Married Mt. Vernon Woman Discovers Husband Had 2nd Wife

MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. (CBS 2) — A Mount Vernon woman who thought she had married the love of her life, said her wedding day was “a lie” after she found out her husband was married to another woman.

Allyssa Grippo said she thought she knew everything about 31-year-old Karl Nifontoff before she walked down the aisle with him last summer. However, Grippo eventually found out the man of her dreams had another woman in his life.

“I got married and found out my husband was and is still married,” Grippo told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

Grippo said “everything was a lie.” That lie unraveled when she tried to get on her husband’s health insurance but was told she couldn’t be covered because there was already a wife and two children on the plan.

Nifontoff married a good friend in 2006 while dating Grippo, who said her husband told her he married the other woman “so she could become a citizen.”

Grippo’s parents are sick over it all. Her father has to face Nifontoff every day because they both teach at Thorton High School in Mount Vernon.

“There were a lot of tears, you know, why did you do this,” Grippo’s mother, Debora, said.

“It’s sad. It’s very sad. It’s very sad. I don’t try and dwell on the negative because there’s too much negative,” Grippo’s father, Rich, said.

However, Grippo said her memories of her wedding day are bittersweet.

“I had everything I could dream of. I had the beautiful wedding, a beautiful dress. I had the man that I loved,” she said, “It just was not real.”

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  1. Observer says:

    There must be some people more who knew about the lawbreaking second marriage ,when K.N. was planing the wedding-ceremony : For example his best friends ,who took part as his Bestmen and accompanied him by walking through the aisle . As he himself was so stupid ,It was on their duty to warn him agaist making such a big mistake and they have had to deny to accompany him..So they are guilty too .

  2. Angelika Stahl says:


    I know them both and they were the most beautiful and lucky couple I had ever seen .II cant believe it .It is not imaginable , that Big America ,the famoust country in the world ,has no database about marriages .In Europa the couples have to go to a marriage license bureau first , before they decide to go to church ,which is only voluntary without any rights .

  3. Christina says:

    There are plenty of people who get charged with bigamy…he is not the only person in the world.

    He made a mistake, in life everyone does! No one is’s as simple as that! This is not as important as other things going on in the world. People need to not be concerned with stupid things like this.
    He is a nice person who cares for his students and does what ever he can to help his students succeed…there need to be more educators who care for their students like he does.
    Big deal; he married two women…instead of people saying he should be wiped off the face of the planet, maybe you should consider men who rape and murder women to be wiped off the face of the planet. I do not condone his actions, but in life no person is perfect, at least he is not a rapist or murderer. He is an amazing and caring individual who happened to make a mistake.

  4. Cassandra says:

    Karl Nifontoff is a piece garbage that needs to be thrown out with the rest of the trash. He needs to be terminated. What type of example is he setting for young people?

    1. mhonorforall says:

      In addition to breaking the law, he took a young woman’s innocence and belief in marriage and destroyed it. He should be held accountable and not with just a slap on his wrist.

  5. Another Current Student says:

    1) Adults, get a grip! The people you are often insulting are High School kids so relax!
    2) Yes he did something horrible, however if we were all characterized by the wrongs we did we would never show our faces in public! One big or a whole bunch of small, wrong is wrong.
    3) He has been a great teacher and as much as you think it effected the student’s learning, it didn’t. However now that this is out and students know what is going on, he should indeed be fired.
    4) To those who say cheating is okay, the wife is stupid, why settle down, etc… get a life.

  6. mhonorforall says:

    You are obnoxious-pity the woman who dates you….

  7. Joe says:

    He should be fired immediately. The state department of education in albany should revoke his teaching license. This type of sleaze should not be around children. He is a liar and has no integrity.

    1. mhonorforall says:


    2. babs says:

      I think it will come to that,

  8. brad says:

    you’re a moron

  9. sanjosemike says:

    Geez….where did he get all that ENERGY for two wives?

  10. Larry says:

    Some of you people make me sick! You make her out to be the bad person and him the victim. If she was your sister or good friend, you would be calling for the hangman for him, not feeling sorry for the BUM.

  11. joke says:

    I’m sure he could get fired on moral grounds. Almost all employers use moral grounds language in their contracts!!

    1. true says:

      yea but sadly in this country we are innocent to proven guilty. So until he has his day in court, these are just charges. I don’t think they can do anything unless he is convicted.

