Elderly NYC Couple Viciously Attacked, Robbed Of $18

Son Saves The Day But Only After Getting Beaten Up, Too

NEW YORK (1010 WINS/CBS 2/AP) — Police on Staten Island are looking for a man and woman robbery team that viciously attacked an elderly couple as they were entering their home on Sunday night.

As CBS 2’s John Slattery reports from the Tompkinsville section is the borough, it was the victims’ son who put an end to the beatings.

Joseph Naimo tells 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa that if his son hadn’t stepped in the attackers would’ve killed him and his wife

Joseph Naimo, 81, and his son, Rocco, were recovering Wednesday night from the beatings they received. Joseph’s wife, however, took the worst of the attack.

“They beat her up bad. They beat her up bad. They beat her up very bad,” Joseph said.

img 49411 Elderly NYC Couple Viciously Attacked, Robbed Of $18

Variety Store and residence of the Naimos who were mugged for $18 (Photo/Juliet Papa)

Linda Naimo, 74, is hospitalized with a broken nose, broken jaw and fractured skull, police told Police told 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa.

Joseph Naimo, who had celebrated his birthday earlier in the day, suffered only cuts and bruises, but his 49-year-old son was visibly hurt, at the hands of the male and female robbery duo, suffering a gash above his left eye, which was also blackened.

The incident happened outside the building they own on Victory Boulevard, where they’ve operated a variety store for 40 years. They’d just closed the store and were entering the door to their apartment up above, when suddenly they were attacked from behind.

“The male kept on punching us, never stopped,” Joseph Naimo told 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa. “Then when he stopped he just kept on saying, ‘Give me the money.’

“So, I took out a wallet with business cards and he reached in my pocket and took out $18,” he said.

Their son, who was upstairs, heard screaming, ran down and attempted to fight off the two intruders.

“I tried to get involved and tried to stop it. They started beating me up,” Rocco Naimo said. “They punched me continuously and hurt me.”

As for the two thugs who ran off, there were only vague descriptions. Joseph described the female assailant as “short and a little plump,” and that she wore a fur-trimmed hoody. The man was said to be around 6-feet tall.

“He’s an animal. That’s all I have to say. If it wasn’t for my son, I think he would have killed the two of us, for nothing,” Joseph Naimo said.

A police source told Slattery detectives have very little to go on, which is why they’re asking anyone who may know anything, to come forward.

Linda Naimo is being treated in an intensive care unit, in critical condition.

There is a $ 12,000 dollar reward for information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of the suspects.

If you have any information about this incident, you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS. Callers may remain anonymous.

Does this story annoy you to know end? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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One Comment

  1. ed bratz says:

    the police can only arrest the working people so courts get fine money from us, they should really try to arrest people who murder and hurt the elderly but that wont happen as those people dont have money to pay fines and will hurt the cops where as working people will pay fines , so wrong in the world now something as to be done

  2. ed bratz says:

    i am amazed the cops can only arrest the working people so they get fine money and bonds but the real people that murder and mug our older citiziens they cant get or dont have the balls to try to catch because they dont want to get hurt

  3. Vigilant American says:

    Get tough people, its gonna get worse… prepare..

  4. Pei says:

    Didn’t mayor just recently said it is safer these days? Hmm…so much for being safe as can see on this news.

  5. lula says:

    I suspect to be S Colberg and a close relative of his since the perpetrators seem colorless and he is the only one I know that is colorless.

  6. MrLogical says:

    Always remember:

    When seconds count, the police will be minutes away….

  7. MrLogical says:

    Description? Race? Ethnicity?

    How can we help if the PC police won’t disclose facts that could help identify them?

  8. BONETRAUMA says:

    Here in TEXAS this might have ended a bit different

    1. Woodsman says:

      It would almost certainly have ended differently here in Idaho as well. Those two cretins deserve no mercy. One double tap for each of them and they never harm another citizen. New York, do you need any more proof that the 2nd Amendment isn’t about hunting or the National Guard?

  9. Peter Courtenay stephens says:

    When Is New York going to move into the 21st century and honor the Constitution guarantees with concealed weapons permitting?

