Bill Would Grant Parking Perks For Pregnant Women

NEW YORK (AP/1010 WINS) — A New York City councilman is introducing a bill that would grant special parking rights to women who are having a difficult pregnancy.

Councilman David Greenfield of Brooklyn says that if his bill passes, pregnant women could ask their doctors to sign a note saying they have physical or mobility challenges.

1010 WINS’ Kathleen Maloney gets reaction from women about the bill

If their doctors sign off, the women would get placards entitling them to park in no-parking zones.

Kelly, who was walking along Seventh Avenue on Sunday, supports the bill.

“I think that would be really nice. I think it would be really helpful, especially at the end stages of pregnancy. That would have helped me a lot,” she said.

Greenfield decided to introduce the bill after watching his wife struggle through two tough pregnancies. It’s similar to laws on the books in at least two states, Georgia and Oklahoma.

Some critics warned that the bill could further complicate the city’s mess of parking laws.

Others think that it’s unnecessary.

“If you’re disabled, fine. If you have a reason, but being pregnant is not a disability,” said Jennifer, who has been pregnant twice.

Susan and Nicholas, who have one child, said the benefits of walking far outweigh the benefits of having special parking.

“If it’s a high risk pregnancy and you can get your doctor to write you a note. Otherwise it’s healthy for a woman to do some walking while she’s pregnant,” Susan said.

Do you think Councilman Greenfield’s bill is a good idea?  Sound Off below…

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  1. Barbara says:

    I am pregnant and i do approve of having speacial accomondations. You men are so sexiest thou pregnancy is not a disabilitiy. When your driving and need to run to the bathroom a hundred times a day and not having no where to park and all that back pain and heartburn we go to. Even if you take the train or bus. People see you are pregnant with a big stomach and wouldn’t give up their seat.

  2. lu says:

    I am pregnant and I do have a problems walking long distances. Its not fair to assume that if u or someone u know was pregnant and didn’t have a difficult time that another person would not. If a doctor approves a permit as with other medical conditions then I see nothing wrong with a temporary handicap permit. But normal handicap rules should apply … I don’t agree in parking in a no parking zone.

  3. a professional nurse by trade says:

    No. I have a handicap hangtag and all it gets me is a spot in the parkling lot…if it is open. No street perks.
    I pay extra to park in the lot with valet parking next to my doctor’s office. And when I know I won’t be able to park close, someone else drives and drops me close. I manage.
    Pregnancy is a choice, why should we pay for their parking?

  4. Chris says:

    My wife and I have three beautifil children and each was a very difficult pregnancy. I always had to drive my wife since she wasn’t able to drive. We both agree that his is a total unneccessary bill. If a handicap person can’t even park in a no parking zone, why would you give permission to pregnant person? A little walking hasn’t hurt anyone and is recommended by the doctors. The councilman should concentrate on other ways of helping the city instead of his wife.

  5. EB says:

    I have two beautiful boys and at times during my pregenancies it was difficult to go up the subway stairs and then have to stand on crowed subways. I had no special privileges nor do i own a car. I want my streets clean and bus stop clear. If you need special privileges you should NOT be driving. Stay in bed and send your baby daddy on the errand.

  6. Ed G Combe says:

    I have to say, after reading this article I was was thinking what a good idea it would be to give pregnant ladies special parking privileges. However, thank goodness I read these comments because now I agree with so many of the comments. What about temporary handicapped placards? And who is to stop somebody else from using or even giving these “Pregnant Parking Privileges” the way so many others take advantage of their special parking privileges. I understand certain types of these privileges but at times these go too far!!!

  7. cris says:

    If your so disabled that u need a special perking permit, you probably should`nt be driving in the first place

    1. a.p. says:

      your a moron

  8. Alan says:

    This is ridiculous. They should be able to get a temporary permit to park in the handicapped spaces, but they should not get to park in the no parking zones. There is no reason to give them more rights than anyone else who is handicapped.

  9. Trudy Schoenheit says:

    Just how stupid are we becoming as a nation?
    Even assuming getting around pregnant is that big of a deal (which all women I know say is not), we should start issuing parking permits for people with temporary disabilities? How about that nasty hang nail I had for a couple weeks? WHERE’S MY PERMIT????
    I mean, the absence of any common sense and proportion to this is perfectly at the insane level.
    And this disregards the way-down-there aspect that we should be doing MORE to discourage/enable driving in the city, not less.

    1. John says:

      Look up his religion you will have yu answer about stupid

  10. NJ says:

    If she is having a problem and needs special parking why not just use a handicapped permit?

  11. AIM says:

    Great opportunity to reduce employment by hiring a few thousand out of work folks to check status of parking permits. A whole new department costing millions in wages and benefitsought to do the trick. Oh, yes, afew more millions to print and distribute permits, hire some lawyers to assure compliance, buy afew vehicles to transport “inspectors”. Yep. Great idea.

  12. ebenezer whoopie says:

    i know of some broads who were able to get them special parking cards cause they were just too damn fat

  13. Dr. Richard says:

    If you’re preggers, you can park.

  14. davy says:

    The stupid thing (in my opinion) is that they would be allowed to park in no parking zones. So, this means that ladies with a baby bump get to park in front of fire stations, hospitals, subway stations, or keep their car on the street when street sweepers are coming by to clean up? It would be one thing to let them park in handicapped spots, but no parking zones? Really?

  15. Vicky says:

    And if the husband is using the car yet they have one of these cards in the family are they going to check who actually did the driving? There is something very wrong here.

  16. R.Davanzo says:

    Pregnancy is not a physical disability. High risk pregnant women should not be driving. I had 2 high risk pregnancies and took the #7 train, transferred to the #1 train where the homeless were sleeping across seats and had to stand up. Each pregnancy resulted in a healthy and beautiful baby. I also worked up until a before each child’s birth.

  17. gatobrooklyn says:

    Why don’t they just use a car service. Anybody having a difficult pregnancy should not drive anyway.

  18. ja saum says:

    If this bill is passed everybody including me (a man) will have one of their Doctor friends write them a note saying they require this get out of jail free card. It will totally defeat the purpose of parking rules, causing a huge mess and bigger problems down the line.
    If you have an emergency, call the police or ambulance, anything else you’ll survive!

  19. rose says:

    in Manhattan, if you own a car iyou are rich enough to take a cab to hospital and do not need free parking.. Another rip-off on our tax dollars

  20. objective says:

    wow – you two obviously don’t read: “special parking rights to women who are having a difficult pregnancy”. high risk pregnancies are much more difficult than a normal pregnancy. although it’s agreed pregnancy is not a disability, i’d have to argue that a high risk pregnancy almost qualifies. at least this councilman has sympathy for pregnant women.

    1. carolane says:

      But he only had sympathy because his wife supposedly had “difficult pregnancies”. Isially “difficult pregnancies” require bed rest & no driving. Get over it. You & your wife chose to become pregnant. Disabled people do not choose to be so & given the choice would vote to be able bodied.

  21. BOB C says:

    When you elect idiots, this is what you get.

  22. bill says:

    This is so sexist. And since when is being pregnant a disablility? People will take advantage of this bill to get free parking permits. Say no to this outrageous proposal.

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