      1. may says:

        Oh he will be.

      2. so true says:

        not necessarily. probably will plea deal down. bet he doesn’t even do time.

  12. chris says:

    The doofus looks like Andy Kaufman from Taxi. Real story is that he likes women. Another dog gets locked in the pound!

  13. Double-R says:

    I’m just curious about something so, allow me to take a shot in the dark…

    1.) Why did this even make this past the editor’s desk?
    2.) So the hell what?

    Seriously! How many other weddings and/or marriages with problems are thrown into the news?

    1. someone says:

      Because he teaches children, is paid by the taxpayer and has no morals. Not to mention him using the school system to find women.

      wife 1 – sister of a student
      wife 2 – daughter of a coworker
      girlfriend – substitute teacher

      1. Someone says:

        Grippo should do everyone in the world a favor…stop wasting the precious air we breathe. Your not worth it.

      2. someone says:

        You must be another bright MVHS student. Its you’re, not your.

      3. Someone says:

        Good come back…. are you really bashing hs kids?? I can see you don’t have much class either. The white trash must be rubbing off on you too…

      4. someone else says:

        Yea that’s what her friends do – bash people. They are so concerned about the tax payer dollar and the poor Mount Vernon students, who they continually insult for having the nerve to say he was a good teacher. They are the holders of the the hight moral ground, protectors of the universe, so don’t you dare say anything else. All they are really good at is insulting people.

      5. obama says:

        how do u know this for a fact?

    2. justice says:

      What is this the Wild West where one can break the law and not be held accountable for his actions? This is newsworthy so that others are aware of frauds and something constructive can come out of this situation. What is needed is a national database just as the DMV has one so that men and women are prevented from marrying more than one person at a time!

      1. yes justice says:

        Yes, please, more tax payer dollars to save ourselves from our own stupidity.

      2. more justice says:

        what wild west? has he not been arrested? publicly humilated? how much more does he have to be held “accountable”

      3. just us says:

        He deserves public humiliation and more. And he earned it all by himself. And now the coward is in hiding..wont even show his face at school. Watta man!

      4. Justice says:

        Well she gas made a fool of herself. The school is backing him up 100%. So how did this ruin his life again? He might be embarrassed but he’s still making that “81k Plus” a year that journal news had to say and it’ll only go up from there. If Grippo is trying to make him lose his job, it’s probably not going to happen.

    3. Harry says:

      Your ignorance is unsettling this isnt news becuause a failed marriage. this is news because this girl had the balls to charge this so called man with bigotry which hasnt been done in almost 50 years in the state of new york. so when your an editor for what would be an obviously clueless news station you can exclude all the stories you want from htting the press. and heres a shot back in the dark for you if you dont like what i have to say SO THE HELL WHAT

  14. Who Cares says:

    Who Cares. If I wasnt waiting for my tea to boil, I wouldnt be writing this.

    She got EXACTLY what she wanted…a perfect wedding and all the trappings that surround it. She just failed to really get to know her partner. Proof that when you focus only on what you want selfishly for yourself, pain is the end result.

    Cinderalla and Snow White are the bane of all modern women.

    1. Taxpayer says:

      I agree. She did it to herself! She just wanted the fairytale she didn’t care who gave it to her. When she got schooled then she started saying “poor me”. The only thing she has going for her Is now men know they can walk all over her. Just what we need in this world another low life divorced woman.

      1. justice says:

        How disgusting-what kind of a person are you?

      2. harry says:

        they knew eachother for 5 years so your judgements and nasty comments should stay to urself and how rude are you to think you could avoid a situtation like that. they werent two stupid kids in love your insensitvity is appaling

      3. Justice says:

        They obviously were just 2 dumb kids. Or else this would never of happened. They clearly didn’t love eachother. They have no clue what love is. It sucks. But it’s the truth. This is why the divorce rate is so high in America. She didn’t know him or really care to know him. Same goes for him. You can say i’m mean. But let’s be real…she did this because she was embarrassed. The love was never there. They both will never know what it truly feels like because they both will never trust again.

    2. justice says:

      Are you serious? This man fooled everyone from his co-workers to his family and her family. Get real and face the facts.