    1. Joe says:

      Agreed. That should be the reaction. Unfortunately, this is more likely to be used to promote cameras and the like.

  10. wow says:

    The two people who did this should be executed. They have shown that they have no respect for the lives of others, and that they are savage predators. They should be treated as such.

    1. Joe says:

      True perhaps, but they better make sure they’ve caught the right ones.

    2. moi says:

      Damn W.A.S.P.S

  11. Ahmad srawray says:

    It seems we need to look out for each other. Vigilante justice! F these muggers and criminals!

  12. bernardp says:

    The moolies are takin’ over. That anabolic dwarf of a mayor won’t be satisfied until all the thugs in NYC are licensed to carry and We the People are totally disarmed and vulnerable. The cops can’t protect you. Only you can protect you.
    Get rid of the mayor and the police commissioner.

    1. ceejay says:

      If only more people felt the way you do, there would’nt be as many victims as this society creates….

  13. Tony says:

    Well since our FBI is busy locking up apparent mob members, these things would be taken care of. Instead we have to watch innicent people beated for a few dollars. This would not have happened in the old neighborhood. The muggers would have faced justice already.

  14. Mustafa Roosevelt says:

    Where the hell was Batman??? Why didn’t he stop this???? He didn’t stop it because everyone chased him away and now he waits in hiding!!!!!

    1. MIKE S says:


  15. Crosscut says:

    Hate crime.

  16. Sal Chip Saccoccio Jr says:

    Now, here’s the REAL state of the union…

  17. raymond uk says:

    I was asked a qestion this is response to Bob K on January 26, 2011 :

    To Raymond UK: What do you do to the banksters in the UK who are caught red-handed manipulating the currency and stock and commodities markets?

    A thief is a thief rich or poor, what we do is for the most part let them off the hook,
    Why well it cost too much to keep them in our dilapidated prisons outdated laws
    Don’t do much good.
    We don’t do enough to increase the punishments, like make them work in orange
    Coveralls With prisoner written all over it, if we are talking politicians they we most
    Like give them a pay rise.
    Or a better job, or even worse send them to the United States of America to see how
    It’s done properly
    In Tony Blaire’s case we sent him off to the Middle East with the blessings of his good friend
    Mr. Bush… I hope this has answered your questions if not write to our prime minister
    He is a better lying then the last one

  18. Johnny says:

    If this were an off-duty cop, he would have fired his service weapon in self defense and would have been promoted to detective for being a hero. For everyone else, we’d have to take a beating or even worse as we have no rights when it comes to self defense.

    1. Joe says:


  19. FakeRay says:

    Not one peep from NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly about this savage attack on 3 senior citizens of New York. However if a terrorist attack occurs in Asia he’s is all over the news telling anybody with a microphone how much of a legend in his own mind he is.

    Hey Ray are you still beating the check at the Harvard Club? Or did they get tired of you mooching yet?

  20. pat says:

    Thank god NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly durring one of his numerous self serving press confrences announced that his is creating a special “Ground Zero” police detachment with 600 police officers and equipment to patrol where the Port Autority Police have jurisdiction 24 hours a day 7 days a week but cannot supply 1 cop to walk up and down Victory Blvd that maybe could of detered this SAVAGE ATTACK. It’s time for the city and the police department to get it’s priorities straight.

  21. murph says:

    this is total B.S. what about martin luther king’s dream ? we should all find peace & harmony . why can’t we just get along

  22. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

    The perps were likely born on welfare (This old couples taxes).

  23. jschmidt says:

    Some years ago the mob would have taken care of these 2 with cement overshoes. Unless someone turns them in, they’ll go unpunished.

    1. Joe says:

      No, they’ll probably commit another crime based on this previous success, and then be caught.

  24. Jared Taylor says:

    14 words people, 14 words.

    Google it

    1. al says:

      the second amendment is all i need and the God given right to self defense…God created man firearms made them equal….

    2. guest says:

      And 88 precepts. Amen, Jared.

