Doctors: Be Careful During Jets Game

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers is one of the biggest games the Jets and their fans have looked forward to since last year.

After the Jets fell to the Indianapolis Colts in last year’s AFC Championship game, Coach Rex Ryan and his Gang Green pledged to return and go even farther in this year’s playoffs.

But as fans prepare for Sunday’s showdown in Steeler town, doctors say be wary.

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“The more important the game, the higher the stress. I’m sure the Jets fans will be on the edge of their seats. Their heart rate and blood pressure, I anticipate, is going to be rising. That’s for sure,” Dr. Franklin Zimmerman, senior attending cardiologist and director of critical care at Phelps Memorial Hospital in Sleepy Hollow, said.

With football typically comes a whole smorgasbord of unhealthy foods, which doesn’t hurt the chances of cardiac arrest.

“During the game, they’re often eating very high fat food, they’re eating salty food, they might be drinking more than they should, and they’re certainly under stress—win or lose,” Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman said he doesn’t want to scare Jets fans, but that they should consider their health during the game.

“We don’t tell anyone they shouldn’t watch the game. That’s for sure. We want Jets fans to root for their teams as much as they want to,” Zimmerman said. “During the game, if they’re on any medication such as cardiac medication, they absolutely shouldn’t forget to take their medicine.”

  • Jeanne

    I believe the person who made the mistake using “weary” instead of “wary” was a CBS copywriter, not Dr. Zimmerman, who is one of America’s Top Doctors, as well as mine. He was merely trying to impart some excellent medical advice to stressed-out fans. I’ve learned that it is wise to listen to what he has to say, as it could save your life, whether or not you’re a Jets fans, which I am. Oh, and I’m writing this after the Super Bowll, which saw my other favorite team win – The Green Bay Packers. So sorry, Steelers fans.

  • MasterLeeMochow

  • Ellen

    I would think they would be warning people about the cold. Like keep warm, and dress in layers.

  • 2Mannings-1Cup

    Wives of Jets fans be on alert for flying objects after they get goon handed tomorrow.

  • kevin

    bought more life insurance for the wife and kids…thanks for this!

  • Library Girl

    The people confusing wary with weary is a pet peeve of mine

  • Peter

    Or did she mean leery.That is a more common expression.Either way, just one more example of Journalism school failing to teach basics.

    • dico j.

      The good doctor must have been playing with his cell phone during that lesson.

  • Steve the English Teacher

    I think you mean “wary”, not “weary.” Be wary of stress, because you are weary of losing.

  • TC

    I think the doctor said that Jets fans are fat, drunk and stupid… sounds about right.

    Brooklyn says “Go Steelers!”

    • Johnny Blaster

      Move to Pitt, moron

    • Cal

      Yeah, categorize an entire population of fans, you uneducated red neck…lol

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