LI Shelters Struggling To Accommodate Those In Need

MINEOLA, N.Y. (WCBS 880) — This harsh winter has created a greater need for emergency shelters on Long Island.

Nassau County’s Warm Bed program has seen a three-fold increase in the number of people seeking emergency shelter.

In Suffolk, all of its 52 county shelters are full, forcing them to house homeless families in motels.

WCBS 880’s Mike Xirinachs reports on the overcrowding at Long Island homeless shelters

The barrage of winter storms has been a big part of the problem. Social Services officials told Newsday that the weather has forced many who would not normally seek shelter to look for help.

One advocate for the homeless is calling this one of the most difficult winters in years for people in need.

“Clearly it’s been a much more difficult winter for the unsheltered homeless than it has been in many years,” Greta Guarton, executive director of the nonprofit Long Island Coalition for the Homeless, told Newsday.


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  1. Huntington Interfaith Homeless Initiative says:

    Ditto. The coat was donated, his clothes and his shoes probably were also.

    Nothing funny about losing your home, it’s so much harder to get back on your feet once you’ve lost your “home base,” literally.

    Thank the conservatives and the de-regulation of big business, and mortgage lenders — how many people have lost their homes in the past 5-8 years???

    It’s hard to keep clean, and find/wear clean, neat clothes with which to TRY to find a job in this economy (the jobs were sent overseas, see above), to enable the person to TRY to pay for a small apartment. Good luck finding enough work to maintain that and eat too.

    I can’t imagine losing everything like that — No shelter, no safety, no place to bathe or sleep SAFELY — and then what happens to their family memorabilia, when they have to carry all their possessions on them? They’re lucky if they eat and stay somewhat comfortable. They’ve lost their security, history and sense of self.

    No protection from rain or cold or heat — unless they find a shelter, and then they’re thrown in with other homeless people, some of whom might be Psychiatric Ward outpatients (who should be helped in Psych Hospitals, but their funding ran out years ago…. don’t ask whose pockets that went into…)
    who migiht be paranoid, or aggressive, or who might try to steal what they can.

  2. davey says:

    haha homeless guy’s wearing burberry

    1. Francis says:

      Davey: Is just a name for:

      Another Long Island prodigy whose parents raised him right teaching hime NOTHING!

  3. Anthony Eckstein says:


    1. LG says:

      Thank you.

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