New Yorkers Battling Brutal Winter Weather

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A brutal arctic blast is blowing frigid airs into the tri-state area, keeping temperatures well below average through the weekend and into the coming work week, so how are people coping with the cold?

CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis spoke to some courageous New Yorkers who braved the cold on Saturday despite the bone-chilling temperatures.

The bitter cold made for a fast evening walk in Battery Park, where residents were adorned in hats, fluffy scarves and thick coats to deal with the chilly weather.

Some people were completely covered, from head to toe.

“My new hat, and my new coat, because it’s extra, extra warm, with double layers,” one resident said.

She’ll need every bit of those layers Satuday night, with lows expected in the teens for the city – and nearing zero in the suburbs.

The Mehta family is headed to Westfield, New Jersey, and they’re all bundled up.

“It’s gloves, scarves, lots of coats,” Sam Mehta said. “It’s a lot, but they love it, they don’t really mind.”

On such cold nights, most people wrap themselves in warm hats and buttoned-up coats. At one New York City convenience store, however, people weren’t just trying to warm up with hot drinks – many people were actually buying ice cream.

“Three cups of yogurt at a time,” store clerk Kazi Ahmed said.

Ahmed couldn’t believe it, as his ice cream was actually selling on one of the year’s coldest nights, a night when most were just trying to stay warm.

“I like cold, not that hot,” Ahmed said. “Anything cold, I love it.”

Of course, like Ahmed, there are those who like the cold.

Lizbeth Older was heading out to an art show on Saturday night, invitation in hand, and said she couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

“Better than Florida – come on, the sun there, that’s all, there’s nothing there other than sun,” Older said. “This is Manhattan! New York City, yeah!”

During the coldest weekend of the season, many New Yorkers were still in good spirits – but after a few days of freezing temperatures, it may prove to be too much.


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  1. Papa Frost says:

    T dep, most people in other parts of the country drive everywhere and barely see the winter air for longer that an moment. Try wintering in an urban area like NYC or Chicago, where your only option is to walk for blocks to the subway. Taking a bus or cab still requires standing for long lengths of time in the bitter cold. So, if you don’t think it’s o tough, the next time you are about to step in your warm car and drive to work (which you started remotely from inside your house), try standing outside for 15 minutes before you get in, then again before you get home. Multiply that by 40 days and you’ll get some perspective.

  2. t dep says:

    really they act like new yorkers are so tough to b outsise meanwhile other parts of the country are well below zero!!!!!!!

  3. Nat says:

    Was this a slow news day for the yellow journalists?

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