Reports: Chelsea Clinton’s Marriage On The Rocks

However, Daily News Gossip Columnist Says Otherwise

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Is Chelsea Clinton’s marriage on the rocks already?

Reports flying that the six-month marriage is over — collapsing under pressure from work and family.

It was the marriage of the year. Last summer, former first daughter Clinton tied the knot with her college sweetheart, Marc Mezvinsky.

But their marital bliss may have just blown up.

“I think a lot of people are hoping that there’s trouble between Chelsea and Marc, but it’s just not the case,” Daily News gossip columnist Carson Griffith told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

Griffith said the honeymoon is not over for the newlyweds, despite reports the couple has split.

“Our inside sources between them, looks they’re still in love. They’re still a young, happy couple,” Griffith said.

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A Clinton family spokesperson confirmed Mezvinsky is on a three-month break from his job as an investment banker, and is hitting the slopes in Jackson Hole, Wyo. His wife stayed behind at their posh Fifth Avenue apartment, where the doorman told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer that Mezvinsky has been missing in action.

“I have not seen him,” the doorman said.

Some reports have 30-year-old Clinton seeking an annulment and claiming that she and her husband had been fighting over starting a family. Some believe Mezvinsky may have been feeling the pressure from his secretary of state mother-in-law, a speculation fed by former President Bill Clinton in a recent interview with David Letterman.

“Hillary wanted this marriage because she wants to be a grandmother more than she wanted to be president,” the former president said.

A source close to the Clintons told Sanchez Chelsea Clinton and Mezvinsky are very happy, and that she has flown to visit Marc since he left last month.

“What we can tell you is that instead of relationship crisis it looks like it might be a work crisis for Marc,” Griffith said.

But only the couple knows the truth.

Chelsea Clinton is currently pursuing her PhD. in public policy at Columbia University.

Believe the rumors? Don’t care either way? Let us know in the comments section below.


One Comment


    To you dear my near future wife CHELSEA CLINTON,

    Aka bisou ko ku munwa(ie a central kiss). You love me, I love you. I will marry you. You will be my wife, I will be your husband, me GILBERT CISHAHAYO BLYTHE.
    As I have the permission from You WHOLE 3: CHELSEA, HILLARY with BILL CLINTON, I say:
    I respect much You HILLARY with BILL CLINTON,I send my best salutations with respects to You.I will be your son-in-Law, me GILBERT CISHAHAYO BLYTHE.



    To you dear my near future wife CHELSEA CLINTON,

    Aka bisou ko ku munwa(ie a central kiss). I love you, you love me. I will marry you. You will be my wife, I will be your husband,me GILBERT CISHAHAYO BLYTHE.
    I respect much You HILLARY with BILL CLINTON, I send my best salutations with respects to You,I will be your son-in-Law, me GILBERT CISHAHAYO BLYTHE.

  3. paul aspros says:

    well chelsea clinton I still am in love with you and aklways will be I did strongly object to the marage and am the right man for you ask your mom and dad they will tell I went sellerbet and would do agian for the rest of my life if ask by you or your parents love pauly keep yo
    ur chin up and your adorable smile gleeming you never sece to amaze me and I had our girls picked iut a very long time ago for muma and popa clinton the names are rary may clinton and hillary jean clinton xxxx

  4. IdesOfMarch says:

    How would you feel if you woke up one morning and realized you were married to this dog? I jump bail too and become a ski-bum.

    1. Dakota says:

      I can only imagine what you look like. Woof Woof

  5. rose cochet says:

    Give them a chance. Imagine trying to succeed in marriage with all this publicity PLUS the role models of “marital bliss” on either side. Only the two of them can work it out. That is the beauty of marriage-each is unique-this couple can make something original and lasting for themselves.

  6. Isla says:

    WHO CARES? Wish the kids well and get on with your own life -if you have one!

  7. sheila says:

    Your girlfriends probably have to put a sheet over their heads before they sleep with you wacko.

  8. Guest says:

    Maybe Marc might be happier working at Citigroup.

  9. WildCat says:

    I’m sure his mother-in-law is not beyond interfering in their marital dilemma. They can probably work out their problems if people refrain from meddling in their business.

  10. Ethan Kavet says:

    may be she came to her senses and realized she will have to go thru life with the name Mezvinsky

    1. sheila says:

      YOur name is no gem.

  11. oswald says:

    My God, she looks gorgeous in her wedding photos.

    Such a shame she’s going to end up looking like Hillary some day … 😦

    1. Jayson Matson says:

      Damn, you need to have your eyes checked ASAP!!!

      1. Hillary Rodham Clinton says:

        I think I look pretty good for my age and all the life experience i’ve been through!

