Upper West Side Residents: Fashion Week Generators Pollute Air, Make Too Much Noise

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – While the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week may be fabulous for some, many people on the Upper West Side say it is making their lives miserable.

Amid the glitz and glamour is the smoke and stench of power generators.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reports from near Lincoln Center

The event used to be held in Bryant Park, which was in the middle of a largely commercial area, but now it is stationed at Lincoln Center, which is surrounded by a highly residential area.

The drone of the nine portable diesel generators, used to power Fashion Week’s lighting, heating and blow dryers, can be heard 24 hours a day.

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Residents across the street from Lincoln Center at the Amsterdam Houses say the air is thick with exhaust. “Last night, I feel like I’m even suffocating,” said one man.

Another person told WCBS 880 reporter Sean Adams, “I catch asthma attacks more often now since they’ve been here.”

Fashion Week organizers tell the New York Times that the generators meet all city standards.

City environmental officials say a low sulfur fuel is being used, but the generators don’t have particulate filters.

Residents lament they already live with trucks and buses. Fashion Week is just making the air worse.

If it’s any consolation, Fashion Week ends today.

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One Comment

  1. jew thunder says:

    the reson bloomberg puts diesel generators around lincoln center for a month for fashion week and doesn’t use coned is because coned refuses to give the mta a discount on eletricity because they should charge more beause of the hassles but mainly beause the mta which appears to be with bloombergs help “lost”around 6 billion dollars and they can’t find it!how do you loose 6 billion dollars is what everyone wants to knowwhat does diesel generators have to do with coned and the mta and what the hell does that have to do with bloomberg?Not to mention there there are clean burning ethanol generators but he won’t use those either because of tax credits he wants to give to his rich buddies and if they don’t take those credits for those generators which they shouldn’t the world will realize that’s how it should be and those tax credits belong to the people so they can buy hybrid and green vehicles and get a refund so it costs the same as a gasoline or diesel vehicle!

  2. JerryB says:

    When you have everything you need and want….what else can you do but whine…..that’s why Europeans hate us so much when New Yawkers go there, always complaining and telling them how to run their lives.
    Not hard to see them coming with their pastel shorts and pompous attitude……

  3. heatherNYC says:

    There is a video up of the actual pollution on the Ny Times Green Blog. It is scary how gross the smoke is. The city has to do a better job than to permit this to continue.

  4. jesse mcquaid says:

    At the end of the day, this is an environmental issue and a health issue! And the city and its residents should take action. This isn’t about NIMBY; I mean its not like smog and pollutants in the air just stop after 3 city blocks! Bad air and pollutants are bad for all.

    1. Patrick says:

      I work with Con Ed fairly frequently. Like them or not, they are one of the cleanest and efficient producers of electricity in the USA. Lincoln Center should install an electrical service of adequate capacity to conduct its’ events. Con Ed can take a while, and if a few Fashion Shows have to be skipped or moved in the meantime, so be it. It is too bad the City feels it has to be complicit in this crime.

  5. Patrick says:

    Lincoln Center says they use low sulfter fuel and that’s helpful…so does every single diesel truck in America today….to say using low sulfter fuel as something they do to minimize the impact is like saying they drive a Hummer but they use unleaded gas.
    If they want to surround the block with 9 generators and dump the exhaust from 100,000 gallons of diesel fuel in the neighborhood, fine with me, I don’t live there, but don’t treat the public as being stupid.

    1. jen says:

      yes it’s true that low-sulfur is no better. it’s like saying low-nicotine cigarettes are healthy. this is all smoke and mirrors on the part of the fashion week producers.

  6. J. Moses Browning says:

    Who gives a rat’s patootie what Noo Yawk City liberals like? It ain’t about the neighbors – it’s about fashion. Suck it up, West Siders.

  7. Roxanne says:

    Fashion Week is only one week long. So what is the big deal? I am so sick of Upper West Siders. They are spoiled elitists and so tedious. Typical of them to want to close down something that gives joy to so many and business to so many stores but they are so self-absorbed that they can’t think of anyone else. They are rather despicable people actually.

    1. Kurt says:

      Take off you high heals and walk in our shoes and then you may have a different point of view.

    2. RightWingWacko says:

      In the US today there are 43 million people on food stamps. With the rising price of gas ordinary citizens will have to chose between filling their tanks or their stomachs.

      Fashion week is an expression of a distorted scale of values perpetuated by a class of self-serving elites. Their strategy is pursued through advertising and propaganda disguised as entertainment.

      Fashion week is an exercise undertaken by those whose moral compass only points to the dollar sign.

    3. Susan Jenkins says:

      The generators have actually been running for a whole month, not just a week. The situation is a lot worse than has been reported. My daughter has had asthma attacks from the air. It’s quite disgusting what we’ve had to live with for the past three weeks as they get ready for the shows and emit this pollution.

  8. Obama says:

    Clearly, high speed rail is the solution.

    1. Detex says:

      why must this be political? Oh wait, you must have come here via the link on Drudge! Get ready people, here come the crazies!

