CT Gov. Dan Malloy Readies Budget Proposal

HARTFORD, CT (WCBS 880) – A call for universal sacrifice is the way Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy characterizes his budget.

WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau reports

He’s proposing a two-year plan that borrows no money to cover operating expenses and one that requires raising taxes.

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Faced with a $3.5-billion deficit, Malloy says he will also seek union concessions.

“…and part of that is going to be a return to our partners in government, their state employees, work with them on making sure whatever platform we have in the future is sustainable, that we’re not going to go from crisis to crisis to crisis,” says Malloy.

Even though expenses are rising, Malloy says his budget seeks to contain spending to the present $19 billion level.

The governor will present his budget to lawmakers mid-month.


One Comment

  1. mary blanchette says:

    The people of Ct are hurting enough. High Taxes on gas, and now you want to tax them more on everyday things.
    Luxury Taxes on Cars and everything that make a everyday living.
    On a lot of things we are the highest in the country.
    I voted for you do not let me regret it. I thought you would do better then just cut our jobs and raise taxes.
    The Auto business is coming back and by doing what you want to do will set them back years.
    Please Stop
    Cut where it should be the FAT CATS
    Thank you

  2. joanne wright says:

    I recently saw an interesting segment on the news talking about how much money is earned by registrars. Instead of increasing taxes on people who are trying to get by, why not do away with the government layers. Increasing taxes will only hurt small business – people will not have extra money to support community business. Try running the gov;t. in Connecticut like Mayor Bloomburg

  3. wendy says:

    can you say TAX YOU TO DEATH STATE…more taxes and removing the tax credit for homeowners, i have a excellent idea..WELFARE REFORM.. it is sad that you go to jail or rehab you get all benefits from this state, tax on alcohol, go after dead beat parents.. that would be MILLIONS IN REVENUE . but no hit the middle man trying to stay afloat. lets not give convicts and drug addicts a free ride..i know someone whom went to jail for 9 months, and has not worked since, that was 2 yrs ago,people on welfare that have kids in school ft..get a JOB.. instead of costing the tax payers money to support your lazy butt,hike alcohol tax $2.00….not 6 cents…

  4. William Bunting says:

    Once again state employees will not be laid off example Southbury Training school is still open with the same number of staff and far far fewer residents than 10 years ago. Why ?

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