Bronx Minister Charged With Having Sex With Minor

NEW YORK (AP) — A Bronx minister has been charged with having a yearslong sexual relationship with a young girl who attended his storefront church.

Prosecutors say the Rev. Michael Clare has been indicted on first-degree rape and other charges. The pastor at Harvest Worship Center is being held on $50,000 bail. His lawyer’s name was not immediately available.

Clare was arrested in June after the girl told her family about the relationship. He was originally charged with second-degree rape, but a grand jury increased the charges Friday.

Prosecutors say the sexual relationship began in 2006 when the girl was 12 and ended when the girl was 16. They say she became pregnant at 15 and DNA evidence linked the baby to Clare.

Clare faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

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  1. Ana M. says:

    For all the parents of the students at this “Christian school”, you may know me as the spanish teacher. I would like you all to know the reason why I left this job, which is that for six whole weeks this excuse of a man decided not to pay me but instead STOLE my money. He isn’t only a SEXUAL PREDATOR but also a LIAR and a THEFT. I hope and pray that his present young wife isn’t apart of this whole mess.

    P.S. I pray to God that this Disgusting, Sick man stays in jail for good!

  2. PT FL says:

    I am praying that they lack him up and throw away the key. Where are the Holy Ghost filled believers in the churches? No body does not want o call Sin, Sin anymore. I know that save people are out there but people like Clare make it difficult for the unbelievers to come to Christ. I hope he get a dose of his own medicine in jail.

  3. FL says:

    God calls fools but he does not keep them, He called sinners to repentance, not for them to use the pulpit as a cover up. Clare has been doing this for years, but now he just get caught. He abused his first wife, he pretend to be in love with the 18 year old girl he marry after the first he mess around on his first wife. He robbed that innocent girl and left her struggling with two children while he continues to have extra marital affairs with the Church secretary, and these young children. He did not know not to play with God, God play rough? He deserved to be caste-rated.

  4. Hagar says:

    It’s sad when your children are not safe in the hands of the people we entrust them; on the other hand “he who has not sin let him cast the first stone”.

  5. Sasha Kerr says:

    My kids attends this jerk school, they did not even have the decency to tell the parents what had happen.I had to find out from people who saw the news and reconized his picture.And still i did not get a phone call or any explanation as to what is going to happen with all the money i spent in this school.

  6. Concerned Christian says:

    There is so much in the News Lately about Preachers abusing their power. Matthew 18:6. I aint Judging, I’m just praying it aint true. Either way we need to Pray. If is is true, then there is a little girl in need of counseling, and a congregation in need of help. If it’s not true, there is a man whose life, family , and careerr is being destroyed. May God Bless everyone involved. He works in Mysterious ways, and it may not look like it now, but there is a blessing somewhere in all of this.

    1. Beverly says:

      In reply to concern christian, I don’t get your point if the DNA links him to the baby what is it you’re still in doubt of. Should they release him for him to prey on other innocent girls… Children that looks up to him for guidance and help. Pastor Micheal Clare should go straight to jail 25yrs is too light a sentence for a creep like that because he knew what he was doing each and everytime he used that innocent child and make it worst he’s a man of God, he’s nothing more than a dirty filthly man who betrayed the trust of every member of his church including his wife and children I feel for them.

    2. Disgusted says:

      if this was your daughter would you be so easy on him, I dont think so

  7. KC says:

    this is very sickening to me but i am very much not surprised. me and my sister used to attend this church every Fridays and we always had lots of suspicion about him. in 2006 i was also 12 years old, so i do have a prior knowledge of whom this girl is. but i left in the fall. i am very applaud by his actions and i hope he does time!

  8. Clive says:

    Michael is a dirt bag. He was a regular at our restaurant & Bar, my brother always thought he was messing around with those girls. Michael would come to C-Cube with four, five sometimes six young girls, four to five times a week. I’ve heard them call him daddy. All you religious folks who try to explain his behavior with scripture are nuts. The church is a means for tax free money, tax payers money and women, in this case young children. I say set him free in the Bronx Zoo in one of the Big Cat’s Den and lets see if he makes it through the night.

