Possibly 15,000 More NYC Teachers Could Face Ax

Problems In Albany Put 'Education Mayor' In Tight Spot

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A whopping 15,000 teacher layoffs were threatened by Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Friday to deal with expected cuts in state aid to education.

But parents don’t like that one bit.

The “education mayor” may have a big hole in his school budget courtesy of the tight times in Albany.

“The scuttlebutt is that the education budget will be cut state-wide, and New York City’s share of that will be a billion dollar cut,” Bloomberg told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

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The mayor said that if the cut is that big he’ll have to get rid of 15,000 teachers — on top of the 6,000 reduction in teacher jobs already in his budget.

The cuts are so big the mayor said the only way to do it is to change the hiring system so that instead of seniority, schools can keep the good teachers and get rid of the bad ones.

“In the private sector nobody would do last in, first out. You do, you know, who are the most productive and you say to the others look it would have been nice if we could afford it but the world isn’t that way,” Bloomberg said.

If the law isn’t changed and the mayor has to lay off 15,000 more teachers it would mean:

* Firing every teacher hired in the last five years

* Many of them teaching in poor and minority communities

* At a time when there are 1,200 teachers in the system who received an unsatisfactory rating last year.

Parents said they want the mayor to join them in fighting the cuts.

“I think how powerful would it be — parents, community you people — together along with the mayor, who has great power to Albany and say we’re not accepting this,” said Zakiyah Ansari of the Alliance for Quality Education.

“It’s absolutely horrible. We need smaller classed and better teachers and more, you know. They need more money, too. It’s always the first thing to go and it’s just unfair really because children are our future,” West Side resident Kia Graves added.

Union officials said the mayor should fight to get the extension of the millionaire’s tax so the cuts wont be necessary.

“New York City has a loss of almost 5,000 educators in the last five years, class sizes have sky rocketed across the city in every grade level. If we continue to do these cuts we are going to have a catastrophic effect on children’s education and we cannot let that happen,” United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew said.

The millionaire’s tax raises up to $5 billion, but it is supposed to end this year.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has said he wants to let it sunset because he thinks raising taxes right now is counterproductive to growing the economy.

Are you worried your child might get left behind if thousands of teachers are laid off? Let us know about it in the comments section below.

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One Comment

  1. JB says:

    Fear tactics. Don’t be afraid — and it doesn’t work. If Bloomberg wants to play that game, let’s recall him. He’s not leading, he’s threatening. Should leave that to the Mafia. Our mayor is no longer OUR mayor. Maybe he never was. He makes no effort to consult with anyone who doesn’t think like him. We need to get rid of this whiny, arrogant petite tyrant.

  2. Ordinary Taxpayer says:

    Instead of taxing millionaire 5 million dollars (which would be bad for the economy), we should lay off 20,000 teachers (which would be better for the economy).
    Corrupt politicians are absolutely corrupt, and powerful politicians are corrupt absolutely.

  3. Go Away says:

    First it will be teachers, next cops and firemen. Cops with experience make more than veterans, so he will say he can hire to newbies for the price of a veteran cop. Bloomberg got to be a billionaire on the backs of the workingclass.

  4. Frances Kweller says:

    Instead of hiring more teachers, why are we looking to fire existing ones? I have yet to understand the legitimacy in that. I really feel for the students throughout New York City, as they are the ones who truly suffer as a result of all this misguided bureaucracy. .

  5. Ray says:

    Smells like an attack on workers not just unions.

    If you want to address weak teachers, or salaries then address that.

    Getting rid of seniority insinuates that all ‘old’ workers are bad. Or are they too expensive? If you’re not a billionaire (and the odds are that you’re not) then watch out: you may lose your job within 15 yrs of being with the same company. Not that it doesn’t happen now, but it might the NORM. Hey, companies have already figured out that they’re able to get workers to do about 2-3X more using FEAR.

    Careful what you wish for.

