Bill Would Allow NYC to Regulate Bargain Buses

NEW YORK (CBS New York) — Some state lawmakers want to impose stricter controls on bargain buses.

  Bargain bus riders are afraid the regulation will jack up prices

“I come up every month just about and I find it very economical,” Jesse Moore said. “They charge me $30 from Fayetteville, N.C. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Moore is afraid greater regulation of the discount buses will increase fares.

Companies such as Megabus and BoltBus offer rides between New York City and Boston for as low as one dollar, but critics complain they clog city streets in Midtown and Chinatown.

“The streets of Chinatown are like the wild west,” State Senator Daniel Squadron said. “Buses can stop anywhere, double park, idle, drive around the streets, sidewalks will overflow at certain times and other times you won’t be able to know where to go to pick up these buses.”

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb with the story from Manhattan

“We have had to contend with traffic congestion, pollution caused by idling buses, dangerous conditions for pedestrians,” Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said.

A bill sponsored by Silver would allow the city’s Department of Transportation to regulate the bargain buses by requiring permits and designating pickup and drop off sites.

“They want a monopoly on bus travel,” Michael Anthony, who was heading to the Carolinas, said. “It’s just a way of scrutinizing someone who is able to give people the same amount of service at a lesser price.”

What do you think about the proposal? Let us know below!

  • Lester Krinklesac

    they gots them fancy terlets on them busses?

  • Hot Blooded


  • KC

    Just pan attempt by unionized public transit to destroy a really wondeful service for regular people. Disgusting.

  • vinny boombats

    Lets give that jew assemblyman a call, he’ll fix this, whats his name?

  • Johnny

    More liberal control over everything. Private businesses are doomed in this city.

    • Devenio

      Is that your whole mind frame? Liberals bad.

      • Sam

        I don’t know how old you are, if uncle sam signs your paycheck, or if you ever tried to run a business in nyc – the liberals are killing business here with over regulation- you would know that if you did business in nyc for 30 years-if you aren’t careful, if the jew libs keep over regulating – it is the liberal jews by the way-there will be no one left to pay you.

  • lucky wong

    west of 8th between 34th and port authority has been congested with commuters for over 100 years, only problem is these buses are undercutting jewstein and jewstein wants to get his hands on them.

  • bob grant

    fobamauck amtrak for very high faresand tell obama to go with us little people

  • long johnson

    do you people understand that there is nothing that government doesn’t want to regulate? the more these jew democrat liberals can control and shake down, the more power they have. did you ever look at the boards of the unions? do you understand there are known by fbi mobsters still on the boards of the unions and these jew liberals give them what they want- america is doomed

  • big ed

    the unions all succk- i guess this is another threat, they can’t sap the money out of the consumer unless the government can get their hands on them- this country has gone to sht because of the unions- wish i was born in sweden

    • Robert

      Blame all the problems on the unions…what about corporate greed? what about the fat cats who work on Wall Street? When Christie and his pals bust up all the unions and blue collar workers without MBA’s…how are we going to be able to afford to live in the NE????? WalMart wages can’t support a family..not even close.

    • harriet in ny

      sweden, does the irony burn

  • CJ NYC

    Bolt Bus and the other bus companies provide a true and inexpensive service. I see the buses leave from the Penn Station area every day. No, traffic problems, no pedestrian safety issues. I would suggest to Mr. Silver to go and get a real job, and stop wasting tax payers’ money with this nonsense!

    • Tommy

      CJ, you don’t know what you are talking about. Try walking down the sidewalk on the north side of 34th St west of 8th Ave. The go#$amn Bolt Buses and their passengers clog up the entire street and sidewalk. The passengers line up with their bags and suitcases which they can’t handle with no regard for other people and those trying to pass by. In Chinatown where the Lucky Star and Fung Wah bus leave from is even worse. Look before you speak.

  • harriet in ny

    this report leaves a lot out, 1) it lumps Bolt and Mega Bus with the seedy Chinatown buses. Bolt is regulated and does not pick up people off the street, it is owned by Greyhound, Mega picks people up by Penn Station, and is a public company. The chinatown buses who are owned by god knows who and insured by god knows what, circle around the foot of the manhatten bridge, they are totally unregulated and it’s not like they have mechanic’s and staff, if they get into an accident, they will just disappear since they are fly by night companies to start with. Bolt and Mega are public companies with staft, insurance, etc. you pay for what you get, and unregulated buses are dangerous,

  • Jason B

    I’m pretty sure BoltBus and MegaBus don’t go downtown to Chinatown. Those are the Chinatown buses like FungWah and LuckyStar. They should be included here too. And in my many trips through midtown each week, it’s pretty sane and organized. I’d say that CitySights is more of an issue than BoltBus or MegaBus, but those are already regulated.

  • teetotaler

    What is their safety record? Do they have a schedule? What cities do they go to? Do they have a website?

    • harriet in ny

      google is your friend



  • Mark

    People I know who take these buses are mostly young, and grateful to have an afforda ble transportation alternative. It would be a shame if Mr. Silver legislated tem out of existence. If he wants young people all to drive instead, that’s like wanting them to leave NY

  • Brooklyn

    We will always have people who will complain about anything they don’t think is perfect for them. You could find people who would complain about a universal cure for cancer.

    • Robert

      Bolt Bus doesn’t take anyone to Boston for $1.00. Not even close. This is misleading. The minimum fare is $1.00 + .50 cent “reservation” fee…and that gets you about 2 blocks.

      • Devenio

        LOL! You people are crazy.

      • Robert

        The fare to Boston is $20.00…how close is that to a dollar?

      • StormsNYC

        Um, I’d consider $2 to be pretty close to $1, especially when you compare it against the one way full fare.

        Then again, if I count my fare one penny at a time, then yes, its not as close. But I guess I’m not broke like Robert.

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