By Nick Colombo
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Evgeni Nabokov didn’t board the second flight the Islanders booked for him to come to Long Island – so they suspended him. Honestly, it’s a shame that that’s the worst the Isles can do to him. Because the truth is Nabokov is a self centered jackass and an unnecessary embarrassment to the Islanders, and I never ever want to see him touch the ice in an Isles uniform.

First, the Isles have endured all this embarrassment for a guy they don’t even need. Kevin Poulin proved again Tuesday night that he has the talent to be the future, and more experience in the NHL can only advance his development. Granted, Rick DiPietro’s injuries are a continued concern, but with Nathan Lawson in the AHL the Isles at least have a capable warm body to play should they need one.

Don’t get me wrong; I understand what Garth Snow was trying to do here. With the unstable health of DiPietro and the youthful inexperience of Poulin, it’d be nice to have a solid goaltender around. Also, kudos to Garth for trying to ensure that the Islanders remain at least competitive for the fans that still tune in for the rest of the season.

Unfortunately, Garth’s good intentions don’t outweigh how frustrating this entire situation is. Nabokov’s refusal to join the Isles has put the team at the top of headlines again with more bad news. His selfishness has caused the team to look, yet again, like a team NHL players don’t want to play for. He’s caused nothing but more negativity for a team that doesn’t need more negativity.

So thank the good lord the Islanders suspended him. Thankfully, now we can all sit back and know that Nabokov will spend the rest of this season freezing his butt off in Russia, where the closest he will get to the NHL playoffs is watching it on TV. As for next year, my advice to Garth is not even to bother “tolling” his contract so he has to come back. He’s a jackass, and once the Islanders are done ending this season for him, I don’t want to see him ever again.

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