Lady Gaga On Critics: ‘They Want To See Me Fail’

Much-Anticipated '60 Minutes' Interview To Air Sunday

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The first single off the album of Manhattan-born artist Lady Gaga hit the airwaves Friday ahead of her 60 Minutes interview set to air on CBS this Sunday.

Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, released the title track “Born This Way,” which immediately drew comparisons to Madonna’s “Express Yourself.”

PHOTO GALLERIES: Tri-State Grammy Nominees | Gaga In Pictures

Gaga taped a 60 Minutes profile with Anderson Cooper while on tour in London, Milan and New York. In the interview, which can be seen at 7 p.m. ET Sunday on CBS 2, the Grammy award winner said she was well aware that the more famous she gets, the bigger target she becomes.

“They want to see me fail. They want to see me fall on stage. They want to see me vomiting out of a nightclub. Isn’t that the age we live in?” Gaga mused.

Gaga, who attended Convent of the Sacred Heart on the Upper East Side, also joked with Cooper when asked how she prefers to be addressed.

Cooper: “What should I call you? Do I call you Lady? Do I call you Gaga, Lady Gaga?”

Lady Gaga: “Call me Gaga.”

Cooper: “Does anyone call you Stefani?”

Lady Gaga: “Yes some people do – especially in bed.”

Gaga is nominated for six awards at this Sunday’s Grammy Awards, including album of the year.  The Grammy Awards can be seen at 8 p.m. ET this Sunday on CBS 2.


One Comment

  1. Cap says:

    As for her so-called “Egg-static” entrence tonite,….WHAT A YOKE!!!! YOU CRACK ME UP!!!!!!!!!! And as always…WE DOnt Care!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Joemama says:

    Marylin Manson look-alike.

  3. paul says:

    Anderson Cooper – keepin’ em honest

    1. davidLetterman says:

      cooper, gaga. gaga, cooper.

  4. NoParty says:

    There are few people who I would disinfect my home is they stopped by, and Lady GaGa is one. I don’t know why, but I get a visceral reaction when I see her, she just creeps me out.

  5. Jody says:

    MK mind control, anyone?

  6. JuanValdez says:

    Two divas sharing makeup secrets.

  7. JuanValdez says:

    More “hard-hitting” news from “the most trusted name in news”.

    1. harold says:

      Now Juan, AC is just figuring interviewing lady Gaga is a little less dangerous than interviewing an Egyptian……….LOL

  8. Big Bear says:

    Cooper should be on ET. These entertainers don’t count as serious news, since they already have networks and shows (Access Hollyweird) devoted to their slavish worship. I would imagine that the ads during the Gaga segment were for Enzyte, FreeCreditReport, fast food, and Flo the insurance bimbo.

    1. Chicago Nick says:

      Sixty Minutes doesn’t count as serious news either once Dan Rather Not Tell the Truth sent SEE BS into a tailspin that Kutesy Katie only sent into a death spiral.

      I wouldn’t turn that network on if the work was being nuked and I needed to know which city was getting hit.

  9. AtlasObjectivist says:

    Beautifully stated.

  10. me says:

    Darri, you took the words right out of my mouth. Nothing to add.

  11. Gee says:

    She’s borish and it’s already been done. She’s a product of 30 people in studio with a sound mixer and 20 to write the lyrics. They all provide what the focus groups say they should provide. It’s all so prefabricated It makes me disgusted with what music has become.

    1. HATEBADMUSIC says:


    2. fattboy says:

      yep, she is just ‘The Monkees’ all over again but with better studio equipment, mics, mixers, dubbing/overdubbing, engineering, sound-shaping and manipulation.. most of todays starlets (incl beeber) are products of studio enhancement

  12. myother says:

    It’s is the age we live in, I couldn’t agree more. You’ve adjusted to it well and don’t complain it’s made you a rich woman.

  13. StanSki says:

    And yet, here we all are, giving our 2 cents like it’s worth anything. When THIS stops, then Gagga and others like her will be no more.

