DA: Portuguese Journalist Castrated With Corkscrew

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — A Portuguese model accused of killing a celebrity TV journalist in a hotel admitted to brutally attacking him for more than an hour — castrating him with a corkscrew, stabbing him in the face, slamming a computer monitor into his head and stomping on his face, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Renato Seabra, 21, remained silent at his arraignment in Manhattan State Supreme Court. His lawyer entered a not-guilty plea on his behalf.

Court papers presented by prosecutors detailed the statement that police said Seabra gave to investigators after the Jan. 7 death of well-known Portuguese journalist Carlos Castro while the two were vacationing in Manhattan.

The account depicted an argument in a hotel room that turned vicious and escalated into a prolonged frenzy — with Seabra first choking his companion, then stabbing him with a corkscrew in his face and groin. Seabra also admitted to hitting the 65-year-old Castro on the head with a computer monitor and stomping on his face while wearing shoes, the papers said.

After the attack, Seabra told police, he showered, put on a suit and left. When he ran into a friend of Castro’s as well as her daughter, he at first refused to answer questions about Castro’s whereabouts but then said he was in the hotel room and gave them the room number: 3416. He then left the InterContinental New York Times Square hotel, wandered around the city and eventually got into a taxi that took him to St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, the papers said.

The city medical examiner has ruled Castro died of head injuries and strangulation. Castro’s ashes were later scattered in Times Square.

Defense lawyer David Touger said after the hearing that he and his client planned a “vigorous defense” and hoped for a positive outcome, though he would not elaborate. Seabra will remain in custody at Bellevue Hospital until the parties return to court March 4 for motions.

Friends in New York have said Castro and Seabra were a couple. But Seabra’s mother told Portugal’s TVIndependente television network that her son isn’t gay and “was not Carlos Castro’s lover.”

Seabra was a contestant last year on a Portuguese TV show called “A Procura Do Sonho,” or “Pursuit of a Dream,” which hunts for modeling talent. He didn’t win the show but did get a modeling contract with an agency founded by fashion designer Fatima Lopes, who developed the show and was a judge on it.

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  • Charles

    Sounds like a normal night in LA.

    • jbw

      Um, yeah….Central Park is in NY…..where this actually happened

      • Tingles

        Charles can’t help it. He’s geographically challenged. Kind of like Chris Matthews.

    • CloseMindedlikeU

      @jbw & Tingles

      did either of you stop to consider that Charles was simply stating that this NYC crime “sounds like a normal night in LA”?

      no! you geniuses automatically ASSume he’s “geographically challenged”
      perhaps Charles isn’t the “challenged” one here.

  • A. Cooper

    Yeah? Let’s see someone do the same thing to one of your loved ones and then hear the song you sing then. This Mo is should be sent up to Sing Sing and serve as a party doll to all the bubba’s up there. You can handle his appointment calender.

    • nightwriter

      Wow… anderson cooper… did you take that personally or what????

  • F. Kruger

    Ha ha ha! You are a laugh a minute. This closet queen doesn’t know he’s gay yet and watch out with that shnoze! It’s only gonna get bigger as he gets older. What a mo! “I’m not gay. I’m just a “model”.” Yeah, right and you just happen to love Barbra Streisand, musicals and multi-colored flags. Put him in Pelican Bay and get him a real boyfriend who can appreciate that long nose and let’s see how he models his new jumpsuit.

  • Sal

    Gay bashing? No. Bashing gay? Yes. He probably watched too much “Bring a Gun” Obama.

  • mjazz

    Sarah Palin made him do it.

  • sydney

    Divine love flowing through you draws to you everything that is necessary to make you happy and your life complete.
    May love and compassion fill our lives

  • traci

    It’s tough trying to make it in show businesswhen you’re young and beautiful , rich disgusting people offering to make things easier for you and constantly pushing you for sex,.It’s a sad game

  • Doofy T. Jones


  • TorJ

    Sign this guy up for the military!

  • Susan


  • Oregonpapa

    Man ‘O Man … talk about a hissy fit!

  • gskuc

    Any link between Carlos Castro’s last name and what was done to him by his killer? Just sayin’….

  • Jethro

    “But Seabra’s mother told Portugal’s TVIndependente television network that her son isn’t gay…”
    Has his Mom looked at him lately?

    • Bert

      He’s not…but he’ll sure hold one in his mouth until a gay man arrives to take over.

  • edfwsetwewe

    eye for an eye should be used here

  • GunThug

    Not sure who to blame here, oh what the Hell It’s Sarah Pailin’s fault.

    • Big Bear

      It’s Bush’s fault!!

      • Bert

        I don’t think either one of them cared for bush.

    • MalcomY

      Cheney’s fault

      • POTUS

        Halliburton’s fault! And Rush’s. Oh, and Beck’s too.

    • Joltin' Joe Biden's Left Nut

      And the TEA Party. Don’t forget the TEA Party!

  • Whatever

    If this was a woman mutilated, you brainwashed sheep would have sympathy. Enjoy your so-called freedom why you have it. The new dark ages are coming and you will all be slaves. You are all ignorant, feminized sheep….

