Mother Sentenced In Craigslist Retaliation Post

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. (1010 WINS) – A judge sentenced a 41-year-old woman to probation, community service and counseling after posting a suggestive ad on Craigslist about a 9-year-old girl.

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Margery Tannenbaum, of Hauppauge, N.Y., faced aggravated harassment charges and endangering the welfare of a child for retaliating against a 9-year-old girl for a dispute the girl had in school with Tannenbaum’s daughter.

The ad featured sexually explicit content and included the girl’s name and phone number.

Tannenbaum, a social worker on Long Island, will now serve a year of interim probation, perform 35 hours of community service, undergo psychiatric counseling and is prohibited from going anywhere near the little girl.

Tannenbaum’s lawyer, Tad Scharfenberg, said that she’s sorry for what she did.


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  1. Gail Wingert says:

    A social worker, really? She needs to go back to school and learn a thing or two. I hope her employer is aware of her behavior and is considering a new position as possibly a… a janitor cleaning up garbage! Anyone who would post sexual anything related to a 9 yo child is just that…… garbage!

  2. raj says:

    I wonder why she did not get jail term. Her child should be sent to father. She is unfit for child support as most of the moms in america. I see here the judge is corrupted to the core not giving any serious punishment to her.

    1. Give me a break says:

      “She is unfit for child support as most of the moms in america. ”

      Really? Mothers are “unfit” to receive child support? So your saying the child’s father does not have ANY responsibility in supporting his children? That’s right because raising children is free. Free housing, food, medical care and schooling. I forgot! All that stuff is free so why should we get child support. What an ass.

  3. jtorres says:

    The child is NINE. Grow up! If someone has a fight with her daughter in school, what will she do then? Hire a hit man? I was a social worker for 5 years and retaliation is frowned upon no matter what age you are. She needs to be punished because if being a socil worker ddn’t teach her a better way of dealing with this sort of situation, community service will do even less.
    Whatever happened to letting your child fight his or her own battles? They are probably the best of friends now. Her mother is a nut.

    1. susan says:

      Well let’s see I have a question. for out here .It could be a TV reality thing. ” What would you do if you wef the car taking 4 chiuldren to school and your own child making fun of one of the other children in the car ? “

  4. Fox Mulder says:

    Everyone is beginning to lose their minds these days. So many people are doing things that just defy understanding.

    This is partly due to the government. They are spraying something in the atmosphere. It’s something in the chemtrails. I believe this to be part of a military bio-warfare testing operation.

  5. DanTe says:

    She gave the judge a blow job. That’s typical justice for you in LI. After all, who cares if a 9 year old’s name and number are given out to a world of perverted strangers?

    I wonder how much did that judge pay for his seat?

    1. raj says:

      I recon it. You are right. Judges are currepted by vAWA.

  6. Greg says:

    Keeping safe on Geebo and other classifieds sites:

    It is important that you know how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe when using online classified advertising sites. Here are a few reminders:

    When selling, do not put your home address in your ad.
    To avoid scams, buy and sell with people you can meet locally, in person.
    When meeting with someone you don’t know, meet in a public place. If that’s not possible, have a buddy with you. Also, carry a cell phone; if you feel unsafe, you can call a trusted friend, and stay on the line.
    Never give out financial or private information like account numbers, PayPal login, or social security number.
    If an offer sounds too good to be true, it is. Walk away!

    When choosing a classifieds site:

    Use only sites where ads are reviewed before they go live on the site rather than relying a flagging or rating system that leaves users vulnerable in the mean time.
    Use sites that do not carry adult ads. Not only do these present risks to our children, but they can harbor human trafficking activities that harm people and open the door to other criminal activity.
    If you are unsure about the safety of a particular classifieds site, do your own quick research. Type the site’s name into Google News or Yahoo! News. Are the results filled with news stories about crime? Then stay away. This is a case where no news is good news!

  7. Wilma Velez says:

    This lady is crazy, she is a very bad sample for her own daughter.and others. She deserve jail time for this horrible crime . What kind Social Worker she is. This little girl is afraid to go to school. . Esta loca la loca!

  8. doc says:

    Fire her. Take her license away. Make sure she never work as a social worker.

  9. robin ross says:

    I will be getting my degree in Human Service next semester, which is the same as Social Service. I am appalled that this woman did such a thing. No one whose intent is to harm a child should get community service. That this woman is a social worker makes it even more horrendous an act in my eyes. Those living in her community should demand her termination immediately!

  10. Patricia Hernandez says:

    This woman was wrong in all ways. She put a 9 yr child in danger by putting her name and phone number out for anyone to see. For goodness sake shes a child. This woman should not be allowed to work with children. Saying “Sorry” just doesnt cut it. This woman deserves jail time not community service.

    1. Terry6206 says:

      And definitely more than 35 hours of community service.

  11. fern says:

    Tannenbaum means Christmas tree in German and the song goes like
    Oh tannenbaum 2x
    Wie schön sind deine blättern….
    In a movie I would think this was a fun thing to do, but certainly not in real life.

  12. Conrad M. Farrell says:

    As a trained Social Worker, she had other avenues that were available to her but chose to go down “Unlawful Avenue.” I agree with LI Nerd. What is to be done with these people who are expected to conduct themselves in a very professional manner. Do they have Refresher Courses? If not, why?

  13. Mikee Man says:

    She should be taken off her job

  14. Adele says:

    Exuse me Mr. Scharfenberg, but SORRY does not do it in this case. She should have been jailed.

  15. L I Nerd says:

    You would think that a trained Social worker would have enough sense not to do some thing like this.How the hell do people like this get to work in public service?

    1. Catherine Allardyce says:

      Just imagine what a great role model she is to her own daughter too. She’s teaching her daughter to be a bully but don’t get caught.

      Clearly something isn’t right in her head.

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