Cops: Man Found Dead After Killing Ex At Queens Pharmacy

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A man walked into a pharmacy Thursday afternoon in Queens, handed his ex-girlfriend a bouquet of flowers and then pulled out a handgun shooting her twice in the back of the head, police said.

Guimmia Villia, 32, was working behind the counter at Crescent Chemists on 34th Avenue in Long Island City when 38-year-old Alex Figueroa walked in around 3:40 p.m. Co-workers said the two got into an argument before he pulled the gun on her.

The mother of two was pronounced dead at Mt. Sinai Hospital a short time later.

“You can’t make sense of it, it’s just very sad,” Judy, who knew the victim, said. “Everybody loved her, she’s an angel.”

“I think it’s disgusting to be honest with you, I don’t know how anybody can do that,” a man, who grew up with Villia in the Ravenswood Houses, said. “It’s sick.”

Friends said Figueroa was violent and had multiple orders of protection issued against him. Queens District Attorney RIchard Brown said Villia had got an order of protection against Figueroa in December 2009. It expired on Jan. 25.

Police found Figueroa dead in his Queens apartment from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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  • cody

    I actually live down the block from this store n my brother knew this guy.he had planned her death n was braggin about it on facebook.I went over to the crime scene n the pharmacy window was shattered n blood was everywhere my dad knows her father.the pharmacy is actually still open for buissness this was crazy

  • philo

    This is a very sad, brutal story. It is repeated often. Why? Because people make mistakes. Mistakes in picking men. Mistakes in picking women. Our intuition tells us. But we don’t listen. And we make a deadly mistake in selecting a mate or significant other. These mistakes can be prevented. Harvard uses case studies to teach successful executives. And every story like this is a case study we need to teach our children about selecting friends, spouses and significant others. Otherwise love is blind and this happens.

  • bite me

    what w waste of a hot piece of a-s-s but if anyone is looking there is a job opening

    • 34-24

      your as sick as he was….these are someones parents and that is your comment i guessif your dad killed your mom you’d be saying the same thing

  • Anthony Marianus Ellul

    We have to put God in our lives otherwise there would,nt any sense of living. A life without moral values is worst than hell itself. Remeber God is merciful but is is just as well and he will be a JUST JUDGE as soon as we depart from this earthly sojourn. May God have mercy on us all.

    • Nick

      God loves you.
      Go to Him.

  • Anna

    Next time, kill yourself FIRST, azzhole.

    • 01608

      I don’t think that will work.

  • Ethan Kavet

    Order of protection?….. yeah .that’ll work

  • alex

    cant we all just get along?

  • Laura

    Some of us grow up without a healthy example of what love is. For some of us love is need and attachment to things outside ourselves. If we are not shown that the world is a safe place by those that raise us we can become stuck in our thinking and not realize we are not stuck in pain. Love will come again if we can open our hearts.

    • JULIO

      You got it Laura . Self esteem is something that needs to be taught at an early age . we can say that villa was an angel and a good mother but is odvious that she lack esteem and showed bad judgement choosing this criminal that ultimately gave her her final destination…

    • p518

      nicely said…

  • Lee

    Hello Teacher,

    If you don’t like the country we live in, you are allowed to move out. But please hurry and pick somewhere else to live. We don’t want you here.

    • Emerson

      Hello, Lee,

      Move out yourself! Maybe to Arizona.

    • beth

      Speak for yourself. Many of us can accept other people’s opinions, even if they’re different from our own.

    • Steven Augustine

      I please do shut up.

      • Steven Augustine

        Make that “Oh” (never type in anger or while feeding your daughter or both)

  • Typo

    I think this goes way beyond gun laws. It’s how we treat each other in this society and how we allow each other to be treated. We could ban guns all together in this country and still have the underlying problem. Not a gun-toter myself, but I do not think that gun laws are the only part of the equation.

  • teacher

    And still you won’t do anything about your stupid gun laws, have you not learnd from the school killings and gun crime?? what a country!

    • Nick

      Yes, let’s pass a law to make the illegal guns illegal. Because the criminals will top using guns if it’s doubly, triply or what-ever-ly illegal.

      Born stupid, ain’t ya?

    • Dummy Teach

      Even with gun laws, the monster will just use a baseball bat or a knife. His intention was to kill and the gun is just the means of doing it. Without it, there’s thousands of way to kill another person.

  • Nick

    Stupid sh\\t can’t do anything right. He didn’t kill off his spawns first. Now the infestation will continue.

  • Diva

    How could you call them a couple?! They weren’t even together anymore. How do allow him to be associated with her after what he did. He’s evil and she was beautiful!

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