Thieves Turn NJ Mall Into Drive Thru

ELIZABETH, N.J. (CBS 2) – A gang of thieves turned a New Jersey Mall into a drive thru on Thursday morning.

Police said the thieves removed hinges from the doors at Burlington Coast Factory at the Jersey Gardens Mall where they drove through the opening towards a jewelry store they intended to rob.

A maintenance worker spotted the men and called police. That’s when detectives said the robbers got back into their car and drove out the same way they came in.

The incident remains puzzling to everyday shoppers who wouldn’t dream of doing something as crazy as this.

“Crazy, it’s ludicrous. To think of doing something like that and think you’re going to get away with it too? That doesn’t make sense,” shopper Kim Landers said.

The robbers didn’t get anything at the jewelry store, but they may have struck a second time.

Investigators said thieves drove a truck through a Toys R Us store down the street, stealing electronics and possibly some cash.


One Comment

  1. vincent martin says:

    Dame all the bichin about all da mizzspelled woards ya asspect more froma boonch of Right Wungers dey spellz fine

  2. Abe Benesch says:

    Wasn’t this shtick done in the move “The Blues Brothers” ??

    1. Steve M. says:

      Yeah, but at least they picked up the Cheese Wiz…

  3. Hornet Montana says:

    The robbers DID “coast” to victory, though.

  4. stoneman says:

    A third grader can spell better than these people.

  5. Patti says:

    This article is cleverly written, but PLEASE edit more carefully.

  6. Dumba Merican says:

    Another poorly edited story by CBS. Come on guys, this is not brain surgery.

    “Burlington Coast Factory at the Jersey Gardens Mall”

    No, Burlington does not sell “coasts” – they sell coats!

    Next time try Burlington Coat Factory.

    This may seem nit picky, but this happens on almost every article!

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