!

      1. Dr. P. Rapoport says:

        Sorry you like to hide behind anonymity and spout nonsense. You seem to know nothing about this subject. Feel free to try to conivince us otherwise, but unless you have evidence or proof of what you say, you’ll be better off saying nothing.

    2. DanTe says:

      Could you please be more explicit as to whether or not you possess such photography? And please, use your real name. Your IP address tends to put the lie to your supposed true identity.

    3. Morty Geist says:

      Once you people mention “Media”, you obviously leave out Fox News and “The New York Post’. I was able to agree with you until that point, but the Media comment told me where you’re really coming from.

  2. nyc says:

    Police State -pretty soon every bit of communication will be monitored for any kind of offence !Too much interference from government ! In this new age of electronic communication , privacy issues should be worked out with parents and private sector- not law enforcement !

  3. ebenezer whoopie says:

    these young whippersnappers today, i just cannot comprehend what they do. growing up in the 1930’s was very different. if i was involved in any of these shenanigans, my father would have tanned my hide until i was bleeding – and he would make me go out and pick out a firm switch before he dragged me out to the woodshed! these kids need time in reform school, then a good hitch in the army. send them on over to my house and i will learn them some discipline!

  4. Joseph Anderson says:

    “Now, we have to be the parents”?!? The better response is, “If we had been parents all along, stopped giving into the urge to provide our children with the tools by which they can engage in this activity, stop buying into the belief that it is the child’s cell phone or the child’s email account (if you are paying the bill, it is your’s, not their’s), and most importantly MONITOR their activity maybe this would not have happened.”

    Call me old but when I was in middle school my mom gave me a quarter so I could make a phone call in case of emergency, and every day when I got home she checked to see if I still had that quarter if she didn’t get a call from me.

    Yes, the times have changed, but the role of the parent has not. Parents need to hold themselves accountable for the actions of their children, and when situations such as this arise, parents really need to ask themselves, “Why does my child need a $400 cell phone with a camera, internet access, unlimited text and talk time? Parents need to look at what their children are doing with these phones, what they are writing on their facebook pages, and question their children regularly about their “virtual” activity because as some kids and parents in NJ are about to learn, the consequences are very, very real.

    1. readwithunderstanding says:

      …well…you certainly have the correct initials to describe yourself…why presume that he wasn’t parenting all along, (he was present, wasn’t he?) and merely mispoke because a reporter showed him some interest for a quick soundbite?

  5. mj says:

    charging the children with possesion of child pron … the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard. yeah lets make these kids have to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives . that makes sense and the world will be a safer place

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