  9. miguel says:

    looks like rahmed polosi, if you get my drift.

  10. LarryOldtimer says:

    I am 75 years old. I have smoked cigarettes since I was 14 years old and drank heavily, while workiing long hours ofsober engineering work.. My doc says that my lungs are the clearest of any other of his parients my age. I have a lung capacity of more than 4.5 liters.

    I was a rambling wreck., not from Georgia Tech, but still one Hell of an engineer!

    Today’s population are but a bunch of softies. Fortunately, my children and grandkids weren’t reared that sort of liberal intelligentsia way.

  11. stu says:

    Isn’t there aw way to provide power and not be unhealthy? I went by there today, and you really can smell the diesel exhaust- which means we are breathing it in. There is no way that can be healthy. Can’t officials use some creativity to come up with a better way to not put poison in the air while they put on the shows? How about biodiesel? Or better yet, why not just use electricity, like they now do at Toronto Fashion Week. Someone needs to take some leadership on this issue.

    1. rache5227 says:

      That makes sense. Why isn’t Bloomberg taking any leadership on this issue? If electrical power is good enough for cars, why can’t it be used for this?

    2. Dan Daily says:

      Bio Diesel? Wow, you know nothing do you. If you want to smell fumes, just try the Bio Diesel, it’ll make what you have now smell like fresh air! LOL

      1. Hal McCombs says:

        But bio-diesel can smell like french fries. That’s cool, right?

        But wait, then they’ll complain they’re hungry all the time. And they’ll sue McDonald’s. Never mind.

      2. Patrick says:

        I get the feeling the Bio scam is concluding itself.

  12. Robert Yago says:

    The Amsterdam Houses are public housing projects…

  13. jamessplit says:

    You live in Sewer York and a week of diesel generators is what will kill you? What, does that hack bloomberg drive a mercedes so he turns a blind eye? You can’t smoke inside, you can’t smoke outside but you can suck on exhaust. And I’m not for following these hipster greeners especially when their ideas to save the planet actually further pollute it, but how do these generators not have emission standards? Isn’t Sewer York the yankee left-coast? Will there be a mass rally supported by barry and the progressives next year?

  14. PFMinTN says:

    Definitely get the windmills and solar panels geared up for next year.
    Double dog dare ya

  15. Juan Pablo says:

    OK, then…. I ….will say it: “This is directly and/or indirectly entirely Obama’s fault, AND that also includes Obama’s “Czars”!

  16. TheChairman says:

    Typical hypocrisy of the liberals (fashion designers & models included… telling everyone to “go green” while they suck up diesel fuel and spew CO2 in your face.

    1. sally says:

      yes I agree–this is such hypocrisy. These designers should be ashamed that they are polluting the neighborhood like this.

  17. Mary says:

    This is absolutely HILARIOUS!!!!! This story should have been titled…”When spoiled pompous liberals collide!”

    1. F.O.M. says:

      Indeed. Those silly liberals and their pathetic need to breath. Where do they get off? In the real America people suck diesel fumes and like it. Grow up New York!

    2. Mild Bill says:

      So true. Thank you Mary.

  18. sarah says:

    Why can’t they use electricity? Fashion week is not in the middle of the dessert–there is plenty of electricity around lincoln center to power these tents. Come on, this shouldn’t be so difficult. Why should the residents suffer while a solution is obvious.

  19. dennis dugan says:

    CBS got their hands on a real winning story. They found some New Yorkers
    who were complaing about something…Investigative coup…Somewhere up there
    Bill Paley is pleased and smiling.

    1. Off Duty says:

      Imagine….Upper West Siders complaining!

  20. foobar says:

    Will there be any ‘stars’ talking about the ‘environment’ while on stage?

  21. charlie higgins says:

    Its all so vain and lame. Are’nt there enought EXSITING venues in NYC where
    a few dozen models can walk back and forth in front of 2-3,000 hip trendy beautiful people?.
    Why do they always have to build a temporary mini city..Mercedes Benz or somebody please explain

  22. Zeek the dog says:

    Perhaps they could use the much touted solar power or wind mills to run the show? I bet ya that would work just fine!

    Zeek the dog

  23. slmkeyfatskey says:

    I saw Obama himself bring the generators, then twist his mustache and say,”Moo-hoo-ha-ha-haaa!”

  24. ed wood says:

    Oh the suffering. Welfare queens and limousine liberals complaining about the fashion morons.
    Is nothing sweeter. Put them all in a ring. I’d pay dearly to see the catfight.

    1. Patrick says:

      Take a ticket away from one of them, the ticket they need soooo bad so they can tell all there friends they were there and how important they are, you would really see a blood bath.

  25. Spud says:

    Right wing haters will now commence with their usual name calling and demonizing. Count the minutes until someone blames Obama.

    1. Jack Kennedy says:

      while you and obozo blame everything on President Bush

  26. jim says:

    just for the record, the housing behind lincoln center are projects – the rich people live on the other side of broadway.

  27. Daniel says:

    how expensive are earplugs?