  25. Tinaorange says:

    To harm these poor almost helpless people in this manner is horrifying; the heartless thieves need help themselves, maybe they wouldn’t be out doing this type of thing; we all need to help each other more instead of closing the doors in peoples faces, especially ones out there harming people; we all should speak up and do what we can to keep this type of thing from continuously happening, Peace to all

    1. Bob Gentile says:

      “… the heartless thieves need help themselves…”
      Help? They need PUNISHMENT. HARSH punishment.

    2. Hardday says:

      Are you nutzzz, ” the attackers need help” I’ll help inject the leathal injection, I’ll help flip the switch in the electric chair. Is that enough help for you?
      NIbba get a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. weew says:

      Your misplaced sense of compassion only perpetuates this kind of thuggery.

    4. ed says:

      why don’t you find a a ex-con, take them in, and try to help them turn their life around? That way there will be one less brainless liberal around……..becuase they will likely kill you to steal whatever you have. Mor on.change their

  26. barry1817 says:

    We should follow the example of the progressive George Bernard Shaw. He suggested that every couple of years people should explain why they are productive members of society and should be given the ability to live, and those that can’t, society should find a kind way to put them out of their misery.

    Just love those progressives.

    1. Y. says:

      Irony and reading skills is a real difficult concept for people who hang on every word Beck speaks, I’ve noticed.

      You just further prove the point, and are the walking embodiment of ignorance.

      1. Woodsman says:

        Is that all, Y? Are you sure you can’t slip some Palin and/or Bachmann blame in there as well?

    2. Joe says:

      I’m not sure whether you are being sarcastic or not. The problem is that the we have a right, not privilege, to life.

  27. exibanker says:

    I am shocked that Mr. Sharpton or Mr. Rangle were not immediately on the seen screaming out ‘ENTRAPMENT’!!!!!!

  28. Bob K says:

    I feel terribly sorry for these folks. Now, if it had been a member of the ruling class who was attacked, you can be sure every effort would be made to find the perp. When the “little people” are attacked, little action is taken by the authorities. My prayers are with the victims.

  29. John Thomas says:

    Why aren’t white people allowed to have their own countries any more?

    1. Mike says:

      Because of the Joos!

    2. SEAN-DENVER says:


    3. ed says:

      Because simple minded white trash racists like you would be too stupid to run one. I can almost visualize the official home of the president of Whitetrashia…….. a double wide surrounded by junk.

  30. Joshua says:

    I dont know why they have such a hefty reward for information, Make it an 19$ reward, and they’ll turn themselves in for the dollar profit…like the idiots they are.

  31. midi-man says:

    I wounder if the Mayor reads the 1010wins web site about crime and how it is going up.

  32. Mr Armenia says:

    DOes anyone know waht time this happened?

    1. Jerry says:

      I would check what time that their shop closed thats what they were doing so however long it took to close shop up

  33. Big Bear says:

    Five years of Martial Law and the criminal welfare class will be as extinct as the pterodactyl. Round them up in boxcars, ship them to the middle of Nevada, strip them naked and make them dig their own mass grave. See how tuff those thugs are then…

    1. Chenango says:

      Yes, Martial Law enfored as thus: “I know what you’re thinking, punk. You’re thinking ‘did he fire six shots or only five?’ Now to tell you the truth I forgot myself in all this excitement. But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and will blow you head clean off, you’ve gotta ask yourself a question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?” And then when these punks get to court, they don’t get lucky and have a judge who feels sorry for them and blames society for making them a criminal. The Inspector Callahan’s can’t overcome a politically correct justice system (Mr. Holder).

  34. Ron Reale says:

    We need to greatly expand the reasons one can receive the death penalty. I am for any one committing violence against another person. As soon as the guilty verdict comes in, Hang them outside the courthouse, and leave them their to until the body rots.
    No more second chances, no more recidivism.
    Citizens should be allowed to carry weapons, openly, in all states. The states with the most gun restrictions have the most gun crime, while the concealed or open carry states are seeing their crime drop dramatically.
    Citizens need to stand up, and vote out any anti-gun politician, also vote out any anti-death penalty politicians.
    If they don’t, they deserve to be shorn like the sheep they are.
    Ron Reale

    1. Bob K says:

      I agree with your thinking. but how long after would the state be hanging people for speaking out against those in power who are exploiting them at every turn while trampling on the US Constitution. One thing is for sure, you’ll never see a rich person on the end of the rope you speak about. Some people are more equal than others, as Orwell wrote.

