ENGLEWOOD, N.J. (CBS 2/1010 WINS) — Based on CBS 2HD’s Mobile 2 tours throughout our region, road crews seemed to performed admirably in the face of yet another storm. However, isolated pockets of dangerous black ice remain, which can cause big problems for traction-challenged commuters.

Cabbies say pot holes are turning the city into a dangerous obstacle course

“You can spin out in a heartbeat. You know, you never know with black ice, so I’m concerned about accidents happening,” said Matt Faivre of Tenafly, NJ.

Multiple accidents have been reported, with jackknifed big rigs and SUVs involved.

Pedestrians also must be cautious as the hazards are not limited to the roads. Slippery sidewalks threaten to bring you to the ground without warning warrant. For more information about keeping safe in icy conditions, check out our ice storm safety guide.

“This is dangerous. I had to walk in the street and almost got hit by a car,” said Ruby Whitfield of Bensonhurst.

Even though yesterday’s ice storm created dangerous conditions, it also gave area residents a chance to marvel at some of the beauty of the spectacle. That said, commuters nonetheless groused about slow and disrupted service along some parts of the rail system during the storm.

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