By Ann Liguori
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I have a new favorite quarterback in the NFL and his name is Aaron Rodgers.

I like his attitude. I like his smile. I like the fact that he looked so calm and relaxed before and during the biggest game of his career. And his bionic arm dazzled all who watched as he found his targets in Super Bowl XLV with over-the-top impressive accuracy, speed and power. His quick release and strategy is fun to watch. And his power resembles a Randy Johnson fastball.

I also like his story. After breaking all kinds of records at Pleasant Valley High School in Chico, California, Rodgers led the football team at Butte Community College for a year before his body caught up to his talent, growing four inches and gaining 50 pounds. Jeff Tedford, the Coach of the University of California Golden Bears, was watching. And the rest, as they say, is history.

But perhaps his greatest quality is his patience. He was drafted 24th overall by the Packers and as Brett Favre’s back-up in Green Bay, he did not start for the Packers until 2008, over three years after they drafted him.

And the fact that Rodgers admits he does not go out ‘carousing’ is also notable. He says he is a ‘home body,’ enjoys a nice dinner out but then heads back to his hotel room to watch film. With all the negative drama and controversy many players have brought to their teams and the NFL,  Rodgers has to be a franchise’s dream!

I’m sure Rodgers, who was an excellent student as well, observed and learned a lot from being Brett Favre’s ‘understudy:’

Know when to retire. Don’t keep changing your mind.

-Don’t let pride get in the way of making a graceful exit.

Use better judgment in texting.

Aaron Rodgers brought respectability back to a franchise loaded with NFL tradition. He brought the Lombardi Trophy home. And if he stays humble, sweet and continues to make wise decisions on and off the field, he’ll be a hero in that town for life.

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