      1. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

        You never created a job. Rich people hire nuts like you.

  35. Raymond uk says:

    its not just in the USA its in the uk but in the usa you have a law that when you do catch them you put them away for a long time, in the uk they get a few years and out again.. but a very sad case attacking old people .. low lifes the both of them..

    1. Joe says:

      sorry bud – catch and release happens here in the US too.

    2. Bob K says:

      To Raymond UK: What do you do to the banksters in the UK who are caught red-handed manipulating the currency and stock and commodities markets?

      1. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

        There are a lot more poor thieves than rich thieves.


    its not just in the USA its in the uk but in the usa you have a law that when you do catch them you put them away for a long time, in the uk they get a few years and out again.. but a very sad case attacking old people .. low lifes the both of them..

  37. Chenango says:

    Law abiding upstate New York residents can get carry permits. The permits are valid in all the counties and cities of New York except NYC and Long Island. In rural areas, homeowners also have other types of firearms that can be used to deter robberies. Break-ins occur but when no one is home. The thugs fear the potential of a lawful gun, especially in rural towns and on back roads. A thief has to be very bold, or completely drugged out to rob someone where carry permits are ubiquitous. Carry heat and you won’t get beat!

    1. hudstim says:

      Agree, but the dude’s 81 and legally blind. Just sayin….

      1. Chenango says:

        Good point hudstim. This crime is all the more serious when the disabled are preyed upon. There are times when able bodied citizens can’t defend themselves either. We shouldn’t need carry permits for protectiion, but then our current society has a problem with the definition of what human dignity is. Will America eventually breakdown and become like Bartertown in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome: “two men enter, one man leaves”? Two thugs enter a vestibule, one family gets assaulted and robbed?

  38. nydebater says:

    stop calling the perps nyc folks. nyc folks work hard and are forced to support inner city ghetto dwellers who come out and prey on the old and feeble. you see who they are – call a spade a spade and NOT nyc folks.

  39. Jaydee says:

    I’m sure the gentlemen are ‘aspiring rappers’ who were ‘just getting ready to turn their lives around’ and needed the money for studio time!

  40. Jim says:

    That’s why our elderly here in Texas pack HEAT!

    1. Big Bear says:

      Yep. Up here in the Inland Northwest, too. An 81 year old homeowner in Spokane shot a burglar last year. Can’t remember if he killed him but I hope so.

    2. Lou says:

      We can carry weapons in Arizona. Recently, several homeowners throughout the state have shot and killed criminals in their homes. No charges were filed.

      1. SEAN-DENVER says:


  41. The Good Samaritan says:

    If I was there I would have stopped those thugs.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

  42. polishsniper says:

    Keep putting in Liberals in power, Conceal Carry would have been an answer.

    1. Russ says:

      As long as the crooks KNOW that their victims will be unarmed, they will do things like this without having to give a second thought to ‘what if the guy pulls out a gun?’ Most of us live in states with concealed carry – where the rights of the individual are not discarded so easily.

  43. kaykay says:

    Lets set up a reward fund. If the reward is big enough, someone will turn them in

  44. Jersey Dave says:

    The Perps should be drawn and quartered. Legalize old people carrying pistols now.

    1. Texas Tom says:

      The old folks already have the “right”, the state just denies it… I agree, the perps need to be publicly humiliated in stocks, the imprisoned for awhile. They are cowards. My grandfather (long deceased) was accosted much the same way nearly 40 years ago after cashing a check at the bank.

  45. nyc says:

    If these thieves were smart, they would turn themselves in for the reward money !

  46. kevin says:

    I am oft times amazed at the lack of ability of some of you to perceive sarcasm here in this venue. Okay, for those very people; My true thoughts on these two heathen robbers are that there is no wood chipper dull enough or slow enough to process them through. I want them to feel the ripping and tearing for awhile. Thanks for those out there who argued in support of me.

    1. pointman says:

      Kevin, the problem is there are people out there just like the persona you mocked. Our government even subsidizes them. They call them the ACLU and NPR. The Democrat Party is also chock full of them.

