Lawmaker Wants To Open Conn. HOV Lanes

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – A state senator from north central Connecticut who sits in traffic daily says officials could ease traffic jams by opening High Occupancy Vehicle lanes to single-passenger vehicles during rush hour and accidents.

Republican Sen. John Kissel has proposed a bill that would allow everyone to use the HOV lanes from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays.

The General Assembly’s Transportation Committee is scheduled to meet Monday to hear testimony on that bill and others during a public hearing.

The state’s first HOV lane opened in 1989 east of Hartford, along I-84 and I-384. In 1993, lanes opened north of Hartford along I-91.

Kissel says the experiment has not encouraged enough people to carpool and it makes sense to use the lanes to end gridlock.

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  1. My says:

    I understand HOV has a good intention in trying to encourage carpool. But saving gas is by far the dominating reason for people to carpool. If two people find it convenient for them to go to work together, then they probably would carpool to save on gas. If it’s not convenient, like one person might not be reliable with time or they don’t want feel obligated to talk to the other person, then they probably wouldn’t carpool even if it means spending more on gas.
    But no two people who like to enjoy the morning commute alone would carpool because they get to use the HOV lane so they can get to work a little earlier. So exclusive use of the HOV lane is not going to push the decision to the other side, when gas saving is not incentive enough. So in reality, HOV doesn’t reduce the number of cars on the road, it just rearranges them, so a few cars get to go faster who would carpool anyway without HOV, but most cars are forced to go slower with a lower MPG. That’s worse for the environment.


  2. Fred K says:

    Typical politician. HE’s stuck in traffic, so he wants to change the rules.

  3. Bob Fowler says:

    Oh no. Do not make single occupancy vehicles have access to anything except traffic. I am a salesman, and drive for a living, but I fail to see why people NEED to drive to the office to park the car, and then drive back. We are an advanced nation, and have public transportation.

    I would like to see them enact a policy where anyone in a single occupancy vehicle between 6 & 10 am, and 3-7 pm must have a special permit. Charge me $50/mo for that permit, an I will gladly pay, just to keep 5% of the cars off the road during those hours.

  4. Charles Davey says:

    Completely agree with RichieT’s comment. The Senator would be better off increasing support for car pooling. That way there would be fewer cars to cause the blockages and he could even claim environmental brownie points.

  5. RichieT says:

    He needs to get over it. HOV lanes are HOV lanes. That’s EXACTLY what they’re for. Not enough people are car pooling and can’t use the HOV lanes?, They should sit in traffic. It’s their own fault Get people frustrated enough from sitting in traffic, they’ll start car pooling. It save gas. and there’s less pollution from car exhaust. Also, reduces mileage on everybody’s car. Open them up for anyone between 4 and 6 on weeks days? might as well return them to a normal lane anyone can use 24/7

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