  6. Welcome to Greece & Ireland says:

    It’s common sense that the bad teachers should be the first to go but the UNION and its contract prevents this. Typical UNION BS asking to raise taxes to fund their welfare program. It’s the same game plan that the NYPD and FDNY spin. If they want to be saved then revise the glorified welfare plans called pensions and switch to a 401K. There are too many of these retirees getting close to six figures on their pensions and part of it is tax free. Do as the Mariners pitcher Meche had done. Be a real American and stop the Communist approach of UNIONS. With that said they Ivy League school mentality that destroyed the economy in the first place needs to be investigated as well and the ones convicted of fraud need to spent some real jail time and not be placed in a tennis club.

    1. HArris says:

      I agree as an educator that bad teachers are a hinderance, but what is to stop Bloomberg or anyone else from firing a teacher simply because they make too much money. You work in the school fr 25-30 years with the children, administrators and parents and tell me you don’t deserve to retire with a pension. Most of the time its not the children that are the problem, its the other two groups I listed.

    2. NYCTeacher says:

      In most cases, in which unions protection of workers only detriments a private corporation, I fully support unions. However, in education, unions protect teacher interests to the detriment of the students. This conflict of interests is one of the biggest problem in education today.

  7. DanTe says:

    I was actually thinking that firing teachers was a bad idea. But all you T ARDs seem to think so too. I can’t fight you T ARDs 100% lifetime record of imbecilic decisions. So I’ll have to side with Hitler Bloomberg this time. He’s GOT to be right if you T ARDs hate it.

    Hint T ARDs: if you find yourself in agreement with the C _the_ BS employee “nathan” in his many incarnations here, you know you need to grow a brain.

  8. Oscar the grouch says:

    Won’t it be a wonderful world when everyone is illiterate and running around with guns, raping their sisters and joining gangs. We don’t need no stinkin education! If you want out of the recession, then you must educate our future. Whether you have kids or not, they are our future. I don’t understand why the fire teachers and alays blame teachers when now a days, we have 6 superintendents rather than the one we had only 15 years ago. Superintendents make $300K+. Thats a lot of teachers and materials for the students to lose out on

    1. JR says:

      You are on the money! Here’s another example to support yours. The closing of the larger schools and replacing them with, let’s say, 4 smaller schools within the same complex. That means 4 principals salaries and, at least, 2-3 assistant principals salaries, plus additional secretaries, aides, and guidance counselors. That is a whole lot of money. In addition, several smaller high schools throughout the fiive boroughs are in buildings that are leased to the DOE. What does that add up to??? These schools often do not have no science labs, gyms, or auditoriums;therefore, these students do not have the same experiece as high schoolers in larger traditionally designed schools. Why doesn’t anyone do a cost analysis on that!

  9. getoutofnybeforeitstoolate says:

    ATTENTION AFFLUENT RESIDENTS OF NASSAU COUNTY – WONDER WHAT SIGNORE MANGANO HAS IN MIND FOR YOU – but just make sure that the busses keep running for the mexicans, especially the N6

  10. John G says:

    It is fascinating that with all the economic turmoil in this country these last few years, there hasn’t been a true, strong movement by politicians to decrease their salaries and benefits as a gesture of good faith to help the country crawl out of this almost inescapable hole. It does tell you something doesn’t it? Democrat or Republican, it’s all a lie. We have already become a Corporation-Nation where the “common man”, for lack of better phrase, has become a just a game-piece in agendas we cannot even imagine.
    As for NYC, the simple fact that we have one of the highest populations of millionaires and billionaires either living or working here, yet we do not deem to bother them and tax them accordingly in fair relation to what they earn compared to others, is a result of what was happening in the 80’s and 90’s where the rich started leaving NYC for greener (pun intended) pastures, and NYC scrambled to give them whatever they wanted to either come back, or stay.
    I feel it all comes down to what the value system of this country has become: Greed, Selfishness, Consumerism and aversion to social responsibility.

