Eye On New York: On Bullying

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — In this Eye on New York segment, CBS 2’s Dana Tyler examines the reason why 160,000 children stay home each day from a school: bullying.

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  1. polly ducey says:

    AS a school social worker, I meet with children every day to address teasing and bullying. One source of a young bully’s anger often comes from the home, prejudice, racism or stereotypes. It is usually one leader who influences other chilcren to make fun or bully another child. Once the leader is addressed and the chilcren know it is ok to report abuse, the problem usually dissipates among elementary children.

  2. DanTe says:

    Just hand out free guns. Problems solved in one semester.

  3. F.J. Leghorn says:

    Kids need to stop the bullying and start spending some time reading the Bible.

  4. Dina says:

    I agree.MY 7year old daughter has been dealing with a bully since early last year and only now did the school remove the child from the bus.The child had been given suspension after suspension and nothing helped. However i don not blame the US its each individuals schools responsibility along wth the parents to handle bullying and to educate.

  5. Bob Hoffman says:

    I do not live in the US anymore – was born in Georgia and lived in several different states for 55 years. I live in Brasil now but read every day the US news. I can tell you this – the US is disappointing – and failing – sad to see but look and listen to what is happening there now – total destruction from shootings to abuse to bullying to unemployment to lack of caring anymore about anyone or anything.
    I am sad for this and for sure will not live there more.

  6. Dave Kessler says:

    They need to pass laws and anti bullying regulations and have an anti bullying task force and an anti bullying officer in each school. And schools that ignore the problem and do not take measures must be sued for big money. And bullies will have to be suspended or expelled and then tried of they continue.

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