Pit Bull Pup Used As Bait In Fighting Ring Rescued

Puppy On Road To Recovery But Needs Your Help

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — A pit bull puppy used as bait in a Southern New Jersey fighting ring is on the (long) road to recovery.

“Kelly” a black and white Pit Bull Terrier was found wandering the streets of Philadelphia before being picked up by Animal Control. She was then sent to Animal Alliance of Lambertville, a nonprofit organization that tends to severely abused animals.

According to Animal Alliance, bait dogs like Kelly are thrown in between two powerful dogs to begin a dog fight. Bait dogs are small, submissive dogs that are torn apart by the two dogs, who will ultimately redirect their aggression toward each other, leaving the bait dog badly wounded. Often used to start fights, bait dogs are usually killed in the ring or by their owners. Sometimes they are abandoned when they are no longer of use to the pit bull fighters.

Kelly’s injuries are common on bait dogs: large open wounds on her legs, head and ears, according to Animal Alliance’s Executive Director Anne Trinkle. Most disturbingly, Trinkle said, her lower jaw had been broken; the bone was exposed, infected and very painful.



nikki kel Pit Bull Pup Used As Bait In Fighting Ring Rescued

Kelly And Her Foster Sister Nikki

Three local vets at different central New Jersey practices are working together to help Animal Alliance assist Kelly in her recovery

Dr. Wendy Ross operates a Veterinary clinic off Route 22 in Lebanon and performed surgery on Kelly’s jaw. The surgery wasn’t cosmetic, it was necessary for Kelly to ever to eat again.

Pre-operative care was donated by Dr. Lesley Vannerson at Yardville Animal Hospital and post-operative care to be done by Animal Alliance’s veterinarian, Dr. Lorraine Marks at Round Valley Animal Hospital, also in Lebanon.

Foster care is being provided by a loving Somerset County, NJ, family that includes young children.

Kelly should be ready for adoption in about six weeks, but donations are desperately needed to defray the costs of Kelly’s surgery and ongoing medical care. To donate or to inquire about adoption, visit http://www.animalalliancenj.org/ and click on “Donate Now.”

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One Comment

  1. Andrew Wilson says:

    Whether this was a bait dog or not well done to these folks for taking care of the animal. I trust that the support it needed was found and provided.

  2. why does this page look horrible on an cellphone?

  3. Mary says:

    While I find the entire pitbull dog fighting thing to be absolutely sickening, by any chance could the dog be a stray and have been in a bad fight.? The dog can’t talk, so the article is not based upon the truth, just assumptions. Granted I feel bad for the dog and all he has been through, but I would be very leary of adopting him if he was used for fighting. If you’ve been on the receiving end of an unexpected pitbull attack, you will know exactly how I feel.

  4. factcheckthis says:

    Bob, do you like dog fighting? Why throw this kind of smoke to distract from the discussion about the death and violence and extraordinary cruelty of dogfighters who use dogs, cats, rabbits, etc to start their brutal fights? Dogs just like this are in our city shelter every minute of every day. JUST LIKE THIS = this is what happened to this dog.

  5. Bob says:

    Moderating what? Are you trying to tell me that people don’t understand that I brought up 3 crazy scenarios to show how ridiculous it is to speculate on how this dog sustained its injuries. I expect more from the news that to write an entire story that has not a shred of evidence. Total speculation as to how the dog was injured. No different than my ridiculous assumptions.

  6. Bob says:

    This story is based on 100% speculation. They found the dog wandering the streets and they write an entire news story based on what? I expect more from the news than fabricated stories. Couldn’t any one of us come up with a dozen other scenarios?

    1. trl says:

      OK, have you ever heard of forensic sciences? The wound patterns and bite marks are how trained veternarians KNOW what happened to this poor pup. What are you insinuating, that this pup ran into a wall, or maybe a car hit him, or what? You don’t give those with the know how any credit.

  7. Fed-up says:

    This story is so appaling, I am disgusted at the human race.

  8. jo says:

    If you think this is cruel look at what we do to each other. The more I learn the more saddened I am by the whole human species.

  9. Ryan says:

    Get better Kelly, we’re all rooting for you girl!

  10. nina says:

    i like to feed these people to alligators in the louisiana swamp.

  11. lee says:

    THese people should use themselves as bait!

  12. jm says:

    Your right Brikkijim so freakin sad lazy bums dont want to work! Or else so rich cant think of NORMAL ways to enjoy life

  13. brikkijim says:

    Michael Vick making millions and having a party every weekend. There are your laws..

  14. JM says:

    HARSHER laws! damn it!

  15. jenu says:

    Ditto. Liz. Adopted two cats from local shelter. One is the reincarnation of another loving pet who moved on a few years ago. I am very lucky

  16. Doreen says:

    Unbelievable what some sickos. They should be used as food for the lion den at the local zoo.See how they like it.

  17. otho says:

    gather them and force them to fight for entertainment…it’d be a fitting punishment. It seems very…hm…itailian…maybe even roman…hm…

  18. liz says:

    why not just tie up the idiots who run these dog fights and use them as bait?

  19. glenn says:

    Its hard to think that we have so many sick and crazy people in this world, i wish the dog a full recovery and urge anyone who wants a dog to go to there local dog shelter and adopt a pet, i did and i have a rot shepherd mix name katie who i llove and is just a loving dog, who was abused but now is a compassionate and great dog

  20. D. Mattos says:

    What some people consider entertainment is truly sickening…

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