Mr. Christie Goes To Washington, Slams Political Establishment

N.J. Gov Doesn't Shy From Discussing Usually Taboo Issues

WASHINGTON (CBS 2) — Conservatives love him. Liberals despise him.

On Wednesday New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was shooting from the hip on a topic no politician will touch — Social Security, and whether to raise the retirement age.

It was Christie unplugged, reports CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

The governor who tells it like it is brought his swagger to Washington and accused lawmakers of swapping honesty for job security.

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“What game being played down here is irresponsible and it’s dangerous,” Christie said. “The old playbook says lie, deceive, obfuscate, make it to the next election.”

In his first major speech in Washington, Christie argued the country is spending its way into ruin because lawmakers won’t make tough choices. Then using, his trademark sarcasm, grabbed the third rail of politics.

“You’re going to have to raise the retirement age for Social Security. Oh, I just said it and I still am standing here. I did not vaporize into the carpet and I said it,” Christie said.

Christie also called for Medicaid reform, saying states were headed towards bankruptcy without it. Then the former U.S. Attorney mocked President Barack Obama’s big things like high speed Internet or electric cars.

“Ladies and gentleman, that is the candy of American politics,” Christie said.

And Christie said the bitter pill of reality is needed to fix the country’s ills.

“We are teetering on the edge of disaster,” Christie said.

The speech reinforced the notion this tough talking governor is galvanizing politics.

“Everyone in Washington is afraid to deal with those issues. Christie called them on it and he scored big points,” political analyst Steve Adubato said.

And he’s doing the same with some, but not all of his constituents.

“I agree with him. I’m behind him,” one person said.

“I just think he’s a little too hard-driven in a negative way,” said Laura Green of Montclair, N.J.

“I’m not a fan. I’m not a fan,” said Tony James of Jersey City.

But so many are fans, prompting another question about a run for president.

“I said what do I have to do short of suicide to convince people I’m not running? Apparently I actually have to commit suicide,” Christie said to laughter.

Christie said his poll numbers are actually rising, saying he’s more popular now than he was the day he got elected.

The lesson for lawmakers?

Making tough decisions doesn’t mean political ruin.

Do you think Gov. Christie Will ultimately decide to run for president? Tell us your answer below.


One Comment

  1. Conservative but not blind says:

    All we have to do is reduce military spending to benefit the entire nation (except executives at Halliburton, etc.). Then there would be plenty for everyone to have their tax cuts and their services and eat them too. Stop the endless war. Do we need to have a navy that is larger than then next 12 largest navies combined? Are we planning to go to war with all 12 of those nations or something? By the way, reducing spending is true conservatism.
    Bush promised that we would be humbler among nations as he campaigned in 2000. That would have been true conservatism and not neo-con insanity.

  2. Citizen says:

    Good job on objective journalism, WCBS. This sounds like a campaign ad:
    “The lesson for lawmakers?
    Making tough decisions doesn’t mean political ruin.”

  3. Micha says:

    I’ve loved this man since he ran for office and i’m just upset that hes not NYs gov. Chris Christie for President! Its more than time we have a politican who actually, dare i say it, tells the truth. Its refreshing…

    he ain’t for everybody, but at least hes honest about the way he feels on things..

  4. robert says:

    ask people over 58 and out of work, how easy is it to get a job and work until retirement. the older you get, the harder it gets to find work. now he wants us to work longer to retire. what do we live on? milk bones. the man only sees one side of the picture.

    1. Bob says:

      robert, I agree with you. Also, New Jersey has the highest property taxes in the country. This and the fiscal toilet they are in has been created by the rich politicians. and the solution, as seen by him, is to tax MORE and go after the working guy. Make him work longer in his life and for less and less, then retire with nothing . The political cronies have jobs created for them where they either show up to work a percentage of the time or not at all and draw a paycheck. The political pet projects- None of which we, the taxpayers have any input or decision-are funded by the “required” payments to the pension system that they don’t make. And now let’s tax the people footing the bill MORE. And blame THEM for the problem.

  5. Storm says:

    The only thing he seems to be doing, is racking up frequent flier miles. He is everywhere, but not in his home state!

    Why isn’t he in NJ taking care of business? He talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk.

    Another do nothing politician in a cheap suit! NJ is no better off since he became Governor.

    1. Bob says:

      Storm, I agree with you. All of his talk is aimed at his own gratification and publicity. NJ is no better off, because that is not his intent. It is his own ego that he is stroking.

    2. Terri says:

      i agree, he’s making it harder for everyone in NJ. I voted but not for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. CJC says:

    What does the man’s weight have to do with him being the GOV. The man could care less if he gets reelected. He stated that he was elected to do a job and he will do his job while in office. The man speaks his mind, which is a good thing. The problem today is that this country is becoming soft with all this polictical correctness noncense . Man up USA like the NJ COV.