      2. Ellie says:

        As much as I dislike the Progressive Clintons, I feel badly for Chelsea, if it’s true. Mrs. Clinton is an extremely attactive woman who certainly does not look her age. I wish Chelsea the best. A little bit of advice to her is, lead you own life. In-laws and parents should stay out of their business.

  12. dmadison says:

    I wish I could get a sabbatical from my job paid for by tax payer dollars…
    snow bunnies? no .. more like snow men

    1. Sarah says:

      NOT taxpayer dollars. He’s an investment banker. They get paid a mint, and he can afford to take time off. My friend’s husband makes over 500,000 a year. Of course, he’s also got high blood pressure and is probably not going to live long enough to see his grandchildren, but that’s the price you pay for taking such a stressful job.

  13. NYER says:

    HAHAHAHA….sounds like you figured it out!

  14. wendytaylor says:

    he only married her for her name

    1. sheila says:

      Where do get that from?

  15. Eileen says:

    Woodside MikeyM,
    Are you that dumb? Read up on the Jewish religion, you have a lot to learn…..her husband is not from that sect. Ignorant people survive is beyond me!

    1. Sarah says:

      I think that you both need to read up on Judaism. There is no sect in Judaism where a husband and wife have sex with a sheet between them. That is a myth passed around by people who don’t know any better. It is forbidden by Jewish law explicitly for there to be anything separating a man and his wife when they are having sex.

  16. Nectar says:

    Come stumble my mirth beaten worker. I’m Jezmund the family berzerker.

    1. WOODSIDE MIKEYM says:

      RITE ON … Nectar !!! what ever you mean !!! FREAK

      1. Nectar says:

        The wind buffs the cabin, you speak of your life

        Or more willingly Locust the Lurker

  17. Big Mike says:

    Who cares anyway….Get a life and worry about something really important

    1. KPMc says:

      …Says the man who took the time to leave a comment after reading an article about something he doesn’t find important or care about.

  18. Bill C. says:

    He’s leaving her for Monica Lewinski…LOL

  19. Lester Krinklesac says:

    So does that mean Chelsea is now available? I thinks I may have me a shot here !!

  20. GWB says:

    What? He takes a 3 month vacation without the wifey?….LOL…looks like trouble in paradise….maybe he was a republican all along…LOL

    1. Shelia J Lee says:

      Evil never rests.

      All Clintons are evil. This guy married into a Satanic pact, and has become one of them.

      1. oswald says:

        True dat !! Clintons are premier members of Bohemian Grove. Ever seen the video footage that was smuggled out of there? Scary stuff.

        Many of the wealthy power elite are satan worshipers. Trading your soul to the devil for a life of power & luxury on earth just don’t make no sense to me.

      2. bb says:

        so you hate everyone and everything, including yourself.

      3. LA says:

        Huh? Wha’? Satan theories? That’s lame.

        Chelsea seems to be quite a strong and capable young woman. Given her parents, that’s really no surprise, really. Brains and looks, all in the same package. Good luck to her.

  21. Al Bundy says:

    Ok, no matter what the spin it’s obvious that happy newlyweds do not live in separate states with one skiing and partying with snow bunnies and the other “visiting once.” Something’s up. He probably got swept away with the glamour of the Clintons but once the hype was over realized reality and wanted o-u-t. No statement from the family yet is also telling Plus Hillary’s been looking rough.

  22. ignatz says:

    Marc better watch his step.

    You get on Hillary’s bad side and your photo may wind up on the back of a milk carton.

  23. skweegee says:

    Oh come on KPMc he is an investment banker…he’s using YOUR MONEY to take a 3 month vacation.

    1. KPMc says:

      My “investment” money is tied up in things like rent, utility bills and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to survive until the next payday.

      The spoon I was born with and still currently carry is a plastic spork.

      1. grant says:

        LOL … so true 🙂

      2. Sad But True says:

        Same here KPMc…I just had a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner tonight….I kid you not…

      3. sheila says:

        Too bad, next life you get a good education and you can work on wall street too,

  24. Abigail says:

    Quite silly to devote half the article to the marriage ending, and the other half with people saying no. This is no ones business; people need to move on

  25. KPMc says:

    Must be nice to be able to take a “three-month break from his job” and “hit(ting) the slopes in Jackson Hole, Wyo.”

    Maybe they are having trouble getting the silver spoons out of their mouths.

    1. Sarah says:

      If he’s an investment banker, he makes a pretty penny and can afford to take the time off. Why should anyone begrudge his taking time off? My friend’s husband works in the same field, and if he makes it to 60, it will be a miracle. Too much stress! I’d rather make diddly squat and live in peace than make a bundle and deal with that stress.

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