Celebrations Turn Solemn For Jets Fans After Tough Loss

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Sunday became a night of double disappointment for the Jets and their fans, as the team came up one win shy of the Super Bowl for the second consecutive season.

It looked like the game was over early, but Gang Green put together a late comeback – the only problem was that they ran out of time.

Jets fans who thought they would be toasting a victory were left crying into their cups, as sports bars filled with hopeful fans in New Jersey became the solemn settings for shared sorrow.

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“My dad was here the year that they won it, in ’69,” Union, NJ resident John Alves told CBS 2’s Lou Young. “He’s been a Namath fan all his life, and he just gave it to me, and I’m honored to wear the jersey.”

It’s been a while for Jets and their followers alike – 42 years in the wilderness, a Super Bowl exile older than most fans.

Listen To Rex Ryan’s Post Game Comments:

“I want it so badly that I want to experience it – I want to remember 2011,” Nola Aliu, of West Orange, said. “I don’t even know what 1969 would have been like.”

“All I want is that championship – I’m so far away again, it breaks my heart,” Jets fan Ken Glinski said. “I’d rather have no girlfriends, ever, and be a Super Bowl winner. I really would.”

A smattering of Steelers fans drank the moment in.

“They’re all booing me, but they’re losing,” one Steelers fan said.

That old feeling for Jets fans eventually starting to come back.

“I’m a Mets fan too, so I’m used to it, but it definitely hurts – two years in a row, especially,” Brian Kapalin said.

“Terrible loss for the Jets,” fan Dominic Ciampitello said. “We should have won this game.”

Fans in the city were on pins and needles all night long, hoping to explode into a celebration that would rival that of New Year’s Eve – but it was not meant to be.

The crowd inside Modell’s Sporting Goods in Times Square watched on a big screen, sitting through the highs and lows as the Jets came up empty.

“It was a good game, but it wasn’t enough to win and go to Dallas and compete against the Packers,” Williamsburg, Brooklyn resident Joseph Then told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

“If they had shown a little more enthusiasm, more defense in the first half, they wouldn’t have been that far behind,” John Rogers, of Midtown, said.

Modell’s was all set to declare the Jets AFC Champions, with boxes of celebratory merchandise already printed and stocked, but the loss means it will all stay sealed and head to a charity overseas.

While the night proved to be a trial for Jets fans, it was a much more joyous experience for supporters of the Steelers.

At Foley’s bar in Midtown – a haunt known to be Pittsburgh-friendly – the crowd erupted in applause among fans of the black and gold at every play.

Despite the loss, fans of the Jets cheered the team to the bitter end. At the 123 Bar at 50th Street and Tenth Avenue on the West Side, Gang Green was everywhere – with Jets pride intact, no matter what the score.

“The Jets are sexy and I love them, they’re my boys,” Jillian Glowatz, of Floral Park, said.

Despite the disappointing finish, Jets fans said they were proud of what their team was able to accomplish this year – and they’re looking forward to an even better run next season.

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One Comment

  1. Ken Glinski says:

    Still would rather have a superbowl

  2. kayte says:

    It would have been a Cinderella Story if the Jets made it through the GAUNTLET of the mighty trio. I am refering to Manning, Brady and Rothlesburger. Lets face it Jets fans, It’s ALWAYS going to be the “Same old Jets”. Old Rex did get his mouth full of Foot. (I hope he liked it since he enjoys his foot fetish). I don’t think he can talk now, he is too busy crying in the terrible towel. Come on boys no need to cry. If you want to come up to upper Manhattan my girlfriends and I can give each of you tampons. If you need instructions in their use, just ask we will tell you ! Rex, you might want to use pads.

    The Jets are NOT a Superbowl caliber team. Not even next year. So your dreams end here. You can’t just stay quiet. This was your destiny. You boys man up! Or do up scale young ladies have to show you how its done?


  3. Mike Diaz says:


  4. talkinnow says:

    Looks like the same ol Jets to me cant even get to the Super Bowl. Hit up Boston sports websites when you actually win something you rats. Patriots all dayy loonng. See ya next year 🙂 better come up wit some better material by then cause your going to need it Rex.

  5. Emma says:

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  6. Jim says:

    Damn! So close, yet so far away…. They will be there next year. As the poll says, they just keep getting better. Great game guys! See you next season….

  7. max says:

    Maybe now the jet fans will finally shut up. win the big game before you run your mouths about how your better then the giants. 3 super bowl wins in 20 years . oh and just a reminder, we beat the patriots too . accept it was for the championship.

    1. Johnny Blaster says:

      Hey Max be around when the Jets kick your giants ass this year. And trust me the Jets will get there before your giants do again. Put in the bank

      1. Mighty Blue says:

        I love how Johnny Blaster writes “before your Giants do it again”. At least he admits the Giants have been to the Super Bowl & won more times than the Jets have. As for the Jets getting there, well, that’s wishful thinking, especially the part of kicking the Giants ass.

    2. talkinnow says:

      Max got it right see his team actually won something and beat the Patriots to do it. He has a right to talk even though the Giants are garbage and will probably never win again with Eli as their QB but they still won a Super Bowl against the best team of that decade. New decade begins we’ll see who does what.

  8. max says:

    the difference is the giants win the big game . at least they get to the show.

  9. Carton fan says:

    Was that the closet Jet hating Giant fan Mike Francesa who posted the comment as tuffguy? He has done nothing but take shots at the Jets this season because he can’t stand the fact that gang green was eating up the headlines while the G men were just stinking it up. And he didn’t waste anytime doing the same tonight on his little TV infomercial!! Doesn’t this guy remind you of the sore loser we all knew as kids who grab his ball and pouted his way home whenever he wasn’t winning. “Miked up… he’s ready to go…and whine…cuz the G men blow…Miked up Miked up!!

  10. Football Sux says:

    Football has become a sissy sport. The day they start playing 50-60 games a season and get rid of the dumb celebration rules I may consider becoming a fan. In the meantime… what a waste of time.

    1. Mike Diaz says:

      If you don’t like it don’t watch!!! LOSER!!!!!

  11. Tuffguy says:

    Ha! Ha! So close but yet so far!!



    1. Johnny Blaster says:

      Moron must be a Giants fan

  12. Johnny Blaster says:

    Thanks once again a amazing roller coaster ride, and it just proves how hard it is to get to a Super Bowl. I wear my colors with pride, Sanchez is only getting better and Coach Ryan will get his Jets to a Super Bowl.. I for one belive, thanks for a great run…. Now this offseason will be a team changing one with lots of guys becoming free agents..

    Sign Harris, Edwards , Holmes for a start….

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