Slippery Sidewalks Becoming A Hazard In N.J.

If You Thought Tuesday Was Bad, Wait Until Wednesday

HOBOKEN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — If you had to go outside in this mess Tuesday, you watched your step. If you have to go out on Wednesday, you may want to be even more cautious

The iced-over sidewalks got Rohan Chatterjee as soon as he walked out of his door, not once but twice.

“I’m clumsy to begin with so that just doesn’t help at all,” Chatterjee told CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown.

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The first seven snowstorms of the season were challenging enough — including hiking through mounds of snow — but now the eighth is expected to drop a new weapon – ice, up to a half an inch or more in some places.

“Ice skating rink — that’s what they’re saying it’s gonna be like,” one resident said.

“Oh it’s gonna be a mess tomorrow. I think it’s gonna be really slippery, so be careful,” resident Carrie Burrows said.

Sound Off: Have You Slipped On The Ice Today?

Trying to keep yourself upright on the sidewalks can be tough enough, but if you happen to have an extra helper or two it can be very dangerous.

“Umm … he controls me more like it,” Chris Mackin said of his dog.

Mackin and his pup, Jackson, made it around the block with just one slip-up that Brown saw.

“I’ve gone pretty close to falling a couple times,” Mackin said.

Work crews are scrambling to stay ahead of the one-two-punch storm.

“Pretty slippery, actually, but we’re doing the best we can,” sidewalk shoveler James Richardson said.

And commuters said they know that what they were battling Tuesday was only going to get worse.

“They’re pretty bad this morning. They haven’t been so bad the past couple weeks, but, yeah, this morning’s really, really slick,” resident Stephanie White said. “I’m not wearing the best boots but I caught myself so fingers crossed.”

“Tomorrow’s going to be a journey getting to work,” one resident said.

“Ice skating rink, that’s what they’re saying it’s going to be like,” another said.

New Jersey opened an emergency operations center to coordinate the response to the storm.

Almost fall on your face? Have a warning about a certain sidewalk in the Tri-State Area? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. Gronx DeLuxe says:

    @ Joel Veliz

    Joel, this is one way to deal with this situation. The police simply don’t have the manpower to deal with this, so what is needed is some of what one could call “environmental incentive”. Here’s what you do: You “slip”, and at the same time smash your fist into the car to break your fall. Any witness will see you slip, and blame the ice. If the guy calls the cops, they will blame him for his car impeding the sidewalk. If enough people do enough cars, they will figure this out!

  2. joel veliz says:

    People park cars in driveways blocking half the sidewalk. The other half of the sidewalk is the sloping one. When it’s slipery, you have to move to the street! These car owners only think of their comfort. They do not care about someone getting hurt. And why is it that the police do not notice this problem?

  3. Uncle Kermit says:

    ice is slippery

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