Strawberry On WFAN: Don’t Count Mets Out

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Don’t tell Darryl Strawberry that the Mets have no chance this season.

According to the former superstar, New York can contend in 2011.

“Its a new year, every year is a new year. I mean, come on, look at who won the World Series. Nobody thought the Giants would have won,” Strawberry told WFAN’s Boomer & Carton on Monday morning.

“So, anything can happen. It’s a matter of how things go and who stays healthy.”

Fred and Jeff Wilpon announced on Monday that they will “explore” the possibility of selling 20-25% of their stake in the Mets. Strawberry hopes they don’t end up selling any more than that.

“I hope not, because the Wilpons are a good family,” said Strawberry. “They definitely want to get back into the winning circle, and I believe they have a chance.”

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pixy Strawberry On WFAN: Dont Count Mets Out
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  1. yankmees suk says:

    huge met fan but lets get to the yankmees no 5 number 1 starters lets see them finish out of the playoffs unless cashman that hand job fleeces another team for a number 1 starter and where the hell did randy levine come from hey randy your only athletic exp is a bowel movement iso shove it

  2. seaver41 says:

    met fan sibe 1970 you got to bereive wilpons doger lovers please get a clue call the steinbrenners

  3. Why Shaggy says:

    When I start listening to Strawberry it’s over not only for the Mets but for everybody…………

  4. Bellerose says:

    What is Straw smokin’? We are doomed until the Wilpons sell. They are bad seeds and until they are gone all I have is the football Giants. Boycott the Mets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. joseph devine says:

    i have been a met fan since 1964 . i am very loyal in supporting this team.even when shea stadium opened in 1964 i never left supporting this team. i also cut out of school on april 8 1965 on a me it was better than the there are 3 words to say lets go mets

  6. dico j. says:

    “over the rainbow”……where dreams come true.

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