  28. smfic says:

    nyc is a dirty, noisy cesspool to begin with. even in the UWS. quit your whining or move.

    1. Chris says:

      Wow – they have to put up with it for a WHOLE week? Gosh. What a sacrifice.

      f’n whiners.

      1. Patrick says:

        Hey smfic, look it up, 48 million people visited NYC last year and spend $28 billion doing so, if we’re a cesspool I shudder to think what your place looks like.

  29. mecrybaby liberal says:

    awww poor poor rich people nobody cars about you close your window lots of hot gas spewing from NY save the planet

    1. Joe Dereha says:

      Amsterdam Houses are Welfare House….so you don’t know what your talking about,

    2. NotSurprised says:

      You’re obviously not from NYC; it’s not rich people at all in that area.

      Why am I not shocked that someone named “mecrybaby liberal” is from the middle of exciting Kansas? Or maybe Alabama? Need a new pair of overalls mister-I-hate-the-better-off?

  30. stop complaining says:

    wait…you’ve been living in NYC and all of a sudden a few generators make you miserable? it’s a shame you waited until fashion week to come out of the box you live in.

  31. Thomas_in_Newport says:

    Why do they need the diesel generators? Can’t they get long extension cords? I am sure the power company can set up a temporary power source. Just run a line to a power block and come off it. It could be behind the tents with it’s own shelter. Not that hard. The whole thing could be done with 2 or 3 people (if they are not union, if union it would take 20). And why are they running 24 hr a day? Doesn’t this thing shut down at night? If they don’t like it they should petition to have them use NG generators next time. Quieter and no pollution.

  32. KeepUSclean says:

    I recommend hiring a GREEN company like BST Power! They offer SILENT BIODIESEL POWER which can be delivered anywhere in the U.S. check them out @ bstpwr.com

  33. Fez says:


    1. Ms_Rand says:

      Oh please, we don’t want them!

    2. NY Bussle and Scams says:

      we in connecticut have as much as senatorial power and elect people like the Dodd’s for decades. Our new one continues to lie about issues and timelines and no one pays any attention….we have a nice time up here. you get a lot of stuff. It’s much better than NYC

  34. spock says:

    Why are the Libs using generators, i thought they push the Fruadulant Global Warming

  35. Roger Sunderlin says:

    fashion week.give me a pair of shorts,flip flops,muscle tee shirt and a hawaiian shirt.now that is fashion

  36. Nikki says:

    First of all, they live in NYC. If they want clean air, move out to the countryside. Second of all, does this mean we can assume those complaining won’t ever be wearing a designer garment shown on the runways of NY Fashion Week? How do they expect the stores to carry on without fashion shows?

  37. Truth Detective says:

    I have to laugh. Why not just ban any fashion industry business in NYC. I’m sure NJ would love to have the jobs. What a bunch of whiners.

  38. Duke of Earl says:

    NYC West side=wussies

  39. Neti says:

    I live in the area. These mainly welfare and Social Security parasites at Amsterdam Houses here only want their welfare checks and rent subsidies, and have no interest in the welfare of the city’ economy which depends so much on the fashion industry. They can keep quiet for a week-and stop complaining while working people try to make a living .

    1. Annie says:

      People on Social Security have worked for that money – they are not parasites. That aside , Fashion Week is part of the city. There are bigger things to whine about.

      1. NotSurprised says:

        Why not go to the hood and knock on doors and ask people “when was the last time you worked?” Don’t be surprised when they have to think about it – that’s how long it’s been since they were honest. Most of them, did NOT work for it. Most of them LIVE off of SSI checks, fraud, significant others or family AND have children to keep the dough coming in. Lazy times lazy times lazy. That’s why this new generation values nothing – they are raised by crooks.

      2. neti says:

        wrong. I am referring to the parasites who collection SS disability payments who usually never paid a cent in taxes, and have phony disabilities.

    2. Joe Frink says:

      You live in the area but think the apartments around Lincoln Friggin Center are filled with “welfare and Social Security parasites”? You don’t pay attention very well

  40. m says:

    These fumes are awful! The generators have been running for 3 weeks straight. The city needs to come up with a better solution to protect residents from this unnecessary pollution.

    1. Tax Payer says:

      Cant Con Ed set up a temp power sub station?
      Maybe the Lincon Center might think about an up grade in their power system for future events

  41. pomoc says:

    The real problem with the pollution is the leftist GAS coming from the area.

  42. davec says:

    Plumb the exhaust(s) below water line of the sewers (seriously) the water will trap most all the particles and dampen the noise.

  43. davec says:

    who si the FOX in th e photo on Drudge?? OH MY GOD I gotta get one of those!

    1. Janelle says:

      What the sam hill does the woman have on her head? She is very attractive, but has to feel like she is in a halloween costume.

  44. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Funny that no one is doing anything about the millions of pounds of particulate from the collapse of the 3 building on 9/11, putting all kinds of toxins, poison and pollutants into the air.

    911essentials dot com

  45. loser liberal says:

    yeah so what

  46. Marty McFly says:

    This has been Drudged!

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