Snow Footprints Helped NJ Cops In Thief Case

BOONTON, N.J. (AP) — Police in New Jersey say the snow helped them crack a theft case.

Authorities in Boontown told the Daily Record of Morristown that $600 worth of CDs, cash and other items were taken from two unlocked cars early on the morning of Jan. 18.

Police said they went to one of the victims’ cars and noticed fresh footprints on snow. The prints led to the doors of several cars in driveways and ultimately to the home of 18-year-old Joseph Schofield.

A police dog helped with the tracking.

Schofield is charged with burglary and theft and is being held in the Morris County Jail on bail of $15,000.

Police say the treading on his sneakers matched the footprints they followed.

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One Comment

  1. Glenn says:

    Their stupidity is what provides jobs for correction officers. Go Alex 🙂

  2. Carlos Liriano says:

    and for being stupid he should be force to stay in jail for a very long time, maybe a long time lock up will make him a little smarter

  3. Chuckling Heartily says:

    Eighteen? EIGHTEEN?! I could see that if he was eight, what a jackwipe!

    1. jtorres says:

      If he were smart, he’d be in school or get a job instead of stealing from people. The jails are not exactly full of rocket scientists. Their stupidity is what gets them there

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