  47. nyc says:

    Savages on our streets ! Why hurt old people ? I’m sure they would have just handed over their $18 to these thugs. In the old days ,no one would have been hurt ! Sad, Sad

    1. Dan says:

      Keep in mind that NYC has 7 million residents and is in fact safer than the next 265 largest cities in America. In fact, it is the red states where your life is in danger from crime, not NYC. NYC is today a safer place than it has ever been.

      1. Frank says:

        Sounds like Dan is a Dem.

      2. Brian says:


      3. Jeff says:

        Ummm, so Chicago is in a red state huh?

      4. John McQuillan says:

        LMAO are you serious? I’ll pray for you my misguided friend.

      5. Jim says:

        Dan in DISNEYLAND!

      6. Michael H. says:

        Dan is right. Per capita, NYC is one the safest places in the country. The numbers don’t lie, and all of you laughing at him are making yourselves look foolish.

        St. Louis, Detroit, Memphis, Oakland, Baltimore, Buffalo, Cleveland, KC, Stockton and DC are the top ten for crime rates (2009 numbers, latest ones available). New York City, while being the most populous, ranks 54th, well below cities like Tucson, Albuquerque, Dallas, Anchorage, Tulsa, etc.

        Google search “per capita crime rates by city” and look for yourself if you don’t believe me.

      7. Big Bear says:

        Ok, Dan…whatever.

      8. Manny Festo says:

        Dan, I said good bye to New York in 2006. The politicians turned NY into a hell hole of a police state. Out here in Arizona we value old fashioned freedoms and liberty. Not government expansion of power or Constitutional restrictions on an individual’s right to bear arms. What happens in a police state if the public has lost their rights to bear arms? Eventually it will become so corrupt that politicians will see themselves as rulers, and the citizenry as peons.

      9. CNW says:

        Dan sweetypie!!! You are one gullible little twerp, now aren’t you? NYC unreported crime is estimated to be greater than the next seven cities combined. Why is it not reported? Because it does no good to report a crime in NYC. Nothing is done about it. I used to live there, pumpkin. A female friend and native NY’er was mugged 7 times before she gave up her senior VP job at a major firm and got the hell out. She’s married now living very happily, safely, and is also well armed, in Alabama. NO real need to be armed because she hasn’t had anything happen since. BTW she lived in and only traveled the best parts of town. She knew the ropes, so to speak
        My life in danger in a red state? In Georgia criminals have a 50/50 chance of meeting an armed citizen rather than a professional victim.

    2. Frank says:

      Sorry Jessestone but AZ has too much garbage already and doesn’t need your ilk.

  48. steamdwarf says:

    Let’s see now (a) we make Christianity a bad word (b) we allow ‘skins’ to even be considered seriously for public viewing (c) we don’t outlaw and defund the ACLU (d) we make everyone a victim of something and unaccountable for their own behavior …yes I think we have a recipe for this barbaric and self-serving kind of behavior. Anyone is really surprised that corruption and barbaristic attitudes reign everywhere and civilization degrades? Welcome to the final days of Roman Empire revisited.

    1. Tim Munoz says:

      My friend, you nailed that.

    2. Jordan says:

      Legallized abortion is the biggest culprit in our cultural degenaration. If it is ok for a woman to pay a doctor to kill her preborn baby then it must be ok for anyone to do anything to a stranger.

    3. j. Van Holland says:

      You got the right idea,Steamdwarf !!

  49. Russ1449 says:

    Read the article stupid, they had just closed their store and were walking home which is next door.

  50. tubaman says:

    What do you expect from people who don’t have fathers in their lives,who are born to crack heads and are raised by their grandmothers who have at least five others to raise.This country is in deep trouble.Everyone should arm themselves before it’s too late.

    1. Joe says:

      How about a little compassion?

      I mean who knows, they may have been desperate and needed to add the data plan to their Verizon phone so they could get unlimited text and download videos of Puff Daddy.

      It is tough being poor these days!

      1. SteveAZ says:


      2. Texas Tom says:

        LOL!!! I can’t even afford downloads or data plans and I work!!!

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