  14. Careful says:

    Be careful…you can get diseases in bed with Stefani.

  15. tombee says:

    Yes we do want to see you fail and we will. When it happens, no one will care and you will be placed in to the dust bin of history. You are just one more person giving absolutely nothing to society and taking everything.

    1. stephholder says:

      Although I’d like to see her go away as well, she does contribute to society by contributing to the evolution of music and art. It might not be in the way that we’d like it but, like Beethoven, Chopin, Shakespeare, and a million others including u2, Run-DMC, and Madonna, history will be the judge of that.

      1. RC says:

        Shakespeare??? Music?

  16. THEARTIST says:


    1. Chicago Nick says:

      Speak English much? That’s the most incoherent sentence and thought if it even counts on this board. The two mommies or Two and half dads must be so proud.

  17. ocobla says:

    I couldn’t care less about this girl or her music. but when considering all of the controversy and criticism, everyone ought to remember what Libarace said when the critics attacked him.

    Look up his famous quote and it’ll put everything in perspective.,

  18. Erasmus B Aiken says:

    Why all the Gaga hatred? If you don’t like her just ignore her. It’s not like she’s the nation’s security advisor or a TSA groper.

  19. Frankly says:


  20. Tyrone says:

    It’s show business people! It’s always been smoke and mirrors!

    1. Chicago Nick says:

      More like Crack Smoke and Coke Mirrors today

      Yea, and some suckers keep paying their freight over and over.

      I’d rather throw a Benjamin to a crack smoking bum in an alley than see any of my money go to this clownette.. As it was said a hundred years ago by PT Barnum (although some dispute whether or not it was him), there’s a new sucker born every minute.

  21. ricardo maxwell says:

    Until one year ago, I had never even heard of this talentless f@#$!
    AS a lifelong musician and semi intelligent human being I am wondering what has happened to the music business? And what has happened to America?This schlub’s success is as disturbing as people actually voting for the America destroyer for President/

  22. Gerome Benis says:

    She’s ugly, obnoxious, and untalented.

  23. Mike in SA tx says:

    I like her and wish her all the best. Living the dream. I usually listen to classic rock or metal.

    1. mondo says:

      hey mike, thanks for sharing.

  24. claspur says:

    If she’s talking failure, she’s already failed.
    Bert to Minnesota Fats: “Stay with this kid… He’s a loser.” (The Hustler)

  25. Real Rick says:

    Wow blemish, how faqqy of you.

  26. Real Rick says:

    If you look at her/it closely you’ll see that she & Marilyn Manson are the same person. Kind of a Mylie Cyrus/Hannah Montana thing.

  27. Evie Garone says:

    I don’t get the vitriol all you people are spouting at each other, why? I personally DO NOT like Lady GaGa,I don’t get her. I do think she’s a compilation of a bunch of other artists … I hope she’s a flash in the pan because she’s utterly ridiculous…but if you don’t like her as I, don’t watch her, change the channel, etc!!! Hopefully her star will burn out and her name will not be remembered …nuff said!

  28. Mobe says:

    Then that means Anderson Cooper won’t ever be calling her Stefani.

    1. Jim says:

      or is she?

    2. Chicago Nick says:

      She is an androgynous freak. Period if she has them….I wouldn’t doubt if she was packing, IT might even do the Roto Booty Cooperchute after the interview….

  29. TPB says:

    I’d do her

    1. Tranny says:

      “She” would do you deeper and harder.

  30. LADY POO POO says:

    This is Lady Poo Poo and I am hotter than Lady GAGA.

    1. AndersonsButtplug says:

      And you stink less

  31. I wish her all the best. Anyone successful needs to be torn down in this country unless your on wall street, then you get bailed out and still make millions after a slap on the wrist.

  32. Jack says:

    I have heard that her first choice for a name was Lady Gag Gag, Second choice was Lady Ga Ga Got Go, Third choice, Lady Ga Ga Choo!!!

