Ex-Jets QB Ray Lucas Details Rehab On Facebook

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Ray Lucas didn’t shy away from hits on the football field, a tough-guy quarterback who played more like a linebacker during his Jets career.

Turns out, all the pounding took quite a toll. Lucas suffered from chronic headaches and depression because of the injuries endured during his eight-years in the NFL.

The 38-year-old Lucas recently checked into a Florida rehabilitation center for an addiction to pain killers, and is sharing his experience with fans in a Facebook diary to try to help others.

“Today in a session for the first time in my life I was dealing with the emotional impact of my departure from the NFL,” Lucas wrote on Facebook on Monday. “This is the start of the fight & I AM WILLING TO FIGHT!”

Currently a studio analyst for SportsNet New York, the former Rutgers star was in Dallas last week doing radio spots before the Super Bowl. Lucas left Dallas and checked into Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches in Florida on Saturday to begin treatment.

Since announcing on Facebook he was checking into rehab, hundreds of fans have left messages of support

“Nervous about everything, my palms are sweating,” Lucas wrote. “This weather will be good for my body. Got a text from my mom. She & my family are relieved I am here. I am on my way to start my life over. Can’t believe all the FB responses already. It’s a good sign & the support is needed.”

Lucas said former Buccaneers center Randy Grimes, a counselor at the facility who suffered from the same addiction, is a source of motivation for him.

“This place is amazing,” Lucas wrote. “Having another player, Randy Grimes, who has been through it by my side is a difference maker.”

Lucas served mostly as a backup with New England, the New York Jets, Miami and Baltimore before retiring after the 2003 season. Lucas threw for 3,029 yards with 18 touchdowns and 17 interceptions in 55 NFL games, including nine starts with the Jets in 1999 and six with the Dolphins in 2002. He also ran for 396 yards and four touchdowns in his career.

Lucas’ most recent post was Tuesday night, after what appeared to be a particularly tough day.

“Day 3 of detox was filled with a lot of anxiety,” Lucas wrote. “I was moved from the detox unit into the Seaside condos to start full days of various therapy sessions, group meetings & other treatment. I am nervous & feeling on edge.”

Lucas had surgery on his neck and back in September performed by Pain Alternatives Solutions Treatment (P.A.S.T). It’s a network of New Jersey-based doctors who provide pro bono care to athletes in need, such as Lucas, Grimes and Christian Okoye.

“They saved my life!” Lucas recently wrote of P.A.S.T on Facebook.

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pixy Ex Jets QB Ray Lucas Details Rehab On Facebook

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  1. eddie fiori says:

    hang in there Ray! its in times like these when true men stand up and show their strength… and youre looking real strong. your home state is behind you, your Family loves you and God is with you!! Stay strong bro. it wont be easy but youre definitely on the right path!

  2. Ellen says:

    Now this is what I call a hero. Facing up to your depressions, and addictions in life. I wish Ray the greatest success and may God be with him now, Glad to see the Jets fans standing behind him in his hour of need, and this coming form a New England Pats fan. Once again good luck and God be with you Ray on your road to good fortune.

  3. Ed says:

    I wish you the best of luck!!! We will “back up the truck” full of support and make sure you are back, cause we love your spirit on SNY. Get better man!

  4. John S. says:

    Easy does it!! I’ve been off the booze and pills since 1974 with a 12 step program. Get yourself a couple of sponsors and hang in there bro !!

  5. Larry P says:

    Hang in there fella’………enjoyed listening to you on SNY, want to see you back there next season !!

  6. Raffy Hosdaghian says:

    Ray, I know all Jets fans are all behind you 100%. I know you have the strength to overcome this. I look forward to see you on SNY come football season.

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