    1. Welcome to Greece & Ireland. Maybe Egypt says:

      I cannot agree more. Corporations and Politicians in bed together with some Unions as their mistress. Back in the 70’s and 80’s a CEO did not make more than todays ratio of CEO to worker pay. Its called the Reagan schuffle and the monies go upstream. These people complain about taxes but the interest alone on the monies they get they don’t even spend. Its a scam and the Politician always fall for it.

  11. Sarah says:

    With 30+ kids in a classroom after last years layoffs, WHO IS GOING TO BE TEACHING THE CHILDREN with another 20,000 layoffs???

    This is insanity.

  12. ezflyer13 says:

    Seems that as in all lines of business the only solution to a financial crisis is to decrease the size of the people who are actually working. Never do you see these people in our government decrease the amount of people in office, sitting behind their desks and mandating the lives of others. When have they reduced their salaries and gotten rid of their perks and made a difference in how they think about the public? I am still waiting for that to happen. Instead, they want to fire people to save money when it is them that have created this financial disaster. I get so tired of the daily grind where, the average worker has to carry this country and yet, we are the first to be let go. Time to reboot politics and clear the table and put in people that care enough for those who elected them and make life better for all, not just for themselves.

    1. marx engels says:

      dear ezflyer – there is nothing new under the sun

  13. socrates says:

    Marx Engels Socrates disagrees. The capitalist system is the best we have but it has to be balanced with a democratic one. There is something wrong however when 1% of the population in the US controls 90% of the wealth and property. Jerry you miss the point. There is a lot of wealth. Don’t ask the public to give up the 10% of it that they have. Tax the 1% the wealth of 90% that they have. Bloomberg- one man has about 20 billion dollars in wealth. If he gets taxed 50% that still leaves him with a measly 10. And this is only one man. There would be no economic crisis in NY. He can still go have dinner in Paris on his private jet, visit Bermuda when we are hit with blizzards and maintain some of the money he is hiding in his foreign accounts. It is funny all this started in Greece and spread to all across Europe and now the Arab world. This is what people want: Democracy, freedom and economic equality. You may be witnessing a wold wide revolution. What the super wealthy have to realize is that greed is no good. In Italy the Prime minister is a billionaire as in NY. In the past they just wanted economic power. Now they want political power to push their economic agendas. This agenda is to privatize schools hospitals prisons the military… in the name of profits. They want a united corporations of America. Who ever goes along with this (China) and lets in the American corporations is a friend. Who ever does not (Venezuela) Chavez and Russia (Putin) is the enemy. What you are witnessing is a struggle for the future of the world. Is it going to be a corporate one where the public are nothing but slaves or will government and the public win? Socrates may be dead for over 2000 years but he still sees the big picture. Socrates believes in democracy equality freedom and balance. Nothing in excess. There are many poor people in this world and getting poorer. What would Jesus say about this? What would ML King say? What would the Buddha and Gandhi say? They would say that we are all brothers and sisters and you can not have some with billions of dollars and others who are homeless and starving. They would say that you can still have rich and poor but not too rich or too poor. Mr Bloomberg you are wrong. Everything is not about profits. Stop being arrogant. Pride comes before the fall. You have a chance to be a great man. Be humble listen to Socrates. Make NYC great by giving some of your wealth that you made through people. If we would not exist you would not be wealthy. We are the reason for your wealth. You know when Alexander was crossing a dessert the Greek army ran out of water. One of his soldiers found some and presented to him in a helmet. With his whole army watching Alexander poured the water in the sand saying it is not enough for everyone. This is why he was loved. This is why he was great. Mr. Bloomberg you are drinking too much and we are all very thirsty.

    1. marx engels says:

      dear socrates – there is nothing new under the sun

    2. Some addendems says:

      Very clever speech and it’s all true. I have argued that if the wealthy just spent some of their wealth to help the economy there will not be this mild depression. The rich talk a big game but when it comes to doing they are brain dead. The other issue is the Unions and the pension time bombs. Switch to a 401K. Another is fraud done on all levels. Corporate scam and small business that do not declare all their sales yet whine. Very sad that we could fall into chaos if things do not change soon, remember Khmer Rogue? Scary!