    • Caitlin

      Don’t be stupid. This is a particularly savage crime, and gender doesn’t matter. This young man brutally murdered an elderly man half his size and 3 times his age. He has NO defence, and should be imprisoned for life.

      • Hank

        Let that be a lession to all you chicken hawks.

    • nightwriter

      oh, please…. spare me the politically correct BS! When the dark ages get here, the non-breeders will be the first to go!

  • DumbDave

    If it isn’t about Charlie Sheen, it isn’t newsworthy.

  • tom

    I don’t really care about actors or actresess being castrated one or many. They promote a lot of weird, strange things on TV. If tommorow , there are all of holiwood people be catrated of died in any circuimstances, I care less about it

    • heatherfeather

      Hear! Hear!

  • bigdog

    he may not be gay now (LOL), but he will be after about a week as a guest of the NY State pennitentiary system.

  • Rick P

    There are many setups like this. Young handsome guys girls using an older persons desire for them to get things, and go for the ride. Many times they can sleep in the same room/bed, joke about sex and such but wont go any further than that. I know it’s shallow but that’s how that life works. Each one knows what they are getting. The model had no business letting this old man develop feelings for him. I know first hand many setups like this. They usually end up in a blowup. I have a feeling the older guy pushed him for sex to far, and the kid flippped (honestly who wouldn’t) but again each one was using the other.
    I’m pretty sure the model wasn’t gay. The fact that he flipped and murdered someone, it sounds like the pressure to have sex over time built up coupled with an existing mental issue apparently. I bet the mother wishes her son was never discovered. Ah the price of fame……

    • mrboots

      You’re an idiot.

    • Jeff in LA

      “The model had no business letting this old man develop feelings for him,” you write, as if one person has the power to control the emotions of the other. Then you blame the victim with the worst kind of conjecture. Please don’t have children.

      • Model X


  • Al D

    Ben Dover meets Eileen Dover.

    • Jack Hoff

      And her Japanese aunt, Irene Dover

  • Bellah

    The Devil made him do it.

  • Corporal Klinger

    Maybe he can join the Army to avoid prosecution?

  • Sugar Lennon

    Why is this news?

  • Tacitus7

    Don’t really know, but clearly Castro desired Renato’s beautiful body far more than any attraction that could have existed going the other way. Castro may have somehow assaulted Renato, who then overreacted. At 21, one doesn’t necessarily know how to handle emotions like this. I’m not defending a murder, but I am not convinced that the killing was premeditated.

  • Billy Congreve

    Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a gay male model outed.

  • xtrasystole

    I am sure the cutie will make plenty of friends amongst his fellow inmates…

  • imarko

    shame on all of you. grow up and stop acting like stupid children. i’m sure your mothers would be proud.

    • J. Smith

      My mother wouldn’t give a damn… why do people care what their parents would say anyhow? Is this Catholic shame? We are adults… not children.

  • maryh


  • Michael P Coleman

    this should happen to pedophiles, and rapists.

    • heatherfeather

      Pray for Martial Law. It WILL happen then.

  • Hugh Dame

    Actually, by their fruits and nuts…..

  • Valley Bum

    You can deny god but sadly he will then deny you when it really counts.

  • sandy

    you are so stupid, ignorance prevails

  • Hugh Jorgan

    So…before Jesus was born there was no evil in the world?

    • John Knight

      Of course there was we just didn’t call it evil then.

    • Capt America


  • Paul E

    I t is clear that all lap top computers and shoes need to be registered.

    • Bryan

      And we have a winner.

  • Joslin

    Oh gosh! what is this? In my country he be called an “Auntyman”…I mean the oler guy.

  • James Stutsman


  • Petrock

    Why glorify it?

    Its a murder, who cares why. Toss him in slammer. A a few decades with “bubba” for a roomate would seem humorously appropriate.

  • Saul of Tarsus

    Brought to you by Westboro Baptist Church.

    • RobinHoodMenInTightly

      Thanks for the plug.

      You can’t buy adverts like this…

  • yak!

    Bushes Fault!

  • Ike

    Am I the only person thinking about Zoolander right now?

    • Capt America

      No, now I am thinking of Zoolander as well. Excellent observation my friend.

  • Mike

    Since he did this to his “companion”, New York will let him out in a few years. Of course, had the perp been a WASP, it would have been a hate crime and they’d have given him life.

    • Rich

      Yes because there is sooooo much anti-Portuguese sentiment in this country. Seriously, just because they speak a latin based language doesnt give white europeans the right to play the race card.

  • Larry

    Castro got castrated.

    • Eric


  • Larry

    Male models can be psycho killers too.

  • Garr Obo

    Global warming caused it.

  • mrboots

    did he put it in like it was a cork and then pull? Yeeeoooowww

  • Bill

    He probably strangled him with a feather boa.

  • Barney

    This is George Bush’s fault.

    • Wizzid

      No, Sara Palin!

      • Conservative101

        Wrong again, Michelle Bachmann!!

      • B. Frank

        Wrong Michelle. It was Aunt Esther and the sight of another WWF belted cardigan that pushed him over the edge. Not a good look at the clubs.

  • Armed Texan

    Liberals Gone Wild!

  • skielark

    That young man be curazee.

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