Lady Gaga On Critics: ‘They Want To See Me Fail’

Much-Anticipated '60 Minutes' Interview To Air Sunday

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The first single off the album of Manhattan-born artist Lady Gaga hit the airwaves Friday ahead of her 60 Minutes interview set to air on CBS this Sunday.

Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, released the title track “Born This Way,” which immediately drew comparisons to Madonna’s “Express Yourself.”

PHOTO GALLERIES: Tri-State Grammy Nominees | Gaga In Pictures

Gaga taped a 60 Minutes profile with Anderson Cooper while on tour in London, Milan and New York. In the interview, which can be seen at 7 p.m. ET Sunday on CBS 2, the Grammy award winner said she was well aware that the more famous she gets, the bigger target she becomes.

“They want to see me fail. They want to see me fall on stage. They want to see me vomiting out of a nightclub. Isn’t that the age we live in?” Gaga mused.

Gaga, who attended Convent of the Sacred Heart on the Upper East Side, also joked with Cooper when asked how she prefers to be addressed.

Cooper: “What should I call you? Do I call you Lady? Do I call you Gaga, Lady Gaga?”

Lady Gaga: “Call me Gaga.”

Cooper: “Does anyone call you Stefani?”

Lady Gaga: “Yes some people do – especially in bed.”

Gaga is nominated for six awards at this Sunday’s Grammy Awards, including album of the year.  The Grammy Awards can be seen at 8 p.m. ET this Sunday on CBS 2.


One Comment

  1. len says:

    i don’t care if you fail—just go away.

  2. Anthony Perone says:


  3. James says:

    This is the serious, hardhitting journalism we’ve come to expect from Anderson Cooper. Tackling the big important issues, that’s why he gets such good ratings.

  4. pookie says:

    Can’t be easy being born with both sets of tools

  5. J. Paul Getty says:

    She’ll be looking like Winehouse pretty soon …

  6. john smith says:

    as a 62 year old guy…. I think :”Gaga” has the World at her fingertips. Why does she need The Grammies. That sort of sounds like a Bunch of backdoor hippies and a tin s=whistle. She’s got sime class.

    1. Lionhearted says:

      Dear John, It’s called marketing!!!….she has a new album coming out, what better way to advertise it than to appear on a show watched by millions of music lovers.
      GO GAGA!!!

  7. Abel says:

    Easy to see why (it) chooses feminine attire. If (it) were dressed as a man, he’d be ONE UGLY SUCKER!….LOLOL

    1. Hairy says:

      Pretty ugly as it is.

    2. Balkandeputy says:

      He already is one ugly sucker…Whoa which one are you talking about?

  8. Kenny West says:

    “Want to see her fail?” I think that is a veiled referrence to what Rush said about Obama. I liked some fo her music (a little) before she started spouting her far-left politcal claptrap.

  9. p3orion says:

    What a pair! Anderson Cooper and “Lady” Gaga, two no-talent hacks both trying desperately to be relevant.

    1. frank says:

      gaga has talent, that there is no denying the other one I agree with you

      1. b.mclane says:

        Sorry, but there is nothing new about GAGA. She does redux well but Grace Slick, Annie Lennox, Patti Labelle ( hair and outfits) and Madonna have all done the GAGA act long before Stephani decided to freak her way to fame. They all knew too a good dance beat could make you famous for at least 15 minutes in the music business. In 15 years will anyone remember Gaga??? I think not.

      2. len says:

        ‘talent’ is subjective–and plenty that came beore gaga have had MORE talent, minus the freakshow theatrics.

  10. Ludwig Van says:

    just weak-minded rehash. pop music=puke music
    gagaga blablablablablabla

  11. Mayberrykid says:

    Rubbage! One news medium promoting another with news garbage! Thanks
    for nothing Aroana H.

  12. bo1921 says:

    Well, I guess Anderson won’t be calling her Stefani.

    1. attila_the_huney says:

      ..hilarious..good one.

    2. johneb says:

      This might be a “woman” that could yank Anderson’s Anderson’s crank…

    3. SB 1070 says:

      AWESOME!!! LOL!

    4. pjd says:


    5. tony says:

      You’re making some assumptions about Coopers gender and orientation.

      1. mondo says:

        the only assumption i’m making is that cooper’s orientation is face down.

  13. Flannigan says:

    People don’t want to see Lady Gaga fail.

    They want to see if you have a “thingy” down there!

  14. DanTe says:

    I love Lady Gaga. Her music is original and her outrageous fashion is so much fun.

    I wish her all the best and hope she does really well at the Grammys.

    1. texMex says:

      so there is a mama gaga!!

  15. Masood11 says:


    I am not agree with Lady Gaga’s speech. I don’t understand that she saying people want’s her fail. But who is people? But I think who’s performances is good she will win The Grammy Awards 2011. It’s simple.

    Go to the link and see exclusive video footage.

  16. Troy Delfinna says:

    yeah- Anderson Cooper’s selection of “news” topics is ahhhhhm…..limp-wristed, to say the least.

  17. happy flyer says:

    Amazing virulent vitriol. I like her, and I’m mature enough to not be swayed by you little pansies out there.