    3. JR says:

      Indeed Socrates, well put.

  14. marx engels says:

    seize little hitler’s billions and make him pay for everything so people like me don’t have to work anymore -share the wealth – “from each according to his ability to each according to his need”

  15. Jerry says:

    It’s time for the teachers unions, all across the country to protect all their members and wake up and smell the coffee!
    Their contracts should immediately be reformed to present day economics. Plain and simple.
    Earlier contractural gains were the result of politics and better economic times. What we are seeing in France and Greece ,is us, real soon if we don’t read the writing on the wall.
    As a pre curser though all of our leglislators and Congress should take an immediate 10- 20 % pay cut as well as play by the same Social Security and health care rules as their constituents!
    Then and only then shall we have a balanced budget as well as a balanced society!

  16. jan says:

    They put a freeze on hiring teachers but principals get around it by hiring long term subs.

  17. John says:

    Get rid of parent cords who do nothing. They get paid 40,000+ for doing nothing plus they get free cell phones. Schools could hire 1 extra teacher each if he got rid of them.

    Bloomie needs to admit that some titles he created just don’t work buthe won’t admit it he just wants people to think his way is best..

  18. Himmy O says:

    Maybe birth control should be practice.

    The parents of these kids should practice birth control
    to reduce
    overcrowded schools.

    My attend public school and so do three of us kids.
    However, we moved out the city in time to the suburbs.

  19. socrates says:

    Dante, Socrates has higher degrees from Columbia University. Socrates has read Socrates Plato and Aristotle in the original ancient Greek. Socrates Knows what he is talking about. Socrates criticizes without cursing people out like you. If you want to know more about Socrates read the republic a book by Plato. It is available in English too.

    1. DanTe says:

      And yet you don’t know what Socrates Paradox is.

      Mealy mouth T ARD.

      Hint: If you have to LIE all the time, than you might, Might, just be Born Stupid.

      1. nathan says:

        And its a shame you were ever born at all DanTe. If only someone would remedy that shameful occurrence.

  20. Pete D. says:

    Too much innuendo and hearsay in these posts. Lots of “spleen venting”. I don’t necessarily like everything that Mr. Bloomberg does or says but to imply that he has enriched himself at the cities’ expense – that was what was implied, yes? – that is over the top, an undocumented accusation (how could you possibly know that?) .
    And that whole “let the rich pay” smacks of “from each according to his ability to each according to his need” and THAT is a flawed and failed philosophy.
    Get rid of the dead wood in the schools. That is a good idea. The problem is how to do that. How do we know who a good teacher is anyway? Is it someone whose classes do well on the Regent’s exams because all the kids do is prepare for those very arbitrary exams ( I remember distinctly one English Regents exam where in the poetry choice was a poem from the 15th Century, written in a style that no one has used in five hundred years – and we evaluated kids on that). Test performance tells us very little about the good teacher – the person who stimulates a thought or a habit in a child that echoes down through the years and enriches his or her life.
    Education is not a product and it’s benefits may not be as obvious as whether the stock market went up or down.

  21. socrates says:

    Mr. Bloomberg you should be ashamed of yourself. You want to get rid of senior teachers simply because they make twice as much money as younger teachers. This will destroy our schools. I am sure that next time you need surgery you will go to a young and energetic doctor fresh out of med school. In business as you are familiar they lay off experienced workers and replace the with younger ones at half the cost. We have seen the payoff of this policy and how great American industry and wall street have doing recently. It is funny how no one talks about the business model for education any more. I hear that you want to be president. You can still be something you are not at present-a great leader. Just stop lying to the people of NY and America. What you are interested in is power and profits. Stop thinking about your personal ambitions stop attacking working people and unions and serve us! Maybe we need a young and energetic mayor and school chancellor.

    1. DanTe says:

      Almost didn’t recognize you, Rodin aka The Good Samaritan aka nathan. So you C _the_ BS employees really are this stupid, huh?