    1. Hugh James says:

      I am just as disturbed at Michael Clare’s behavior, but I wouldnt judge all Christians, all preachers, and all churches like you do, Clive. I have been a Christian since I was 18 and also involved in church ministry and there are many true and trusted people in the church. Michael is a disgrace ( a 12 year old). He is deceptive, Maybe a psychological should be done on him…and I hope, while he is in jail, he experiences sex abuse . (Lord, forgive me for such strong feelings but I hate deceptive preachers)

  9. bogusjesus says:

    Locjk his a$$ up

  10. JOAN HILL says:


  11. Roy says:

    be strong keep praying keep your spirit hi and God will see you through

  12. sandra hyatt says:

    A lot of soul needs tobe saved in jail. What the devil menat for evil, God will turn it around fo his good and Glory. My heart goes out for that young lady. I hope he get all the help he needs.

  13. J.G (Summer camper) says:

    Dr.Michael Claire has always been suspicious to my family. He would call my sisters & I “Sexy Peggy” and give us special treat ment. The camp was broken into age groups & when we weren’t allowed to go on a trip because of our age, we’d be told by him. “You guys will go on the trip but we’re not to tell our fellow campers.” On certain occasions we were the only ones who could ride in his ’01 Toyota Sequoia. Dr.Claire also had a name for us we were “The Corsa Crew.” We we enrolled for about 3 summer and never went back.

    1. Hugh James says:

      J.G. you are smart, very wise in not going back to his summer camp. I just learned of this situation with Michael Clare. I am not surprised at all.. The first time I met him, preaching at a church I once attended (OBC), I knew he was not right and I was open with how I felt about him, but he swept many members off their feet. We are all human and not immuned from failure but what he did to a 12 year old is more than a disgrace. May God have mercy on his soul.

  14. Jonathan Roque says:

    The church is a community of sinners. Oftentimes what we see in the world is the same thing we see in the church. we should not judge all churches or ministers by this act.

  15. tubadrmolly says:

    At least he did not kill her.
    Wanna make me envy or what?

    1. Sandra Brown says:

      He did kill her spiritually.

  16. nyc says:

    What is it with these religious zealots ? Maybe God tells them sin is ok for them !

    1. Beverly says:

      Because he did not kill her then what you’re saying is that it’s alright what he did to that child, well Tobadmolly you’re just as monsterous as he is… Shame on you maybe you’re his partner in crime….

  17. Ruth says:

    My son went to his summer camp and he was the sweetest. I am in shock. This is why i always say ” don’t preach God’s word if you are not going to be an example”. I am so sorry to hear this…

  18. Dumba Merican says:

    If true, then quite disturbing. Sick. Disgusting.

    Strange, though. His MySpace page is still active (MySpace & Facebook pull those pretty quick) … and it is a little creepy … quite a few pics of younger girls as fans of his. Probably doesn’t help his credibility. His mood is listed as “exhausted”. Now is that from all the legal problems he’s now facing -or- did one of his young female friends just tire him out?

    1. Studs Testre says:

      He also states he is younger than he is by 5 years or so on the MySpace Page–which I have been monitoring for years coz we know this guy would sooner or later outwit himself…

  19. sawney bean says:

    This is horrible. I hope he gets the maximum sentence.

    1. Sandra Brown says:

      I hope he do go to jail, there are a lot of souls in jail needs to be saved. What the devil meant for evil, God will turn it around for his good and glory. I wish him all the best… I hope he get all the help he needs.

    1. sawney bean says:

      You said it!!

    2. Studs Testre says:

      What did the pigs do to you? Don’t insult them.
      If you know Michael as well as i do you would not drag the pigs in the mud like that…

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