      1. cry baby says:

        gee justice – you cry that he shouldn’t be allowed around hs student, but when he doesn’t go to work – you must be a friend who knows a lot about this apparently – you cry about that too. waaaa

  15. Devenio says:

    I have an suggestion: Get over it. Who really cares? Why the hell is this news? Didn’t somebody get killed in a war someplace? Didn’t the rich get richer and poor get poorer? Didn’t some mother kill her child? Hell, didn’t a dog get run over in the street?

    1. you get over it says:

      This is about a dog. A dog who wont even show his face at his job. A dog that is payed by the taxpayer, who teaches children and is using the Mount Vernon school system to find women.

      1. Devenio says:

        This is about a silly ass woman who got what she deserved. Plain and simple. This has nothing to do with the school system. This is their private lives. If she was fool enough to marry the guy, thats on her. A woman being cheated on is NOT NEWS. Just another instants where these hard up can’t find a man women to bash men. Go for it buddy! Its your private life. On another note, how he was able to deal with 2 loser woman at once – he deserves a medal! Men, lets honor our comrade with a metal of Bravery! Hip Hip Hooray! You have come through hell.

  16. KAYLA says:

    Nif is NOT a horrible person for trying to help a friend out. I’ve had Nif as a science teacher my for my freshman and junior year, and he is an AMAZING teacher! Everyone makes mistakes. Instead of focusing on the one bad thing, why not also talk about him always being patient, and understanding. He rarely loses him temper and is always willing to help out no matter what. Nif pushes his student to be the best HE knows they can be, even when they don’t see it themselves. Nif is one of the best teachers I have ever had, and whatever he did certainly does not affect his ability to teach. Even now, in my senior year I have asked Nif to be my mentor, because of the kind of person he is. Everyone needs to leave him alone. This whole situation should have stayed between him and Grippo, because his students need him back in school.

    1. blaming the victim says:

      What is wrong with you? One can see the mentality of those he teaches. This was NOT a mistake. First, it is against the law to marry an illegal, for money, so they could remain in the country. That is a federal offense. They have yet, to address this. Second, it is against the law to marry 2 women. But, he seems to think he is above the law. And what excuses him from cheating on both wives with a substitute teacher, sending hundreds of text messages during school hours. He is using MVHS as a dating service. Wife 1 – sister of a student, wife 2 – daughter of a coworker, girlfriend – substitute teacher. Whats next on his agenda, teenage student?

      1. A life says:

        What do you care??? I’ll pay anything that all of the people supporting Grippo are her friends. No one in this world gives a flying hoop about what this fool Grippo has to say. She needs to get a life !!!! She is an embarrassment! She just put it out there that she has no class, is an idiot for not knowing her husband, and a loser for making this a big deal. Grippo the “graduate student”…you obviously haven’t learned much. Your pathetic just like Nifontoff. You guys do really belong together. This will follow you the rest of your life. Your “perfect” wedding was a joke and so is your life. Thanks for the entertainment to the happy couple of Nifontoff and Grippo! 

      2. Agree with "a life" says:

        I agree “life” she just a lost soul with very low self esteem. Shes trying to get a boost from the public and she shouldn’t get it. This world is in trouble and this lunatic thinks she’s gonna make a difference

      3. for you 2 jerks says:

        She didnt go to “the public” they went to HER. And they are STILL calling HER.

        How anybody can side with this loser amazes normal people. I have to wonder what HE did for YOU, to have you defend an unstable, law breaking narcissist, who thinks he is above the law and wont even come out to face the public in his own defense.

        Seems some people need to not only get a life, but get a brain. Obviously, the one you have is defective.

      4. Give me a break says:

        How do you know that?? Your probably Grippo. Good for you defend yourself again!!! Come on girl let it go. Nifontoff is a loser too. Life is right you belong together. The public doesn’t care about your stupid life. And we don’t care about his two wives. Move on with your life…better start now cause your gonna have a tough time getting back on the sattle.

      5. for you 2 jerks says:

        Dont be an ass. Oh already are one. Maybe YOU should move on. If the public doesnt care..then why are you here? Go troll someplace else.

      6. Someone says:

        Troll someplace…. That must one of those white trash sayings….

  17. ratso says:

    Let me write your book. I can call it ” I was dupped by a straight American Man”. Why not…Mcgreevy’s wife was dupped by a Gay AMerican….LOL

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