Trends: Carrie Underwood’s Grammy List Plays On

(CBS Music Staff) – She may only have six years in the spotlight behind her, but Carrie Underwood is an old hand at the Grammys. Her latest nomination is for “Temporary Home” in the Best Female Country Vocal Performance category.

With an impressive array of wins in the past, can Underwood make this another lucky year? Trends looks at her scrobbles and previous performances to find out. Trends: Carrie Underwood’s Grammy List Plays OnSince winning Best New Artist in 2006, Underwood has garnered a whole host of nominations and five wins – including Best Female Country Vocal Performance three times in a row. With such a strong start, it’s not surprising that “Temporary Home” isn’t yet in her top ten tracks on – but its Recent Trend shows a solid following.

Previous winner “Before He Cheats” is her most popular track with 1,003,245 scrobbles from 173,978 listeners, winning both Best Female Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Song in 2008. Her list of accolades may be lengthy, but this year’s nomination is likely to mean a lot to Underwood: it’s the first time she’s been nominated for a song she’s co-written. Trends is bringing you profiles and news for all nominees in the run up to the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards. Don’t forget to catch the ceremony on February 13th at 8pm on CBS. Trends: Carrie Underwood’s Grammy List Plays On Trends: Carrie Underwood’s Grammy List Plays On Trends: Carrie Underwood’s Grammy List Plays On Trends: Carrie Underwood’s Grammy List Plays On Trends: Carrie Underwood’s Grammy List Plays On Trends: Carrie Underwood’s Grammy List Plays On Trends: Carrie Underwood’s Grammy List Plays On b Trends: Carrie Underwood’s Grammy List Plays On


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  1. Lori says:

    Oh, the jealousy abounds on here. Carrie Underwood is her own story and her own talent.

    Quit trying to downplay her singing ability – and just enjoy the fact that this wide world can tolerate and SUPPORT multiple artists.

    Carrie Underwood is solid, tried and true by now. And if you have gone to one of her concerts you are in for a treat. She does not disappoint. She belts it out of the park and sings from the heart. She may retire to raise a family someday soon – but her talent and her significance on the worldwide music scene is FOREVER.

    Deal with it.

  2. Amber says:

    I have to admit, Carrie getting dumped by her label was SHOCKING!! Miranda Lambert, while better than Taylor Swift, neither one WILL EVER be as good as Carrie. They know it, everyone else knows it….and the awards shows are turning into a joke. Never watched the grammy’s because they put on there mostly junk, and ACM not even considering Carrie for EOTY was horrible!! I hope and pray Carrie wins BFV and for the love of God ANYBODY ELSE win EOTY except Taylor Swift!!!

  3. Ben says:

    They Carrie fans got caught cheating! LOL

  4. CountryMusic says:

    Mama’s song only got tp #56 on the hot 100! That is not very good for a so called star!.It looks like she is done in the music business and will now try acting!

    1. puggle10 says:

      The song hit #2 on Billboard Country, just missing her 14th CONSECUTIVE #1 song… country artists do not usually do well on Hot 100 (superstars like Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Underwood, Rascall Flatts, etc.) but hit #1 all the time on the other billboard chart… you must know about music in general or have bad taste to negatively comment on Carrie who sings and performs miles above almost any other country artist around… that is a fact.

  5. Lisa says:

    Carrie was never as big as Taylor Swift is right now! Carrie has not won a Grammy for 2 years in a row bye her self and this year will make 3 years in a row now! She is done in country music!

    1. Briana says:

      Lisa you are a joke, TS can’t sing her way out of a bottle!

  6. Tim says:

    Carrie Underwood is washed up! She taking time off she say’s? That is a nice way of saying she is washed up are her last album did not do very well and her concerts were on half full! = Washed up!

    1. robbie says:

      You are wrong and a fool — I bet a Miranda Lambert fan… the most overrated, overhyped, AVERAGE singer/performer in country music today. Her label BOUGHT her success/awards.. you will see a gradual drop in her sales and fan base as she just does not have that superstar quality of the talent to back it up. Carrie had the best year of any country female artist. With 3 #1’s, sold out arena tour (1M+ tickets), PLAY ON 2x platinum, TV and Movie appearances, Golden Globe nom, etc… no one can touch her. ACM is a joke now… the EOTY win this year is hollow and fake.

  7. rob says:

    ACM has actually violated their own EOTY voting criteria/rules on their website. ACM should nominate up to 8 nominees, and 7 if a ite for 8th place nominee. ACM voted 7 nominees last year, but snubbed their 2-time reigning champion (Carrie) to ONY NOMINATE 6 ARTISTS TO KEEP CARRIE FROM WINNING. This is wrong, and makes the ACM award not valid or real since Carrie coudl have easily won the award for having the best 2010 than any other artist across the board. I have asked ACM to revise and reissue their nominee list, they could do this, why not? why not make this right and valid for the fans and industry? its not too late to make this change and rightfuly include Carrie Underwood. agree??

  8. Raylen says:

    Carrie Underwood is one of the best singers in country music today and I think she deserves all the attention she is getting. I also think this nomination should mean a lot to her because she co-wrote “Temporary Home”. Carrie Underwood deserves this award so I really hope she gets the Grammy for Temporary Home

  9. JOYCE says:

    I love the song and think Carrie Underwood has the best voice in country music. She should have been nominated for EOTY for ACM & CMAs. I will not watch either show. She should win a Grammy Award for TH.

  10. John says:

    Carrie can sing circles around everyone, and Nashville knows it!! So her own label gives her the shaft!! That’s the only way they can beat her. The girl they put in her place, is barely starting to headline! Carrie won’t say a word tho’, she will just keep on singing those glorious notes!
    Temporary Home is truly a Grammy song! Carrie sings it with all of her heart and soul!!

  11. Mike says:

    I guess the CBS Music people can just write whatever they want to write without checking it out. Also, I will not be watching the ACM awards this year because they failed to noninate the only female that actually deserves the EOTY award. Miranda Lambert and Taylor Swift? You’ve got to be kidding. On their best day they couldn’t come close to Carrie’s worst day.

    1. Briana says:

      I will not be watching either, what a shame they do it for support , rather than talent. They just messed up their credit with me. Of course they want carrie fans for standings and viewing , well I think they lost too many and too much this year. Awards should be about talent, not as a support award!

  12. Ty says:

    I love this song. The lyrics and Carrie’s delivery is outstanding. I hope she winns a grammy for this song as it has touched a lot of people. It is too bad that she is not nominated for more at the Country Music Awards in April. Rumor is that she was snubbed by her own record label for another female artist who has not accomplished half as much as Carrie has in the past year because the other female artist needed the nominations to boost her career and Carrie’s career is doing all right. What rubbish!!!!!!! Seems the politics in Washington has nothing on Nashville plollitics. They do not go by the rules for nominating an artist and vote their own personal preferences regardless that their artist has not done enough to garner a nomination. Carrie will handle this with class, grace and dignity as she has done in the past. Too bad that other artists will not speak up for Carrie—but I guess they do not want to get on the F list. This is a blatent insult to Carrie and I hope it comes back to bite them in the rear end.

  13. Tenafly says:

    “Her list of accolades may be lengthy, but this year’s nomination is likely to mean a lot to Underwood: it’s the first time she’s been nominated for a song she’s co-written.”

    That’s not correct. Carrie Underwood won a Grammy in 2009 for Best Female Country Vocal Performance for Last Name, which she cowrote with Hillary Lindsey and Luke Laird.

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