Sunshine, Warm Temps Return To Tri-State

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The Tri-State will get something on Sunday it hasn’t gotten in quite some time: sunshine.

Saturday’s shower system moved along, giving way to warmer temperatures as the snow continued to melt into Sunday morning.

As the daylight hours extend, temperatures will rise to a high of 41 degrees and will only drop to a low of 32—both above normal.

It will be brisk so bundle up, but skies will stay clear gearing up for an even warmer Monday.

A system is building that could bring some light snow for Monday night and into Tuesday morning, but for Sunday it’s mild and breezy.

  • Tom

    And I CAN wait for Spring. Long live Winter :-D

  • Tom

    Awww, I wanted a blizzard like the one we had the day after Christmas

  • F.U. Bloomberg

    Watch out people King Bloomy the First has sent out his traffic agents to hit the streets armed with ticket books in each hand. He wants your money.

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