  18. Rick says:

    Dale Bozzio of Missing persons called, she wants her schtick back…

    1. Rotte says:

      Okay: best comment ever.

    2. RejectJunkMusic says:

      Thank you! Madonna, too.

    3. KMandingo says:

      True! Outstanding – she is a rip-off.

  19. Hank Warren says:

    The egyptians should beat Anderson again for interviewing this talentless loser. Lady Gaga, Lindsay Lohan, Jersey Shore, all distractions. As the Mainstream Media creates illusions, the US gov’t (and their corp. friends),start more illegal wars, ban books like “America Deceived II” and bail out banks.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

    1. Lionhearted says:

      The only talentless loser is Hank Warren who is JEALOUS….of a Lady’s success…..for you that must be the American way!

    2. x'schild says:

      The Egyptians beat Anderson?! On the show the next day and not a mark on him. The guys on Fox really did get beat by Egyptians. Had the Holy Cr_p beat out of them. Required medical care. to my knowledge Coop did not even require medical care. Takes me back to Jerry Rivers stageing a shootout while on Fox during Desert Storm. Makes for ratings you see. GaGa on Cooper, one weido meeting another weirdo. Ratings.

  20. Peter North says:

    She’ll be irrelevent in 2 years, if she’s not already….

    1. F.J. Leghorn says:

      Love your videos, dude!

    2. washclothanybody? says:

      say it, don’t spray it peter.

  21. MT says:

    Wash, Rinse, Repeat. This woman never looks clean. She could be wearing a 10K outfit, she still looks grimy. Sorry, we don’t have to wish for you to fail, she will fail by default because hit records are like a gumball machine… sooner or later, the hits stop coming.

    Just ask: Whitney, Britney, Micheal, and Sting. Personally, I’ll be happy to see this tatted up gutter mouth out of the limelight.

  22. Fearless Bystander says:

    Just another freak show like “Tiny Tim” was in the early ’70s. It’s no longer politically correct for the deformed and grotesque to exhibit themselves in sideshows, but I guess it’s OK to do it in videos and concerts. The same people who would have paid their quarter to gawk at the Lizard Boy 75 years ago are now fans of Lady Gaga.

    1. pjd says:

      Agree w/Fearless Bystander. I want to know who puts these freaks out there as bad examples for children and other immature people to mindlessly idolize? The money-hungry people behind these crimes against Western civilization need to be held accountable. Parents who allow their children to be brainwashed by sex, drugs and rock and roll should have custody taken away.

    2. SB 1070 says:

      She looks like Tiny Tim’s daughter…or son.

  23. Big Al says:

    This is clearly the highlight of Cooper’s career! At least Gaga didn’t punch him in the head…

    1. pjd says:

      Good one, Big Al. Did anyone notice Cooper never had a mark on him from the “10 hits attack”? Egypt’s failure was in not tearing the US propagandists aka “journalists” apart. Bravely, Cooper hid out and then ran back into the arms of some guy and Lady Gag-a-maggot..

      1. flangegpp says:

        He had a Mark on him, plus Tom and Gary and Bruce.

  24. short red hair says:

    Oh Stef, the stories I could tell from our Sacred Heart days … but I am over that and I have finally come to forgive you. It took many years of therapy, but I am finally able to wish you well and continued success. I will contact you privately.

    1. what's the point says:

      Oh cool, you are claiming to know lady gaga to get some response on here. She’ll never read this but anonymously name dropping is real cool anyway.

      1. PO'ed! says:

        i agree – is there any way to track her IP address? i love lady gaga and this B—- is full of garbanzo beans. i think if we can get her IP then we can cause some havoc, right?

  25. B-Chan says:

    The Japanese writing on her arm says “Little Monster”.

    1. Bo Bouffett says:


  26. Dwight E. Howell says:

    As for me, she’s wrong. I just don’t want to see or hear anything about her. She’s boring. Her style reminds me of a four year old in drag. Amusing in a child, blah in an adult.

    1. saruxn says:

      Thank you for a common sense story!
      ew,My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire young man !they know each other via —–Affluent’Love. ‘℃’○M–. is the largest and best club for wealthy people and their admirers to chat online. …you don’t have to be rich there ,but you can meet one ,maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends !

  27. coopersateabaggingqueen says:

    I wonder if that old tea-bagging queen Anderson Cooper asked her for any tips on make up or how to keep his man interested in bed.

  28. Thomas says:

    Much anticipated? Who the hell cares?

  29. Mackaarina says:

    GaGa should grow up and get a real job. The future of our country is in the hands of our youth that think that she is their goal in life?? This is a snickness that we will never recover from. Idolizing someone that is mentally ill.

  30. Keats says:

    A 30 year old mother and librarian from the farmlands of Ohio loves “Gaga”? What do you like best? The Sadomasochism? The mass murder and killing of pets depicted in her videos? The perverted and blatant sexual writhing of a clueless and ignorant young girl who is most likely mentally ill and at the least evil impersonated – as she fills young minds with filth? Remind me not to come the “farmlands of Ohio.”

  31. kentex1146 says:

    At a very early age, she looked in the mirror and freaked out.

