Houses Hit Where People Left Tell-Tale Signs Of Not Being Home

YONKERS, N.Y. (CBS 2/ WCBS 880) — All the snow we’ve seen this winter may be an invitation for crooks to target your home.

Several streets in northeast Yonkers have been targeted for burglaries, and certain houses in particular — those that haven’t been shoveled.

“It’s apparent to a thief that people are away or they are elderly and can’t shovel themselves,” Yonkers Police Commissioner Edmund Hartnett told CBS 2’s John Slattery.

WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi reports from Westchester County

The dead give-away is snow still on the sidewalk, still on the driveway and mail spilling out of the mailbox.

In fact, at one home Slattery saw, in addition to snow in the front, there were still dead leaves in front of the front entrance.

So, burglars went through the back. This home was hit. So was another. Marie Paduano said the break-ins are happening all around her.

“Right next door, on the corner, there’s one, and one down the other way,” Paduano said.

Slattery spoke to a man who lives next to another of the victims. He said he wasn’t aware of the break-ins and was not asked to check on anyone’s house.

Police said the break-ins happened over a four-day period.

“They’ll take cash, jewelry, electronic equipment,” Commissioner Hartnett said.

Tom Lambusta said he knew of two neighbors hit.

“Oh yeah, this street, next street up. You must be more aware of what’s going on,” Lambusta said.

There was no surprise seeing security firms in the area. A business card was left on a victim’s front door.

“So, we’re encouraging people, if you’re not home to shovel your own driveway, get somebody to do it,” Commissioner Hartnett said.

It means lean on a neighbor to do you a favor or lay out some money and hire somebody to do it.  It’s cheaper than a burglary loss.

Yonkers Police said residents should be cautious of anyone working door-to-door. They may be casing a neighborhood to determine who is routinely not at home.

This ever happen to you? Have advice for the non-believers? Share your comments below.

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