N.Y. Town Using New Machine To Fix Potholes

CLARKSTOWN, N.Y. (WCBS 880) – With all the ice, snow, salt, plowing, freezing and thawing this winter, road craters are opening up all over.

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“Tis the season,” Clarkstown Highway Superintendent Wayne Ballard said, preparing to do battle with the potholes.

Luckily for Ballard, Clarkstown has a new weapon: an asphalt recycling machine.

“Instead of putting it into a landfill, we’re going to be recycling it,” he said. “It’s an incredible opportunity and I’m saving $200,000 annually.”

Charles Van Haster, owner of Greenway Construction, said the machine can take the millings from old road projects, melt it down and reuse it.

“It’s a hot asphalt recycling machine that makes hot mix asphalt in the middle of the winter time,” Van Haster said. “At this point all or most asphalt plants are closed.”

Usually road crews can only do a cold patch, which doesn’t hold.


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  • Carlos Liriano

    dear disgusted, you hit the nail right on the head.

  • Daniel Carrillo

    OH heck, here in Mexico we at an early age learn to live and dodge These Pot Holes we are not cry babies we know that the money that the State has diverted to the counties for repairs is for the Politians parties and what not, believe me to be a politian ( however you spell it ) in Mexico is in deed very profitable!! and that’s a big 10/4!!

  • Jerry

    Yeah repair the potholes but pays for our car repairs huh

  • Daniel Carrillo

    Oh heck, here in mexico we learn at an early age to live with pot holes we save money so the politians can have money to spend that naturally has been diverted to the street dept for repairs of the POT HOLES!!

  • disgusted

    well the old machine,method sure costs too much and is ineffective.it’s called UNION workers

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