NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Some New York City parents were outraged at Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to keep schools open on Wednesday.

A thick coating of ice made getting around very hazardous and, in some areas, nearly impossible, but it wasn’t enough to cancel schools – a decision that left some parents furious, reports CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown.

“It’s a big risk for us. If anything happens to them, any injury, any fracture, who’s going to take care of them, Bloomberg?” Woodside, Queens resident Ruby Qureshy said. “Nobody’s going to take care, the moms have to take care.”

Instead of a snow day, kids, teachers and parents sloshed their way to class.

“I fell like seven times, over and over, especially when crossing the streets,” sixth grader Momina Fazal said.

“It’s all icy, so I slipped when I was crossing the street,” Jaylima Karmachrye, also in sixth grade, said.

In Woodside, a tree snapped under the weight of icy branches, crushing the hood of a car and trapping a school bus full of children behind it for more than an hour.

“They are okay, we have heat on the bus,” bus driver Pat Leo said. “We called the office, and they are sending another bus for us.”

Teachers said there is still concern that falling branches will make Thursday dicey as well, particularly if some schools lose power.

Even with all the snow, classes at New York City schools have been cancelled only once so far this winter – last Thursday.

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