NY Congresswoman: Be Aware Of Internet Scams

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – With people continuing to go online to do their shopping, there’s a crime that’s following them along the way.

Internet scams targeting immigrants and seniors are circling around online and Hudson Valley Congresswoman Nita Lowey wants her constituents to be aware.

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“The costs of scams amounts to about a billion dollars so this is a big business and we want people to know: don’t respond,” Lowey said. “The results can be disastrous.”

Lowey said people need to be more cautious when they’re asked for personal information. The real federal government would not ask you for $850 and your loved ones are not in trouble overseas and in need of money.

“So many people live on their computers. They don’t go into the stores, they shop online and they are unfortunately duped easily if it sounds like an interesting deal here,” Lowey said.

In the end, when shopping online, she said protect yourself and don’t sign off your common sense.

“What this is about is scams,” Lowey said.


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  1. ebenezer whoopie says:

    Why bring senior citizens into this? I’m in my late 90’s and still sharp as a whip.

    I got an email from this really nice Nigerian prince who needs my help, and in return, he is going to help me out with some money.

    What, you going to tell me that this nice Nigerian prince is trying to scam me? Hogwash! I’ll be getting that $659,000 he promised me any day now! He was very grateful for my help!

  2. trinamiller says:

    Interesting article! Best place to find coupons during holidays for free is printapons I would recommend them

  3. nathan says:

    Its mind-boggling how effin stupid most of these people are. They should be sterilized.

  4. hannible says:

    Yeah internet scams are bad and have to watch out for them. The Wall Street scams are much better. So much better that no one ever goes to prison. Their punishments are called bonuses.

  5. Bob Fowler says:

    How come a professional liar/cheater (politician) is warning us about fraud? Isn’t it to distract us from focusing on the fraud that is being perpetrated against us by Albany? We live one of the highest taxed and least efficient state, thanks to the state legislature. Issa was right. Get off your political rump and get real change in Albany.

    How about enacting some real welfare reform laws? Nah, that would cost votes in the next election. How about cutting pork from every bill that pass through the legislature? Nah, that would make you unpopular with the rest of the representatives. How about living up to the oath that you swore, to represent the people, not the special interest groups, of your constituency?

    Mel Brooks was prophetic in Blazing Saddles…”we have to protect our phony baloney jobs.”

  6. mark says:

    Thanks, Mom … oh, I mean Ms. Lowey. This is why you get paid the big bucks, I guess.

  7. Issa says:

    Thank you, I think you want to make a headline, why don’t you try coming up with a solution that will fix the economy? I think you all there are bunch of mess.

  8. Mike says:

    Be aware of congressmans scams

  9. jerseyjoey says:

    What a genious she is , to think us stupid citizens are too brain dead to have common sence, This was a poor lame excuse for a story Mr. Press or she is a big smuck lickin dykie. Please go try to work for a living

    1. Daniel says:

      Then why so many are being Dupe?

      She has a point. More important there should be more laws against scams, redirection and spam

      A crime is a crime, unfortunately not only the weak but ordinary citizens are affected by this

    2. BetterSpeller says:

      Listen to jerseyjoey. He’s a real “genious” who makes a lot of “sence”.

    3. CA says:

      You fail at criticism. Don’t insult someone else’ intelligence when you appear to be semi-illiterate yourself…

      1. Micharl says:

        You ‘da MAN!!

  10. Charles Robb says:

    The Internet should reciprocate and warn of Congressman scams.

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