    So the ‘Gaga’ routine was created to cover up one ugly broad.

    A wakes up in the morning next to her with his arm underneath her pillow and chews it off so that she won’t wake up as he’s fleeing the scene of a terrible accident.

  32. clam fist says:

    I have to listen again. Didn’t hear the Madonna in it.

  33. callie says:

    ugly and a real pig

  34. old school says:

    Another tired and boring side show freak with no identifiable talents except being odd. The sheeple worship and bray about her but can’t figure out why the rest of the world hates us?? Get a life…

  35. rfl68 says:

    Total Dale Bozio rip off and a skank

  36. Bo Bouffett says:

    I dont need to see her fail or fall. Thing is in 30 years, she will be forgotten just as so many novelty acts before her.

  37. Gibbs Bentley says:

    “There are some people that if they don’t know, you can’t tell them.” ~ Louis Armstrong

    911essentials dot com

  38. Becki says:

    I love Lady GaGa.. I’m a 30-something wife/mother who works in a library and is from the farmlands in Ohio, so you don’t have to be really young or live in a big city to be inspired by her. She is everything that is “out there” and she does it well. She’s talented, sprited, shocking, funny, a lil strange (thats why we love her), and yet underneath it all, she’s still Stephanie… got to love it! Like Fern said, thats much better than the Hiltons and Lohans in the world.

    1. jryd says:

      you need to get out of the library. She should stick to singing and keep her worthless political opinions to herself. Go wear meat to your next library gig.

      1. happy flyer says:

        Eat some more meat jryd, and let your bottom be constipated like your neck-up.

    2. jslab129 says:

      By library you mean an Adult book Store, right?

    3. libiwthiq says:

      You left out that she’s dumber than a box of mud.

  39. Ivan Khodorkovsky says:

    she very demanding in bed. have size requirement (very big) and man cannot complete first or she get very mad. she get mad to me also. was not the fun time and yelling to me as i leave. gaga show was good singing though for some lighting that i do.

  40. MADONNA says:

    WHAT A SKANK! ! ! !

  41. fern says:

    She shocks the people of the moral majority, she has an attitude, she took a stand of marriage equality, and that’s good enough for me.
    Much better than the Hiltons and Lohans of this world.

  42. Mr. Lovejoy says:

    So what are we looking at here?

    Wood floor? Landing strip? Hitler mustache? Triangle? Earth mama?

  43. ebenezer whoopie says:

    That is a swell looking young tomato. So, she sings songs? I wonder if she knows how to sing Stormy Weather or Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy?

    1. russ1449 says:

      I’ll betcha she does.

  44. Robert says:

    How is her childhood church relevant to the story? I don’t know if i would prefer it was a lazy filler to stretch the article or Christianity being pushed down my throat.

    1. RelaxOK says:

      It’s just to show the irony of such a provocative artist and her Catholic school upbringing…no one is pushing anything down your throat

    2. Lucifer says:

      Robert, you don’t need to worry about Christianity being pushed down your throat, as you say, because you’re already standing near the gates of Hell, buddy.

    3. snarfblatt says:

      Maybe there’s something ELSE you’d like pushed down your throat??

    4. joel says:

      MAN! Are you stupid! What a mindless piece of garbage. Did you think that remark up all by yourself? Gee, how original. Too bad they aren’t shoving global warming, liberal/socialist presidents, and Al Gorp down your throat. Huh, bright boy?

  45. Bubis says:

    she says NYC was her start. I was all over clubland for 16 years…never heard of her…just a girl inspired by club kids drag queens and transvestites…great but not an amazing display of originality….

    1. bw says:

      I was a NYC club kid – i knew her! I saw her when she was a nobody in clubs!

      1. happy flyer says:

        what’s the relevance of that shining nugget?

  46. ginger says:

    mom is 90years old …she knows lady gaga…smiles and talks about her with glee…then she keeps quiet and has this smile on her face as if she is imaging her on stage..she can barely see now and hear but she sways her head to Alejandro….and asks..who is fernando?

  47. angelina says:

    Lady Gaga don’t worry about it . I like you and millions of others do. There are lots of jelouse envious people out there and that’s just reality….you made your mark and please continue doing what you doing….

    1. annie says:

      lol jelouse? Jesus Christ learn how to spell please. You gaga fans are beyond stupid.

      1. Dave says:

        You gotta learn how to get a a life lady. Try taking a cooking class, yoga something. If you got nothing to do but spread cyber hate, mock people, and call them stupid then you must be really unhappy with your life. Sad, bitter people. Poor Annie.

      2. Jack says:

        Um, Dave, so you’re against “cyber hate,” but you tell women with whom you disagree to “try taking a cooking class.” Real classy, you hypocritical idiot.

      3. twan jim says:

        Cyber hate? How about real hate, you know, the kind you spread by determining what people can say or think, get real, idiot.

    2. happy flyer says:

      I’m with you angelina. I ‘preciate those that ‘preciate other people, I ‘preciate… what’re ya doin’ tonight?

  48. argyle says:

    I don’t want to see her fail. I want to see her in the buff 🙂

    1. jryd says:

      just wait til the meat falls off

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