    1. Conservative but not blind says:

      We all can agree that weight problems cause health problems. There can be no discussion on that. Such an extreme weight problem is an issue for a presidential candidate since it will harm our country if his weight problem causes health problems for him. A president must be able to make sometimes instantaneous decisions that will have long term consequenses for our nation. This is difficult to do during, for example, bypass surgery or recovery. Think Bush reading to kids instead of scrambling fighters on 9/11.

  7. johnny says:

    Thank god there is a governor like Christie. You have my vote should you decide to make a run for president.

  8. Lionel says:

    so you really think he’s the best thing since sliced bread? think again. what hope have we once he has destroyed all hope in NJ and goes on to Washington? and he WILL

    1. Bob says:

      I agree with you, Lionel. I worked for a boss like him. That one did nothing for the entity that he headed, either. It was his own glory that he sought and retribution for any slight real or imagined. He was the kid in school who got picked on and now he is the bully.

  9. Bob says:

    my taxes are up, my services are down, my children are hurting by cuts and elevated out of pocket costs, increase in class sizes and reductions and/or cuts in programs . our police are being laid off in high numbers in ridiculously dangerous places. and pretty soon my job will be gone. way to go, governor.

    1. Bob Fowler says:

      Where do you think all of the money tat is required for your personal cuts should come from? The US as been living on credit for years. Social Security is funded by promissory notes for loans to the government. That act alone cost double on interest.

      In order for you to be happy, we need to file national bankruptcy, and start over. Anything short of that requires less services, more taxes, and turning off the government spending valve. Times are going to be tough. We either work through it, or surrender to it.

      1. IQ says:

        Bob I agree that the cuts are necessary and that the government needs to get in order. People have become so lazy and pampered and expect it all to be handed out. If anyone disagrees should spend some time in a third world country. See how most of the world lives.

      2. Bob says:

        In order for me to be happy, we, the taxpaying middle class, need to stop being held accountable for the rich politicians and their fiscal mismanagement. Let them foot the bill for a change.
        I don’t get personal cuts. I can’t claim any deductions on my NJ taxes, and I get no relief. Just more and more taxes to bail out a system I did not have any input in mortgaging.

      3. Conservative but not Neo-Con says:

        OR JUST CUT MILITARY SPENDING since the cold war is over.

      4. Bob Fowler says:

        Simple solution then Bob, vote out the existing government, and vote in a government that will represent the people and not the special interest groups and rich people. Seriously, the only way that this will change is by revolution.

        Look around the world, revolutions are everywhere. We are waiting for the great unifying leader to save us all…Bible readers know his name. He is coming soon, to restore a new world order. Pick up your 6’s at Wal-mart today.

  10. Bob says:

    This man is all for himself ONLY and the limelight and the attention all his blather brings him. He is demonizing the teachers, firefighters and police in NJ. He has to have someone to blame about the horrendous state of fiscal affairs in NJ. He should be looking much higher than that.

  11. Rob says:

    I’m a progressive Liberal and even I find his comments refreshing. He’s got a set of balls and NJ’s to have him because he does not hold back and he speaks the truth about the fiscal situation. Cuomo is trying to do the same but his style and actions are more subdued.

    1. Rob suffers from an identity crisis says:

      I have some news for you. You are not a progressive liberal if you want to take away years of social security benefits from average joes who contributed into it.

  12. Michael says:

    He said he wouldn’t, and he seems to be a man of his word. I think Palin is next in line, maybe Christie could run in a future election. He WOULD be a good President, but right now he’s busy cleaning up New Jersey.

    1. Tom says:

      He would be a LOUSY president. The man has NO vision whatsoever. Why doesn’t he take a pay cut to help NJ? The schools in NJ are generally very good, and he’s fixing something that isn’t broke. NJ Transit had a 25% fare increase under him. Sorry, this guy will never be our president.

  13. Robert says:

    If Christie starts losing a lot of weight…then the country is in trouble because he’s running for president.
    Memo to Christie: For the middle class to survive in NJ you need good paying JOBS….and not you either work on Wall Street or have an MBA. After Christie and his pals destroy the unions and all the working stiffs are making WalMart wages…10-12 bucks an hour…just how are we going to afford the overpriced everything in NJ????????

    1. Bob says:

      don’t count on that losing weight stuff. Corzine put a lot of weight (pardon the pun) on the same subject in his bid for reelection because he was in good physical condition. see where that got him…….and us.

  14. Richard Murphy says:


  15. THA FACTS R says:


    1. Michael says:

      It is the government that needs to go on a diet. I agree he probably should set the example, but policywise he’s doing the right thing.

      1. Robert says:

        All these cuts are just wonderful..until he comes for YOU.

      2. Anyone but Obama 2012 says:

        In fact, I think we can all agree, that the elderly, sick, etc. have been weighing us down long enough, Palin, Christie, and Jindall should lead this country to a place where we just let whatever happens to those moochers happen. Other societys do it, in the Soviet Union, the elderly are left to float out into the ocean on floating peices of ice. Go Christie For president!

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