Ex-Southampton Official Kabot Not Guilty In DWI Case

NEW YORK (1010 WINS/ CBS 2)– Former Southampton Town Supervisor Linda Kabot was found not guilty of DWI on Friday, 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reported.

Kabot, supported by her husband and attorney, was on pins and needles waiting for the jury to decide her fate.

Back on Labor Day weekend of 2009 — eight weeks before the November election — the well-known Hamptons politician was handcuffed and hauled off to jail on drunk-driving charges. Police tailed her as she drifted over a double yellow line, turning on their dashboard camera in the process, reports CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan.

“I’m coming from East Moriches. I’m Linda Kabot,” the politician is heard saying on the video.

Officer: “Have you had anything to drink tonight?”

Kabot: “I did. I had a glass of wine, maybe two, at my sister’s birthday. I didn’t think I was swerving at all.”

Two Westhampton Beach police officers began a three-part field sobriety test. Kabot’s horizontal gaze was checked. She asked to remove her two-inch heels before walking a straight line.

The jury watched the video spellbound as Kabot could be heard refusing three times to take a breath test to see whether she had been drinking.

Kabot: “You have no business on Labor Day weekend, okay? And you’ve chosen me.”

Officer: “You refuse to take the test?”

Kabot: “Yes, I refuse to take this test. You think I am intoxicated and that’s why you pulled me over. I feel that I’m not intoxicated.”

SEE THE VIDEO: Police arrest former Southampton Town Supervisor Linda Kabot

Kabot was in the middle of a re-election campaign when she was arrested. Her attorney has suggested she was the victim of a set-up because she favored budget cuts in the town.

Kabot had claimed she was a victim of a conspiracy and wasn’t drunk at all. The jury agreed with at least the latter, acquitting her of the charges.

“Well, as you can see, there are tears in my eyes. Certainly I am joyful. And at the same time am a bit overwhelmed,” Kabot said.

Two months after the arrest, Kabot, a Republican, lost her re-election bid. Her political future may now be resurrected.

If she had been convicted of drunk driving, Kabot would have faced a year in jail and three years probation. Instead, she must pay only a $200 fine for rolling through a stop sign.


One Comment

  1. Jim Doyle says:

    Typical politician, lets see somebody she knows get killed by a drunk driver and cry about that, she CLEARLY faded out of her lane and over the double yellow lines, NOT to say if your not drunk TAKE THE BREATH TEST ! ! ! Prove everyone wrong right there and avoid the arrest. I cant imagine the morons on the Jury buying a conspiracy, an innocent person wants to PROVE their innocence, I’ve taken that breath test 5 times on routine stops, Once I had one drink in me and I blew a .001, , I KNEW I wasn’t drunk just like she said but I made a simple painless decision to PROVE it to the officer who was just doing his job and I was only my way within 5 minutes,,, Looks like she could have saved EVERYONE the headache and just blown if she was so sure she wasn’t drunk , , typical legal system , , , , I hope she stays out of politics because we don’t need anyone like her.

  2. BOB C says:

    Politician taking care of a politician

  3. ebenezer whoopie says:

    hot cha cha! that tootsie is one swell looker.

  4. Uncle Kermit says:

    Same here – I also thought refusal to take a breathalyzer test was a criminal charge itself.

    She was definitely swerving like someone who was impaired.

    Was the prosecutor asleep during the trial or did she have F. Lee Bailey as her defense attorney???

  5. MAD TAX PAYER says:

    WHAT A BUNCH OF BULL!!!!!!!!!!! Refusing to take a Breathalyzer test is an automatic guilty plea I thought.

    1. Jim Doyle says:

      Refuse to take the breath test is an Automatic Loss of your License for a Year in NYS but your right it should be Automatically guilty, why else would an INNOCENT person refuse it ?

  6. D. MCLaughlin says:

    Did the judge see the same video that I just saw ? If this had happened to me — I would have been convicted — rightly so — How did this woman get off ?!?

  7. Jersey Jay says:

    How could she be found not guilty? I watched the dash-cam and clearly she was swerving and couldn’t pass the officer’s field test. What a disgrace…

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