  33. LISE says:


    1. Lady Dum Dum says:

      The biggest pop star? More like the biggest Poop star. I poop on here. lol

    2. CAPTAIN CAPS LOCK says:


    3. Dave says:

      Has nothing to do with admiting the obvious…I STILL DO NOT HAVE TO LIEK HER. I don’t think she is creative just that her timing is good for the idiots in our public that for some reason see here as their new messiah…sad but true…she is nothing but glitter and a microphone with psudo-talent

    4. jw5745 says:

      You are 12 years old, correct?

  34. Lady Dum Dum says:

    Lady GaGa! More like Lady Gag Gag!!!

  35. Robert says:

    Lady Gag…

  36. Edward Barus says:

    LOL. I know Gaga personally. She is making money off all you clowns and laughing at you behind your backs. In reality, she is totally different than her pubic … er, I mean, public image. Go, Gaga! Love you, baby.

    1. Po Widow Boa says:

      Then you also know this is just more publicity poop, to draw attention to herself.
      AND, you know she spends it like it grows on trees.
      Being her ‘friend’ ‘n’ all, are you a cripple, too?

    2. Big Bear says:

      Making money off me how? I don’t even pirate her music.

  37. KoontzFan says:

    Wow. 106 comments, so many from those who don’t care, don’t like her, and wish her off the air. It amuses me that so many in this country have forgotten how to turn off the TV, change the channel on the radio, and turn off the computer. Try picking up a good book.

  38. InTheBubble says:

    Gag-a me with a spoon.

  39. Aristofaneez says:

    You guys are all just jealous. She’s hot.

    1. jw5745 says:

      You are 12 years old—correct?

    2. mondo says:

      you’re right. i’d braid her ass hair if she’d let me.

  40. Molly says:

    In an age of classless trashy music, Gaga has to be one of the worst. Musicians used to be judged on their actual music; Now it seems any talentless hack can make the charts if they wear flashy clothes and auto-tune their voices.

    Pop-culture in America is a horrible influence on kids these days. So many young girls are wearing trampy outfits in order to mimic what’s advertised to them in every magazine, commercial, etc, and Gaga’s outfits are no exception.

    So yes, Gaga. There is a part of America that wants to you fail: Respectable parents, and people who are just down-right tired of seeing your publicity stunts on every tabloid and news report.

    1. heatherfeather says:

      Responsible parents need to teach their children who the enemy is: The soulless purveyors of pop culture. When the days of rage reach our shores, they will get what they have long had coming. Five years of Martial Law will replace 50 years “progressive” Epic Fail.

  41. jw5745 says:

    No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.

  42. Po Widow Gull says:

    Gaga is getting a complex, now? REALLY???!
    Just more cries for help because she cannot integrate
    with her whack sense of fashion, etc.
    She sounds like a cripple who won’t use a wheelchair so in her mind she can put the blame on everybody else who CAN walk!
    Sad case…

  43. jalama says:

    Elmo in drag.

  44. Jim says:

    It’s not that we want to see you fail, it’s more that we just don’t want to see you.

    1. Kz says:

      Who”s “we” do you have a frog in your pocket?

    2. azcalamity says:

      Jim, love, love your reply!

  45. LB says:

    Is Alice Cooper her father?

    1. switchedatbirth says:

      and by ‘her’ you mean anderson? the answer is yes.

  46. I have Dance Dance Revolution. The Lady Gaga song on there is the one that I REFUSE to do.

  47. Progressive Ed says:

    Which was which in the picture. Thanks.

  48. Lionhearted says:

    So Emerson, does this mean you have had sex with Anderson and therefore know what he does in bed. Or are you a wanna be bi? Sounds like it is important to you to know the sexuality of newscasters? That’s weird man!

  49. Sally Rogers says:

    Can this ButterFace’s Plane Crash already?

  50. John C says:

    Being an exhibitionist or a celebrity does not necessarily make one a genuine artist.

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