By Dave Carlin

CRESSKILL, N.Y. (CBS 2) — A rash of brazen burglaries in Bergen and Rockland Counties has police warning residents to be extra vigilant.

Six burglaries have been reported in Cresskill since December, reports CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

Police are looking for the busy thieves, who line their pockets with easy-to-carry stolen goods like jewelry and guns.

“You don’t like the idea of people targeting a town and just breaking in,” resident Joan Hebert said.

The burglars case the houses to determine no one is home, police said, usually between four and seven p.m. They kick in the front doors and head straight for the master bedroom, leaving quickly with jewelry and other valuables.

“It’s a terrible thing, it’s a terrible thing,” one victim said. “We’ve got to revamp our alarm system.”

Hebert said police called her home late last week with a warning.

“That there had been a number of robberies, especially late in the day, and people should keep doors locked and report any suspicious activity,” she said.

“It’s a nice community, and they get this false sense of security, and they really need to be more vigilant,” Cresskill Police Chief Edward Wrixon said.

Chief Wrixon is urging all homeowners to keep doors and windows locked, set alarm systems even for quick errands, and leave lights – and even a television or radio – on as well.

Residents going on vacation should suspend newspaper and mail delivery, he said.

“They can let us know they are going to be away and we can keep an extra eye on it, or have the neighbors keep an eye on the house, because they know what belongs there and what doesn’t,” Chief Wrixon said. “They’re the extra eyes we need to be successful.”

The message for homeowners and neighbors is to work together and look out for each other, ultimately helping police to capture the criminals before anyone gets hurt.

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