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DA: Portuguese Journalist Castrated With Corkscrew

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — A Portuguese model accused of killing a celebrity TV journalist in a hotel admitted to brutally attacking him for more than an hour — castrating him with a corkscrew, stabbing him in the face, slamming a computer monitor into his head and stomping on his face, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Renato Seabra, 21, remained silent at his arraignment in Manhattan State Supreme Court. His lawyer entered a not-guilty plea on his behalf.

Court papers presented by prosecutors detailed the statement that police said Seabra gave to investigators after the Jan. 7 death of well-known Portuguese journalist Carlos Castro while the two were vacationing in Manhattan.

The account depicted an argument in a hotel room that turned vicious and escalated into a prolonged frenzy — with Seabra first choking his companion, then stabbing him with a corkscrew in his face and groin. Seabra also admitted to hitting the 65-year-old Castro on the head with a computer monitor and stomping on his face while wearing shoes, the papers said.

After the attack, Seabra told police, he showered, put on a suit and left. When he ran into a friend of Castro’s as well as her daughter, he at first refused to answer questions about Castro’s whereabouts but then said he was in the hotel room and gave them the room number: 3416. He then left the InterContinental New York Times Square hotel, wandered around the city and eventually got into a taxi that took him to St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, the papers said.

The city medical examiner has ruled Castro died of head injuries and strangulation. Castro’s ashes were later scattered in Times Square.

Defense lawyer David Touger said after the hearing that he and his client planned a “vigorous defense” and hoped for a positive outcome, though he would not elaborate. Seabra will remain in custody at Bellevue Hospital until the parties return to court March 4 for motions.

Friends in New York have said Castro and Seabra were a couple. But Seabra’s mother told Portugal’s TVIndependente television network that her son isn’t gay and “was not Carlos Castro’s lover.”

Seabra was a contestant last year on a Portuguese TV show called “A Procura Do Sonho,” or “Pursuit of a Dream,” which hunts for modeling talent. He didn’t win the show but did get a modeling contract with an agency founded by fashion designer Fatima Lopes, who developed the show and was a judge on it.

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One Comment

  1. jerseyjoey says:

    ONLY in NYC, HAHA bunch of hoagie smoking smucks, better yet the press gave this story the time of day, think the staten island ground hog is more worthy of press time.

  2. Jim Messina says:

    Sounds like global warming. Thanks AlGore.

  3. dtom1955 says:

    Castro Castrated By Gay Lover
    What soever a man sows, that also he shall reap.

  4. Chaz54 says:

    Man, what ever happened to “I am going to scratch your eyes” or “I am gonna slug u in the back”????? This guy may well miss his ride ion the float n the LGBT Pride Parade coming soon to your neighborhood…unless he can resurrect Johnny Cochrane who could pull an OJ out of a hat for him.
    I like China’s version…a 9mm in the back of the head and send the bill for the bullet to the family.

  5. Rill Muricin says:

    Wingnut drudgebots spend every waking moment bitter and defensive that they voted (TWICE God help them) for the most spectacularly disastrous president in American history. That’s quite a burden to carry but considering all the tremendous damage their gullibility and ignorance has caused this great nation they’ve earned that heavy millstone.

    1. Gus says:

      Rill Muricin : Your Obama is much better…….lol!

      1. Gus says:

        Rill Muricin : Liberals will be the death of this great nation.

    2. Chaz54 says:

      Rill…u appear to have the capacity to type things with your eyes closed. Obama is not the answer…he is gong to be a one and done guy that will make Pres Bush look pretty darned good.
      See u in Nov 2012

    3. dandywarhol says:

      hey, moron…dow under bush, 8000…dow under obama, 12000…worst terrorist attack in nations history…yeah, thats right bush…worst financial meltdown in history, right again BUSH ! stuidest war ever…BUSH…need i go on…i can keep going if you want…prescription drug plan, war in afghanistan…you conservatives are a bunch of loons…you drink the kool-aid every day and have destroyed this country with hate and vitriol

      1. idsandy says:

        October 9, 2007 14164 New all time high on the Dow.

      2. Steve says:

        Drink the kool aid every day? If it wasn’t for fox news we would all be liberal idiots like yourself. A party that promotes sitting on your ass and living on others money
        is going to help this country? You really think that? Get a job spelling wizard!

  6. Observer says:

    I blame Sarah Palin and the Religious Right.

    1. johnny says:

      Glad to see you’re spending your every waking moment reading our comments.
      Obsessed much?

    2. Tom says:

      Observer: I agree, I also blame Sarah Palin and the Religious Right for these damn snow storms and for the leaky sink in my bathroom.

    3. Just4thefax says:

      Observer is stuck on stupid like the rest of the D-baggers!

  7. caroline says:

    Jail will be tough for this one….

    1. Rick says:

      No…. he’ll be VERY popular in the pen.

      1. H5th says:

        You’re both right.

  8. Tyrone says:

    A hate crime? or is it OK, like racist jokes from George Lopez?

  9. BuBu says:

    The only truth that we all know about this crime is that Sarah Palin made Bush do it and Bush made Obama do it and Obama made Sarah Palin do it…and dat’s dat!

    1. Joltin' Joe Biden's Right Nut says:

      Oooooh, a circle jerk.

      1. BuBu says:

        Actually, it’s not really a bona fide circle jerk…But replace the name Sarah Palin with Michelle Obama, and then you’ve got a circle jerk…or a reach-around…

    2. Steve says:

      As usual, it was Bush’s fault and Sarah and the Tea Party’s rhetoric!

  10. G I Joe says:

    From my point of view the message and lesson that the young man is sending is clear: same lesson that the Italian designer was taught a few years back, outside of his mansion in Florida.

  11. Ramius Maximua says:

    LMAO.. Im taking that one with me!!! Retro Active Abortion

  12. John Steele says:

    It was Bush’s fault.

    1. Boogeyman says:

      –or Halliburton’s. Maybe Cheney’s too.

    2. John C says:

      Agree – Bush is the main reason for the motivation.

      1. Bert says:

        I don’t think either man liked bush.

  13. OldSparkyAwaits says:

    Bring back the electric chair. Justice demands it. The sexual perversions of these two men are irrelevant.

  14. missy says:

    Sounds like gay bashing to me.

  15. el polacko says:

    such juvenile and hateful comments on this stoty ! a man was brutally murdered and the prepetrator has ruined the rest of his life as well… and all you can think to do is to make off-color jokes ?? shame on all of you. should you happen to share the fate of either of these men, it won’t seem so funny to you then.

    1. Chaz says:

      What’s a “stoty?” Is that a gay slur? You HATER!

    2. Stone says:

      Oh, el polacko, thank you for the advice. I now know not turn gay, castrate an old gay man and bludgeon him to death just to be sure that I won’t have to share the fate of murderous gay man. Phew… that was a close one.

  16. Doug Onesko says:

    I don’t see a crime here.

    1. Moxie says:

      Thank you Fabian for having one yourself.

    2. JDoe says:

      Wait , I’m confused…..was the young gay guy upset over the old gay guy’s

      unhealthy eating habits, so he killed him ?

      Fabian, I didn’t read that in the story….think you might have your boards confused.

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