      1. socrates says:

        TJ why should you pay money for health insurance you are in good health right? Why should you pay taxes for the police. You can defend yourself right? Why should you pay taxes for firefighters when chances are you will never need them. Why should you pay taxes for roads if you don’t drive? Why? It is called civilization.

  22. T.J. says:

    Why should I pay taxes to educate someone else’s kids? I have no kids! Abolish the public school system. Parochial and private schools educate children better, and a lower cost. Public schools only benefit the teacher’s union, not the kids!

    1. DanTe says:

      It is Not the education they want, T.J. They’re too stupid to learn anything. Just read the T ARDs below. All they want is your money. Plain and simple.

      They’re too stupid to make it. Even in this country with free education and social mobility. So they feel better if they can drag down everybody else into their stinking level.

      Think about it. How smart can these things be if a smelly illiterate Mexican who can’t even speak English can “steal” their job?

      1. WOODSIDE MIKEY says:


  23. DJ says:

    And that is why most of the upper class families are moving to the suburbs and the welfare families stay in NYC. Surely, that does not help the education system at all. I was a teacher for many many years and have seen the decline in the quality of the student population, I have seen the new teachers coming in hoping to make a difference and being bombastically destroyed by a system that puts obstacles in their way at every turn.
    If we are lucky enough in NYC to have millionaires (Ahem, Mr. Bloomberg), let them help the system with more taxes.
    The children are our future. Let them be from NYC. They will be grateful to pay back when they are high functioning adults.

  24. socrates says:

    No teacher should be fired. The extremely wealthy should be taxed. I find it interesting that Bloomberg says that the city has no money. Guess what- the city has a lot of money. The problem is that most of the money is in the hands of the few like Mr Bloomberg who has tripled his wealth of billions of dollars and says there is no money! What a hypocrite! People are waking up that this is an attack not only on unions and all working people as well as an attempt to destroy public services such as education in order to privatize schools. (charter schools). There is a lot of money to be made by destroying public schools in favor of private profit making schools. This is what Mr. Bloomberg is interested in money and power. In the end he will fail. His plutocracy will end and democracy will return to NYC.

    1. J. Silva says:

      All I can say is: EXACTLY!!! Thanks for this insightful comment, you’re right on point.

    2. DanTe says:

      I love this. A brainless idiot calls itself CSI. A self centered freak who never helped anyone calls itself The Good Samaritan. And now a dictatorial authoritarian who don’t even know the Socrates Paradox, calls itself Socrates. HA!

      Just one question FOOL: who are you to say that people cannot keep what they’d earned? That redistribution of wealth cr\\p has already been proven wrong by your comrads in Russia and Cuba. DOLT.

      1. socrates says:

        Socrates is not a commie he is a democrat. Don’t call him a fool. Billionaires can keep what they have and pay higher taxes too. The millionaires tax that the mayor is not in favor of would generate 5 billion dollars and avert layoffs Wake up the mayor is not interested in me or you.He is interested only in his personal power and profits. He wants to be president. Remember how the auto workers union was to blame for problems with American cars? How about the way that the steel workers union was to blame for American industry? Now most cars and steel is made abroad some by American corporations at a loss of domestic jobs and foreign worker exploitation. Chinese workers are extremely exploited by their communist government. Now they are trying to demonize the teachers and their unions. It is not going to work.

      2. DanTe says:

        Hint FOOL: do a search for Socrates. And actually TRY to learn something for once in your stinking re_ T ARD ed life.

        Reading IS fundamental. Even for a FOOL like you.

  25. Tom says:

    I can see we have our priorities straight, we need a millionaires tax cut more than educated children! After all New York has a significant number of Wall Street millionaires and we can’t expect that they forgo a tax cut to make amends?

  26. Eric says:

    I suppose education is no longer an essential service. It also seems like the so-called “education Mayor” only has teachers in his lay-off crosshairs. (and only the “high” salary ones at that!)

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