Officials Suspect Case Of Typhoid Fever On LI

DEER PARK, N.Y. (WCBS 880) – Officials spent the weekend cleaning a school on Long Island after learning of a student there is suspected of having contracted typhoid fever.

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Health officials suspected a 4-year-old Suffolk County girl contracted typhoid fever while on a trip with her family to Bangladesh. In response, Abraham Lincoln School has undergone a full cleansing.

Authorities said there’s no evidence the disease, which isn’t common in the industrialized world, has spread.

Officials notified the parents and children of the district and the affected student is said to be recovering nicely and will not be returning to school until deemed appropriate by health officials.


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  1. THimber says:

    yeah bangladesh has became a serious worldwide health threat. their government needs to do more to control and stop the spread of disease. i recently went to bangladesh in 2010 summer and i caught typhoid fever (i am full blooded american, as just traveling) i suffered for 2 months straight because doctors here didnt know how to treat it properly and the medication they gave me , the typhoids was resistant to it. i was stuck in the hospital for a week on IV fluid. that didnt help much.
    but to say that this is a terrorist threat is just a very ignorant thing to say.
    when i first brought back typhoids to USA i didnt even know i had it. i suffered no symptoms for 2 weeks and…. i was always perfectly healthy before with never having health problems. its not my fault.

  2. Stranger says:

    I think this to should be reviewed as a terrorist threat. Back in the days we used to call it biological warfare. So more extensive screening work must be done upon entry in the U.S. If we are half measured about this it will be our demise!

    1. mo says:

      Yeah, and what are you going to do about the illegal aliens? Don’t expect our government to protect us healthwise when they won’t do anything to stop the illegal access across our borders.

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