NJ Dem Leader Fears Fallout From Tunnel Bill Fight

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Now that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has filed a formal appeal of the $271 million bill the federal government sent the state for canceling a new rail tunnel under the Hudson River, a prominent state lawmaker is concerned the government might withhold funds from other transportation areas to recoup money it says it’s owed.

Christie doesn’t believe the state owes a penny for canceling the planned tunnel. He argues that rising cost estimates for the tunnel and a state fiscal crisis made moving ahead with the project irresponsible.

State Senate President Stephen Sweeney worries that New Jersey could lose out on $128 million the federal government offered to credit back to help ease traffic jams once the state pays in full.

In November, the Federal Transit Administration warned the state that if the bill wasn’t paid, it could recoup the money through “administrative offset.”

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  1. Bill B says:

    Conservatives and Liberals have been living on borrowed money for generations, indeed the entire nation has for generations. MOST Americans would rather live in a country with debt and A BRIGHT FUTURE than one that has NO DEBT and is unable to COMPETE!!! I am sick of the false argument about the deficit. SO, at a time when we need investment the most, WE HAVE TO STOP EVERYTHING, and do nothing. All because some fools who live in the past want to keep us there. NO ONE is dead from taxes. WE HAVE TO CHANGE AND GROW and do both at the same time. Nothing stays the same, and there is no turning to the past. The past is HORRIFYING. Especially past leadership which set us on a path of slipping back in the world. THINGS CHANGE, as they have all over the world. if you can’t afford your way of life, make the changes you need to. NO MATTER HOW HARD, but PLAN FOR HAVING A FUTURE AT THE SAME TIME, or you will not survive. Deal with the reality, not the dream. Don’t cut off your hand to spite your face.

  2. ed says:

    A politician that finally gets it. You can’t spend money you don’t have. If everyone followed the lead of the politicians we would all be bankrupt and still charging like there is no tomorrow. Stop Spending and cut services across the board. I don’t need the government doing everything for me. And for those of you who want higher taxes to pay for all this – reach in your pocket and donate your money to reduce the public debt. I’m taxed out.

  3. Rob says:

    Christie will have this shoved right up his fat ego, his act is getting old real fast.

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