Gas Prices Approaching $4 A Gallon

HARTFORD, CT (WCBS 880) – The temperatures are low and filling up at the gas station will leave our bank accounts the same way.

WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau reports

Oil analyst Peter Beutel says he sees nothing on the horizon to lower gasoline prices.

Some of the big refineries are headed for maintenance and that will temporarily tighten.

Beutel says the seasonal demand months of March and April are just ahead, which could push gas prices over a significant benchmark.

“It definitely appears that we are going to be seeing that $4 posted more and more,” Beutel told WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau. “By May, we may see it for all octanes.”

Beutel says the big push behind the price increase has been the investment lure behind buying commodities like oil and gold as an inflation hedge.


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  1. brian leversen says:

    One Big Ass Mistake America= OBAMA!!!! Now he wants to cut the funding for the federal heat assistance program. We are paying $3.50 for a gallon of heating oil too!! I see $4.00+ for the 2011 summer season. 1/1/2013 the end of an error!!!

  2. Cos says:

    These prices have less to do with the average consumer and more to do with Wall Street. Not to mention the fact that the car companies are doing to their vehicles what ‘Good For You’ food companies have been doing… That is, if it’s good for you – they’ll charge you a lot more for it – making it next to impossible to own one.

  3. Joe Sr says:

    Does anyone remember 1972 and gasoline rationing. If you do, did you enjoy it? I think the price of oil is strictly a POLITICAL phenomina, and I’m not going into whom or what. This nonsense started in the early 1900’s (rembember a very rich man and a company called Standard Oil) and goes on and on and probably will. Think about it then vote. Don’t think about it, don’t vote, don’t complain !

  4. Agent_C says:

    I PRAY for the day when we get $5 gas in this country. It couldn’t come fast enough! Maybe then, Americans will get more responsible when it come to the type of cars they drive. As it stands now, we’re little better than environmental terrorists…

    1. don't be so ignorant says:

      Gee from your comments I hope your home is solar powered and you use a bike to get back and forth from wherever.

  5. matt says:

    of course the oil companies plan this maintenance on purpose to hold the price high. state and federal taxes don’t help either. so they want us to pay more for health insurance, food, tuition for school, not to mention used books for 100 bucks, and now gas again. where is the help for the people that actually drive 70% of the economy? if we don’t get help soon this country will collapse as we are on the verge of it now

  6. Schmellma Arss says:

    Why not do with gas what bloomberg did with cigarettes: make it completely unaffordable to everyone but the rich.

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