By Sean Adams

UPPER NYACK, NY (WCBS 880) – Upper Nyack village officials are contemplating seceding from the town of Clarkstown.

The core of the issue has to do with property taxes, and the services they get in return. Village officials are wondering: are they getting their money’s worth?

Trustee James Sarna believes it’s a popular option.

“I’ve heard probably 80 percent of the people who’ve been interested have been in favor of making a split and being independent,” Sarna said.

Clarkstown Supervisor Alex Gromack told the village board Thursday night that for $2.3 million , the town provides the police, parks and recreation, recycling, and other governmental services.

Though the Journal News also quotes Gromack as saying, “I think they’re doing the prudent thing; they just want to make sure they’re getting value for their tax dollars.”

“If the village as a whole makes a determination that we can do it as efficiently or more efficiently then it would make sense for us to try to get on the ballot and vote for secession,” Sarna said.

Ultimately, the village must decide if it’s getting its money’s worth.

The Journal News also reports that if Upper Nyack residents decided to dissolve their government or split from the town, it would require a petition signed by 5 percent of Clarkstown voters who cast ballots in the last gubernatorial election. The measure then would be brought to a townwide vote.

Do you feel you’re the services you’re getting match the taxes you’re paying? Would you secede if you could? Sound off in comments.

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