3 Electricians Save 3 Kids From Burning Bronx Apartment

Kids Remain In Critical Condition At Local Hospital

NEW YORK (CBS 2) – Three electricians saved three children from a raging apartment fire in the Bronx.

The electricians were driving by 228th Street in the Wakefield section of the Bronx where they saw huge flames bursting out of a fourth floor window where three children were trapped.

They couldn’t climb inside so the building super grabbed a blanket and the men held it as the children jumped to safety.

“My friend saw a foot out the window and my boss made us stop,” rescuer Muhammed Charles said.

The men told the children to jump and caught each one.

When told of the prospects of being called a hero, rescuer John Morille denied it.

“I’m not. I was just at the right place at the right time,” he said.

The children, ages 4, 6 and 7, were taken from the scene in critical condition.

  • DanTe

    These three are heroes and should always be remembered as such! I sure hope the children are okay. But where were the parents?

  • Hana stephen

    dat was so sweet baby…again dat was god’s work!

    • marline

      awww yep that was sweet !!good job

  • shilling

    what is a hero? Someone we look up to, A person we honor for their actions beyond what the avrage person would do. Most people freeze up or panic when an emergency strikes. they get startled, and fail to act. A Hero is someone in the right place at the right time who keeps their cool and does what needs to be done. Thats these four gentelmen. They should be honored by all of us. True Heros.

    • nobama

      anyone has to be a hero to go into that neighborhood

  • nobama

    the Bronx was burning

  • 01608

    Now this is the time everyone should be using the word HERO

  • tripss

    they are heroes in my book!

  • Lorraine Miller

    goes to show that parents must not leave their under age children alone @ home!

    • nobama

      true, but remember that unlike pizza, it is not always to have crack delivered.

  • cygon

    I know that there are at least TEN righteous men living in NYC, Otherwise,something much worse than 9/11 would have happened a long time ago.

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